Friday, July 01, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Kristen Stewart headed for a workout. You know, she actually looks good here.
So, today, Linda Evangelista revealed her baby daddy is also Salma Hayek's baby daddy and the two kids are the exact same age. Gucci should start making condoms.
Lourdes, Madonna and Kelly Osbourne in New York.
That is actually Mel Gibson in the Smart car. As much as he smokes that car must reek.
Mumford & Sons - London
Delta Goodrem boozing it up before heading out for another night with Nick Jonas.
It's Kate & William in Canada.

It is not really The Beckhams but it is hilarious.


JasonBlueEyes said...

Oh, Lourdes. You're a pretty girl - but those eyebrows.

MacVixen said...

Linda Evangelista's baby looks way younger than Valentina. Same age? Rally?

Oh, and that's got to be awkward. Wonder if Selma knew...

Carolyn said...

I was thinking the same thing, MacVixen. There's no way those kids are the same age.
Madonna...sigh. Does she really think she can pull off wearing her teenaged daughter's clothes? It used to be merely annoying, but it's becoming increasingly pathetic.

amazonblue said...

That's an old picture of Linda's son. DListed has a more current photo.
Yeah, I can totally see that going on in the Beckham household.
Mel is a total contradiction, among other things, never imagined seeing him in a Smart Car.

selenakyle said...

Haa! I see a bat wing on Linda Evangelista. Hell, if THAT'S the case, my ass ain't gettin' outta bed either for less than $10k a day...

(jk...I know that was back in the day...but I love seeing REAL women instead of the typical fake airbrushed versions ALL THE GD TIME.

selenakyle said...

And I'll say it--I am very, very sick of PLAID.

It's summer now, plaid should be done and over with by now, move on the next thing PLEEZE, people. Sheesh.

Ida Blankenship said...

I have not, and will not, EVER see the Twilight "films", but I think that Kristen is so beautiful. She always looks embarrassed as hell to be associated with that franchise. I guess she can cry and wallow in her big ol' money pit.

"So, today, Linda Evangelista revealed her baby daddy is also Salma Hayek's baby daddy and the two kids are the exact same age. Gucci should start making condoms."

Wasn't this a blind a LLLLLOOONG time ago? I can't possibly go through the archives, but I remember that Salma, Linda, and Francois were all supposedly involved in some sort of triangle.

I can actually see a resemblance between the two kids, but Valentina is *much* cuter. Sorry, but she is.

I think Lourdes is adorable. And in her defense, her eyebrow game is much, much, MUCH better than it was a couple of years ago.

J'adore Kate's style! I wish she'd go a little easier on the eyeliner, but she is such a breezy, sporty, smiley girl who dresses with sophistication, and she always looks her AGE. Never matronly.

RenoBlondee said...

Awww, I feel a special sumpin' for Lourdes....Madonna and I were pregnant at the exact same time with our daughters....mine was born 10 days or so earlier.
I guess that's kind of an embarassing thing to remember, LOL

Yeah, that's what I said too, BUT
Speaking of young teenage daughters, if you had one you'd probs HAVE to watch the Twilight movies with them. Mine PLEADED and BEGGED and MADE me read the damn books too!!!!!!!!

Fabulous! said...

there's no way in hellll that linda's baby is the same age as salma's. that baby looks 6mo-a year younger. as michael k would say "escalando!"

i really wish madonna would quit raiding lourdes' closet already.

i actually worked at a smartcar dealership. let me just tell you, the drivers are as weird as their cars. (no offense to any smartcar drivers on here.)

that beckham photo has me rofl. i bet it's closer to the truth than we think, too!

anita_mark said...

Oh Kellie Osbourne, you can lose all the weight you want but you'll always have those legs.

Mooshki said...

Jason, at least she got rid of the unibrow. Those brows are half the size they used to be.

Beth said...

That's an old picture of Linda Evangelista. Her baby is a year older than Salma Hayek's.

skeeball said...

@Ida totally agree about Kate. If she went a little lighter on the eyeliner, she would look fresher and more natural

Naomi said...

Kate Middleton is losing too much weight and it's aging her. She looks awful.

KellyLynn said...

Kate has always looked like a well-kept 40-year-old, even when she was younger. She'll probably look exactly the same when she's 60.

Kelly looks really good, for having a teen punk vibe going on. I'm surprised she's taller than Madonna and Lourdes.

I love the Beckhams spoof. Can I vote for the Benditlike name?

Me said...

Lourdes does not look like i thought she would. her features are big, while her dad's are soft and madonnas aren't big. she's an attractive girl, but her face surprises me. (does that sound weird?)

Beth said...

Me, I think Lourdes looks quite a bit like Madonna did pre-plastic surgery. She looks very much a combo of old Madonna and her father.

Jasmine said...

I heard Prince William speak on the news tonight for the first time ever.
He was addressing the Canadian's (happy canada day btw!) and I was surprised to discover his voice IS YUMMMMM
He is definitely giving me some uppercrust posh aristocratic fevah! I didnt realize his voice is so deep and he speaks very succinctly with a rich baritone.
All I have to say is I.GET.IT.NOW.

Jasmine said...

oh and Lourdes is THE GORGE.
that is all

parissucksliterally said...

Holy makeup Batman! Lourdes, it is too much! This is the first time I have not thought she looked pretty.
They all look so tiny in that pic!

Linda E......I guess someone needs some money to keep living in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed...

Lelaina Pierce said...

I think Kristen is gorgeous as well, just awkward as HELL. (did not mean to rhyme)

MUMFORD AND SONS are awesome!!! I saw them last month and the show was just phenomenal. I highly recommend y'all check them out.

Tatyana said...

@Ida Blankenship said...

"I think Lourdes is adorable. And in her defense, her eyebrow game is much, much, MUCH better than it was a couple of years ago. "

Wasn't she just 13 back and not allowed to pluck then?