Friday, August 05, 2011

Lucille Ball Tribute

This weekend marks what would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday. Definitely need a tribute to her. The first is pictures, and the second are video clips.


Ida Blankenship said...

Aw, man. I wish I could watch this at work!!!

Lucille Ball is absolutely timeless. I have memories of watching I Love Lucy reruns while staying home sick from school and just giggling and giggling. She was one of my earliest childhood heroes.

So many things have become so dated and cheesy, but Lucy lives on and will forever make me laugh my ass off. I just adore her.

Thanks for the tribute, Enty.

Basil said...

I Love Lucy is absolutely timeless. Just as funny then as it is now. So many classic scenes such as the conveyor belt candy, or the Meatavitavegamine (sp?) Classic.

Momster said...

Saw an episode last week. Still so damn funny, my kids told me to shut up cuz I was cacklin' like a hen.

parissucksliterally said...

I still crack up and watch I love Lucy all the time.

She was brilliant and beautiful. I do know someone who's famous Mom played cards with Lucy on a regular basis. i was very sad to learn she was a terrible hostess who never offered anyone anything to eat or drink! This woman would bring her own snacks....can you imagine?

Ida Blankenship said...

@parissucks -- Aw, hell. Lucy was a Leo. Thus, she had a free pass to be self-centered every once in a while. ;-)

That's a badass story. I would KILL to play cards with LB.

Robert said...

Lucy was definitely ahead of her time; she and Desi helped create the industry they thrived in. I Love Lucy explored every parameter of the sitcom ethos first (and did it better,) devised the three camera shooting system now standard industry-wide, was the first woman to own her own film studio and was on the cover of the very first TV Guide.
And I Love Lucy is still funny!

califblondy said...

I'm still amazed at how the private Lucy and the one on the screen were so different. The book "I Loved Lucy" by Lee Tannen is really good.

I loved the old shows and still watch 'em today.

I will always believe that she and Ricky always loved each other, but knew they could never stay together.

It always surprised me that as a Leo, Lucy wasn't close to her kids or grandkids. She was self-centered and it was her way or the highway. In "real life" she wasn't even funny.

I think she was sad at the end of her life. There will never be another one like her.

califblondy said...

There's a great bronze statue of Lucy on Palm Canyon Drive in the village of Palm Springs. She's sitting on a bench. It's so cool and I love thinking about how it must have been years ago at Ricky and Lucy's home there.

And by the way Lucy's bronze is much better than Sonny Bono's (kinda creepy).

firebugDVM said...

@Ida: You seem to follow/believe the astrological signs... I don't know much about them-- do they really seem to "explain" peoples personalities? And are people ever different than their sign? I love all the psychic & paranormal stuff too so it does interest me... Just too lazy to actually research it ;)

Ida Blankenship said...

@firebugDVM -- well, I only really believe in it because I pretty much have every single trait attributable to my own sign (Cancer). I'm super moody (uh, just ask my boyfriend), very expressive, highly imaginative, good in the kitchen, I've got an affinity for kids and animals, and my memory for anything -- both good and bad -- is really acute.

I know a ton of veterinarians who are Sagittarians or Cancers, and I *know* it's a coincidence, but still -- those two signs are supposed to be gentle and great with animals. So if you tell me you fall into either one of those signs, I wouldn't be surprised. :-)

I have friends who regard astrology as an actual, like, science, and I'm not sure I'd take it *THAT* far. It's fun, though. Check out Holiday Mathis' column; her daily horoscopes are always DEAD ON.

Still, Lucy WAS a quintessential Leo: she adored the camera and vice versa, she was intensely creative, she was a bold pioneer in her field, she was a passionate romantic, AND she had a super-distinctive mane.

It does surprise me, though, that she wasn't warm towards her children or grandkids -- Leos tend to adore younguns.

Mary Ann said...

Lucille Ball had more talent in her little finger than many "stars" have in their entire liposuctioned bodies.

"I Love Lucy" is still funny all these years later.

firebugDVM said...

I'm a Libra... All I really know about it is that the sign is a scale (which I try to stay away from, lol)

Ida Blankenship said...

@firebug -- Hmmm. Well, I'll bet you're an intellectual with an elegant home who takes about fifteen minutes to decide what to order in a restaurant, even if the menu only contains something like five items. :-)

Henriette said...

Ida Blankenship said...
@parissucks -- Aw, hell. Lucy was a Leo. Thus, she had a free pass to be self-centered every once in a while. ;-)

That's a badass story. I would KILL to play cards with LB.
Leos are noted for being generous and bighearted too :) We are also noted for giving fab parties and being quite hospitable. We are the fifth house of the zodiac and we represent fun, theatre, romance, and children. All I've read of Lucille Ball displays her more as her Capricorn moon than her Leo sun. Yes she liked the spotlight, but she did not have a sense of humor privately (a non-funny Leo?) and took herself VERY seriously.

My mother is a Leo, I'm a Leo, my hubby is a Leo, and most of my closest friends are Leos. We all laugh at ourselves and each other, actually we make ourselves laugh by our goofiness. Dustin Hoffman is a Leo too.

Ball did show great loyalty, which is a Leo trait. She always gave her writers credit for creating "Lucy."

firebugDVM said...

Hmmm.... Maybe I'm controlled by a different moon (like Henriette talks about)... Our house def isn't elegant (in fact it's downright normal/boring, lol)-- and when it comes to food I usually chose fast since I'm always hungry :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Lelaina Pierce said...

My husband is a Leo, so I just learned a lot. @Ida - I'm a Virgo & every trait associated with them pretty much fits me as well. It's all very fascinating.


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