Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lowe's Pulls Ads From American Muslim

In full disclosure, I want to say that I only watched bits and pieces of American Muslim the other night on television. I flipped over to it during commercials and from what I saw, I found it to be interesting just because there has never really been a show quite like it that I have seen. Apparently some groups complained about the show and that "it hides the clear and present danger to American liberties." Really? To me it looked like a reality show. Lowe's apparently bowed to pressure though and pulled their ads from the show. They said that it just did not fit in with their programming style. Do they advertise on Sister Wives? Jersey Shore? People find those shows offensive and I have often believed that the cast on Jersey Shore has an agenda of trying to spread GTL and smushing to people all over the world. This can't be allowed to happen. A whole planet of Snooki?

Do I want to live my life as an American Muslim? No, but I also don't want to do half the jobs on Dirty Jobs, but I find it interesting.


Casual Observer said...

Crap. Now I can't shop at Lowe's (you cowards.)

Why do fearful, ignorant racists have so much power in this country? It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It was the Japanese during WWII and now it's the Muslims.

I've never seen this show, but the prejudice against this group (or anyone who looks vaguely Middle Eastern) is everywhere.

I find Jersey Shore much more offensive.

The Black Cat said...

Lowe's are a weird bunch, I worked for them for a while but I just didn't fit in with their corporate ideal that came right out of the 19th Century. They don't like hiring women if they can help it, let alone minorities so I'm not surprised.
The only black employee was given cart duty, it was so hilarious because that university educated guy had more intelligence than the white upper management combined.
It's a company that is out of touch with reality, they are yearning for their bad old Southern ways to continue and don't care how offensive they are to outsiders.

GladysKravitz said...

God, I hate Home Depot, but Lowe's isn't giving me much of a choice now. I'm so sick of racism disguised as patriotism.

linnea said...

Yeah, I can't believe that they would be allowed to get away with this blatant racism in the 21st century.

anita_mark said...

I'm sure the people who complained are the same idiots who freaked out over white Coke cans.

Wil said...

My comment got eaten by freakin' Blogger. But .. What I think I wrote was along the lines of ... Lowes sucks. If you google what they did in August and September, I think you might agree with me they are scumbags and I would never spend my money there. **** them ... let the boycotts begin.

FS said...

Thanks for the reminder Anita, I laughed for days at the white coke can debacle. Shouldn't be drinking that poison anyway.

Home Depot vs Lowe's. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other for me. Home Depot is supposed to be a big contributor to Republicans, but Lowe's does stupid stuff like pull their ads from a show about American citizens. Home Depot helps out the Olympic team. Meh, I don't really spend that much money at either one. Black cat brings up interesting points. I live in a fairly ethnically diverse area and I have to get back to Lowe's one of these days to buy the second shelf for my bathroom, so I'll pay more attention to the employees when I go back. In the meantime, I'll send an email to their website condemning this ridiculous decision.

The Black Cat said...

I should also mention that there is a Home Depot nearby the Lowes I worked at the Home Depot had a very racially diverse group of employees so it was really shocking to see the difference. Absolutely no Muslims at Lowes and 1 black guy, not indicative of the neighbourhood at all either.

FS said...

Will, can you be a bit more specific? I googled lowes and boycott and some other things and can't find what you are talking about.

Roo said...

This is in response to tons of comments:

A) My black brother-in-law works at Lowes and he's been there for years and promoted repeatedly. He loves it.

B) Lowes is entitled to spend their money wherever they want. Just like the Klan can adopt a highway. Lowes can sponsor whatever religious realty shows they want. It's mindbogglingly insane to lump Lowes not buying something into the same category as Japanese internment or imply there is any connection whatsoever. If you think it's truly an affront to Islam or Muslims when Lowes doesn't buy something from TLC then no one can trust your judgment on what constitutes discrimination of any kind.

C) There hasn't been widespread racism against people who look middle eastern. There have been some isolated cases, and people have been properly sent to prison for it. Remember the gotcha moment after 9/11 when some TV show sent people around NYC, either actual Middle Easterners or "looking like Middle Easterners"? Nothing happened. In fact, New Yorkers, some of the most dickish people on Earth, actually went out of their way to be nice to them.

D) Look up hate crimes statistics on the FBI website. Jews are ALWAYS victims more often. In 2010, 800+ crimes, affecting 1,000+ victims. For Muslims, 160 crimes, 197 victims. All hate crimes are bad, but if you're going to whine about how anti-Islamic we are, you have to mention how anti-Semitic we are. Otherwise you just look like your main concern is demonstrating your moral superiority regardless of facts.

E) Islam, as it's practiced in most of the world, may be the single most misogynistic ideology that has ever existed. You cannot support women's rights and defend Islamic regimes. Islam here is nothing like Islam abroad. Women here can say "no" to any of it and our system will protect them from her family. That is basically the only problem with Islam. In most of the world, women have no choice. Terrorism is the same in every religion. Everybody has them. Not everyone treats women this way and then gets liberals and feminists to apologize for them.

F) I lived in that part of Michigan for years and years. It's full of Muslims. Spoiler alert! They are totally normal people. Why? Because, chances are, they moved here to get away from the crazy places they were living. I may not watch this show because I already know they are boring, normal people. I can't imagine what this is about exactly besides a bunch of religious people trying to be religious while living in a materialistic and shallow world. It's like the Duggars without the kids or Sister Wives without the sister wives. Basically, it seems like it has no hook except it's about those "weird" and "mysterious" Muslims. Seems kinda condescending to me, but they are free to do what they want...just like Lowes.

Chrissy Buns said...

I watched this show a few times, and I actually found it very interesting. I know Lowes has the right to spend their money any which way they please, but it really seems a low blow to pull their ads.

Roo said...

Oops, forgot one.

Interesting fact: They also interned Germans during WWI AND WWII, and the Italians in WWII. It wasn't "racism" that made them intern the Japanese. It was a police-state mentality.

Barton Fink said...

Well, we've learned from the Lowe's incident that not only are there vicious Islam-haters, but they are capable of generating tons of words in defense of their hatred. Really no surprise, though.

Lowe's has teamed up with some of the most ignorant haters in America in this move. To pull ads from a show because some incestuous duo from Florida complains that Jeebus doesn't approve, that's laughably and I commend people who laugh. C'mon, Lowe's, seriously.

trollslayer said...

What Barton Fink said.

shehla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roo said...

Well, Barton Fink and Trollslayer--

Awwww, were der tu many big wurds for u?

I notice you didn't (or couldn't?) read the actual words that were written, otherwise you would've seen that I specifically stated that Islam isn't the problem. Theocracies (big word, I know. look it up.) are the problem. And the problem with Islam isn't Islam. It's the view of women in Islam. I know actually having to formulate an argument probably isn't your strong suit but at least try harder than that.

Both of you, should be ashamed of yourselves. Are you a confederate? Did you both also support apartheid? Was it just South African culture to subjugate a race of people so we should just all accept it and not judge? That's exactly what happens to women in Islam. It is apartheid. And yet you continue to whine about how racist it is to criticize them for it.

Really? That's it? All you got is the racist card when someone criticizes an ideology? You know that's a non-sequitur, right?

Give me three reasons why I'm wrong. I totally accept that someone may think I'm wrong, and I welcome the debate. But, so far you've said nothing except I typed a lot and I don't agree with you, and--this part's insane so correct me if I'm wrong--so I must be racist. Is that seriously your final answer?

trollslayer said...

@Roo -- I don't recall saying anything along the lines of TL;DR. And I didn't have to consult the OED in order to understand what you said. I'm not afraid of lengthy comments, and will carefully contemplate and respond to the ones worth my time.

I don't care to engage you in a thread battle. All I *will* say is that my own views are more aligned with Barton Fink and Shehla.

I will say, however, that your views of the Islamic faith are very limited, and your prejudices are easily applicable to many other religions.

There are ways to get your point across without acting like a shrill playground bully.

I'm sure Lowe's has some great sales going on right now. Have at it, tiger.

And have a swell night.

Roo said...


Thank you for engaging.

I'm bullying when I present my opinions and the facts that support them? But, I am not being bullied when I'm called a racist for it without justification or even an attempt at debate? If by "bullying" you mean "winning the argument," I can't help it if the only argument I've had to deflect is basically, "You're a meanie."

How are my views limited? Have you read Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Have you watched the videos of rape victims being stoned to death or beaten? Do you know who Cynthia Farahat is? Have you read the Quran and ahadith? Have you spoken with women who were threatened with death because they brought an art book into Saudi Arabia that happened to contain crosses in it? Were you protesting against the Taliban years before 9/11?

You seem to want to dismiss me without actually addressing what I'm saying. Do you actually know that women can't vote or drive or even leave the damn house without a man in Saudi Arabia? Do you know that in Pakistan honor killings are routinely ignored by the government? Do you know that women going to school in Afghanistan are still being murdered? Do you know who Veena Malik is? Do you know that Somali women have their clits cut off or their vaginas sewn up because women shouldn't experience pleasure during sex? Do you know that in Iran women are subject to public beatings by the police if their hair, wrist, ankle shows? Do you know that our State Department warns women to be careful when marrying Muslim men?

I'm uninformed?

Why? Because everyone is supposed to be a noble savage and the victim of the big bad white man? Isn't is pretty racist to assume that everyone is too weak or stupid to resist or thwart the white man? I actually expect humanity out of everyone because I know everyone is capable of it. Others seem to dismiss basic rights in other countries because, "It's just not their nature" or whatever excuse du jour.

Racist...whatever. Tell me why you think it's okay if they don't let women drive, go to school, marry who they want, get jobs, keep their clits, travel without men, show their hair, you know, basic stuff?

I don't know why you brought up other religions. I don't care about them. Name a Christian theocracy besides the Vatican. Name a Jewish theocracy? Hindu? Taoist? Anything. Name a theocracy beside Islamic.

If what you're trying to "prove" is that my view must be false because I belong to a different religion, I hate to burst your bubble, I'm an atheist. A rational, logical, pissed-off female atheist who is damn sick and tired of people who are supposed to support equal rights and stand up for the oppressed completely ignoring their principles when the oppressed happen to be Muslim women in Islamic theocracies. Seriously, if Christianity was saying, "Hey, let's cut your girlfriend's clit off." would you be, like, "...yeah...yeah, that sounds good. Let's do that."

It's not a hard concept. Are you in favor of state-sponsored stoning of women, no education, no travel, being covered head to toe, no choice in marriage, job, home, religion, no options in personal behavior whatsoever for women? If you support Islamic theocracies then I say these are the things you support. Tell me why supporting those things is okay. Don't name call. Don't even polite name call and say I come off as a "bully." You only get to do that after you present one fact. I have presented facts and I've been greeted with "racist" and "bully" in return. You are verbally supporting the slavery of women across the world. If anyone is a bully it's you, but I'm not that big of a pussy to call you that. I'll only mention it to show you're a pussy. Fuck bully, you're a pussy. Stand up for women, not theocracies.

Mooshki said...

Gladys, you might as well shop at Lowe's - Home Depot is also on the list of companies that reportedly stopped advertising on the show. Here's a link with the list.

Mother Campfire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mother Campfire said...

Roo -

Not to jump in but you're being a little aggressive against folks that (I totally thought) weren't even talking to you directly, merely discussing amongst the board. They didn't create Islam. Simmer, friend.

How about discussing your points with the only muslim that has responded so far (Shehla), since her (personal) experience appears to contradict your position and I think she has way more credibility than us folks going 'racism bad'. Just a suggestion. *shrug* said...

I agree....chill out before you need blood pressure meds.

KayJM said...

Roo, Id like to point out something Im surprised you didnt come across during all of your extensive research.
The problems with Islam you've pointed out, these Islamic theocracies, are nearly all Arabic.
And *drumroll*

Those cultural problems, and I do agree they are grievous problems. Are not REMOTELY indicative of Islam. To put that into perspective, according to the USA Census Bureau, 24% of the American population is under 18 years of age. Are they representative of ALL Americans? Or American culture? Values? Mindsets? Actions? Etc.? Of course not, that'd be complete and utter hyperbole. Please learn a little something called context.

This is coming from a Somali, with her vagina intact.

kelly g said...

And I would like to say that if you think New Yorkers are the most dickish people on earth, you haven't been to Detroit.

sueli said...

Isn't it the *fundamentalist* Islam that is misogynistic?

Lori said...

@ KayJM ...not only are you correct, but you made me laugh. congrats to your vagina:)

Lelaina Pierce said...

I haven't watched this show yet, but I have it recorded. The whole point of the show, I thought, was to show that Muslims are not all extremists. The people who complained are EXACTLY the type of people that need to watch the show! And Lowe's excuse is obviously BS.


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