Friday, July 01, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Happy Canada Day to everyone up north!! Stay safe this weekend.
Aaron Carter told OK! Magazine that Michael Jackson gave him wine and cocaine when Aaron was just 15. Apparently though, neither of them contributed to him wearing this disaster.
The oft discussed, but rarely seen Aimee Osborne.
Bradley Cooper and his new friend.
Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell head off to the Dexy's Midnight Runners tribute party. I would also accept the Samantha Ronson look-alike contest.
Yeah, like Giuliana even stuck out her tongue. How does someone get more skinny while they are in Italy?
Jennifer Aniston left Justin in the car and went and hugged Charlie Day at the premiere of Horrible Bosses.
Also there were Craig Robinson and Oscar Nunez.
Jason Bateman, Jamie Foxx and Jason Sudekis.
Alyssa Milano and her pregnant self also showed up.
Jenna Elfman had an Amish thing to do right after.
Chelsea Handler wore her Goopster wig.
Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up, and without a guy.
Apparently if you wear Katy Perry's perfume you slowly morph into a cat.


Cecilia00 said...

Said this in the other one but this is the correct spot:

Aaron Carter has said his comments were fabricated. And TMZ says there is video that backs this up.

He is not retracting the allegation, he is saying he never said any of it.

msgirl said...

Can JA please get her hair out of her face already, it's so tiresome.

blondegossip said...

LOL at comments today, Enty. Loving the sarcasm.

Also, why are any celebs protecting Whacko Jacko-he's dead and honestly? His kids are better off without him. There, I said it. He was a child-molesting drug addict spending money he didn't have. He probably put those kids through hell and at least now they can pay for the therapy they will inevitably need.

Cindy said...

Ok, that photo is proof that Bradley Cooper is NOT gay. No self-respecting gay man would wear his hair like that in public AND get a photo taken. ;)

califblondy said...

Seriously G, eat something. You look like hell.

BigMama said...

I deeply resent the insult to the great Dexy and the Midnight song EVER! (until I think of another one from my like, 5 minutes)

JasonBlueEyes said...

Bradley looks like that SNL Character Jimmy Fallon used to do of the guy doing the webcast from his dorm room.

Jennifer Love H. is looking like Catherine Zeta Jones there. Thank god she left the mumu home.

JasonBlueEyes said...

Jennifer A. totally would leave Justin in the car. It had to be all about her.

Rose said...

Too tight Love, too tight.

amazonblue said...

Strangely, with all the crazy cat ladies out there, you could find a nice niche market for the cat-morphing perfume.
I do not understand how Guliana has a career, she is the most unattractive person I've ever seen on TV.
Are they filming Hangover 3 already?

Ida Blankenship said...

Happy Canada Day, Maple Leafy friends! :-) If next year brings us President Bachmann, I fully plan on traipsing up North and crashing on someone's couch for four years. Just trying to give you some warning in advance.

@amazonblue -- "I do not understand how Guliana has a career, she is the most unattractive person I've ever seen on TV."

THIS. She looks like a busted, anorexic muppet from the Henson Rejects warehouse. SO unappealing.

Chelsea Handler is also godawful, though. And her personality doesn't help matters.

LOL @ Aaron's outfit!

JoElla said...

I want that perfume bottle so badly.. just not the fragrance in it.. BLECK!

Fabulous! said...

happy canada day!!

i'm really glad aaron carter is standing up against those claims. i'm not suggesting it's not true, but mj's been dead 2 years now. let the man rest in peace.

bradley, my love, pleaaase don't let hair & make up do that to you again!

am i the only one who can't stand gulianna rancic? i watched her on watch what happens live a couple weeks ago and she came off like a royal b... she's never struck me as a nice person.

i hope & pray i could look half as good as alyssa milano when i'm pregnant. well, i'd be happy to look like her any day, but i digress.

wasn't jenna elfman supposed to be cute at one point?

probably the worst i've ever seen chelsea handler. why you sellin' out so hard, girlfriend??

i didn't even recognize jlove. thought it was kimk, actually.

katy perry. meh.

Robert said...

Happy Canada Day, Northerners!
Aimee Osbourne is the Marilyn Munster of that family.
Man, Chelsea Handler is looking pretty rough!
If Katy Perry looks like one of Josie's Pussycats, Bradley cooper looks like a member of Du Jour.

shiny_special_one said...

Those are some wicked cankles on Sharon Osbourne.

skeeball said...

@Robert~LOL at the great summation of these photos!!

Happy Canada Day to my northern friends and neighbors!

blankprincess said...

Rose said...

Too tight Love, too tight.

2:26 PM

LOL, Rose! The dress or the face (or heck, even the shoes)?

Jasmine said...

OMG that baby cat looks SOOO delicious- I wanna eat him up he's so cute!

I like that J-Love is curvy and isnt afraid to show it.

Charlie Day! YES! Finally some real Hollywood type love is being directed towards someone from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia- that show and the people in it are so freakin good.

Oh, and Jason Sudekis' 3 piece suit is the bomb- seriously- CLASSY all the way. The boys in the above pic could take a lesson. Its a premiere people, NOT a bbq, sheesh.

tallulah b said...

Happy Canada Day! Where is Jax these days?

Today in Plastic Surgerey News:
JLH must have done something with her face, probably botox and fillers. I didn't recognize her at first. She must have gained some pounds too, I guess.

Giuliana looks like she had a facelift. Her hair line starts on top of her head!

I suspect that Aimee Osbourne has had liposuction on her stomach. It is weirdly flay YET big.

tallulah b said...

Not 'flay'- flat!

Sis said...

I think JA's hair hangs in her face to hid face lift scars....just sayin'

The real kittykat is super cute, love the big eyes!

Layna Day said...

If next year brings us President Bachmann, I fully plan on traipsing up North and crashing on someone's couch for four years. Just trying to give you some warning in advance.

Good Lord, yes. I had the same mindset in 2008. Not because I was afraid of John McCain being president, but scared that he would die and leave Sarah Palin in charge. That's unacceptable. Michelle Bachmann is even worse. I didn't think that was possible. How can one person carry that much stupidity within them? It must be a heavy burden to be so dumb.

I will be tagging along with Ida on this trip if necessary. I don't iron clothes or cook, and I don't babysit. But I will dust, vacuum, buy groceries, and scrub toilets to earn my keep.

Happy Canada Day!

Rose said...

Lol Blank,either/or.

Curves are great, I have them, but nothing looks good stuffed into something smaller that the outside packaging other than a sausage. I will say it makes her normally obvious cankles disappear.

parissucksliterally said...

J Love looks like J Woww now. And I am sorry, but that dress looks bad on her.

Giuliana is seriously like 80 lbs. I saw her in person a couple of months ago. She was trying to walk down a flight of stairs in ridiculous platform heels. She is painfully thin.

Fuck off, Katy Perry.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Happy Canada Day, Canadians! :)

@JasonBlueEyes - He totally does!! Jarrett's Room! :)

So, speaking (sorta) of Justin Theroux, I just finished Amy Sedaris' Hospitality Under the Influence & was surprised to see Justin listed as a contributor. I've really never heard of the guy before he hooked up w/ JA.

Please tell me Katy Perry's purfume is named for her kitty.

Single Rose Delivery said...

JLH face looks very different.

G wants to have a baby about as much as Jennifer wanted to have a baby with Brad. If she were serious she would put some weight on.

Ramona Rinkles said...

Jeeze, I'd leave Justin in the car too, if I had a chance at snuggling with Charlie Day. - but where was the waitress?

jax said...

i'm here, just late the party. thnx for asking!

Happy 4th you yankees!!! ;op

RocketQueen said...

Thanks for the wishes, Yanks! Happy "beat it, Monarchy!" to you today!

That Dexy's Midnight Runners caption has already made my day.

FS said...

Enough of the 'I have to pee' pose ladies. It doesn't make you look thinner, that is a myth. It makes you look stupid.