Friday, December 09, 2011

X-Factor Elimination Is The Only Interesting Part

It seems like the only time I ever write about X Factor is when there is an interesting elimination. I don't understand how someone can get voted off before they sing their survival song, but those are the rules I guess. Last night, 13 year old Rachel Crow was voted off the show by America, but Nicole Scherzinger could have saved her. She did not and spent the night crying and getting booed. Probably no death threats this week though.


linnea said...

I watched this and it made me cry. Children should not be put through shit like this

Rita said...

I AM such a fan of the show!!!

And yeah, that dude should have gone home last week, at the least, but I think Sherzinger and Reid strike a deal right after the "Save me song"... You can see them turning towards each other when the host announces a break, and start negotiations. The vote MUST go on right after the songs are sang. No backroom dealings allowed.

Rachel KILLED IT yesterday, if you have a chance to watch her singing E.James, WOW!!! No Idol winner ever sang that good.

And oh Sherzinger. Sadly, I feel because of her repeated dumbassness, people are starting to hate Josh. She simply did not want to look bad yesterday, so she simply wimped out of her judge duties. Boooos deserved.

crila16 said...

Actually...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. She learned a hard lesson at a very young age. She entered a competition and lost. It was a chance she took and honestly went further than most girls her age. Unfortunately she was hurt at the moment, but it may also be a drive that pushes her forward and to not take no for an answer. In show need a tough skin.

linnea said...

or, this will be too hard and too much for her to deal with and she will be crushed by it. If it was my kid, I wouldnt be willing to risk it.

Rita said...

^Linnea, I think she'll do well. She's still a kid, and kids are a whole lot more emotionally flexible than we are. It takes us longer to get over being deeply hurt as adults, than children - my 2 cents:)

For this situation though, Nicole is going to bare the brunt of it. Can you imagine a 13 year-old girl telling a grown-ass woman "it's ok, don't worry about me". Wimp.

linnea said...

I really hope you are right. Time will tell, I guess. It just seems so cruel to me to let your kids go through this stuff. If you are over 18 at least you are old enough to make a mature decision about chosing to participate. I dont think a 13-year old has any idea of what the consequences could be.

Rita said...

Would've agreed on the age, except that her talent is ripe for the picking! And her mother does seem to be encouraging, yet very maternal and protective. It's like she spoils her daughter too much! Good for li'l Rachel.

Linnea, does Nicole's attitude affect your perception of Josh too?

linnea said...

Oh, I havent seen the show at all! I just watched this clip and felt so sorry for the girl. Why did she say "mommy you promised"?

Rita said...

Her mother was telling her that everything will be alright, and Rachel was saying "you promise, Mommy you promise?"

If you ever get the chance to watch her performance, and watch the show from the beginning, you'll get hooked! Promise:)

linnea said...

If you say so... but I am too much of a softie for these shows. I just cry.

Jac said...

Enty I don't know what you mean about getting voted off before the survivial song?
Didn't they sing and then the judges voted? as per usual?

Nicole really doesn't get it. X-factor is about marketability and who will sell records, this was Marcus's 3rd time in the bottom 2, so the public are not supporting him. No matter how good an act is the judges should (and usually do on the uk one) take the public repeated dissatisfaction with an act into account.
Nicole knew what was going on, no matter how many times the judges say they don't know who is the one with the lowest votes, they do, you can see the fixing that has gone on recently when a judges fav has gone to the bottom 2, but funnily enough the judges don't send it to deadlock as they already know in advance that their fav would go.

Jac said...

Just realised Drew went as well.
Right the way it goes bottom 3 are identified, the one with the lowest votes automatically goes home and the 2nd and 3rd last compete in a sing off.
I ave no idea why it's does like this routinely on the US Xfactor, in the UK version this is possibly only done once or twice a series. Every other week there's a normal bottom 2 with a sing off. Our live shows run from Sept to tomorrow night. The US version just seems so rushed.
I have no idea why the judges love Marcus, yes he can sing but to me he's very forgettable, quite a generic R&B singer. Chris Reine scares the bejaysus out of me, he always looks like he's going to go postal!
Nicole (unless she wins, which she might do with Josh) will be gone next year, Simon is not going to be happy with her performance in the series. He really should have stuck with Cheryl, (and I really don't like Cheryl) at least she had her own opinion and a backbone.

jax said...

Her immaturity just shows she is not ready for Hollywood or the music biz. To cry like a fkn baby at almost 14? Come on.

Astro and Drew both left with grace and they are around the same age.

Del Riser said...

Rita, I'm a fan also. I think Josh is the answer to my Joe Cocker addiction. I think Nicole is staging Josh the way she wants to be staged. Simon did call her out on this and he was right! Nicole is very self centered and fails to see that if her guy is shown in *his* best light he wins and she does too.

Last night was a sad fiasco.

Worstcompanytoworkfor said...

OK Obviously Enty did not watch this show haha busted.

Rita said...

^True, but all of sudden, because of her repeated dumbassness, my impatience with her is clouding my judgement towards the best talent.

@jax, You have girls who are already adults and fully developed at 14, and then you have 13 year-old babies like Rachel. And I think she was in shock. Like @Jac says, everyone including Rachel, expected the guy to leave. He's been in the bottom 2 for the past 3 weeks.

@Jac - the bottom 3 happened only once. And the first time Astro was in the bottom two, he was a complete ass! And a baby. He had to apologize the following week.

Doc Girl said...

I feel bad for Rachel too but with her talent she will get work in the biz. I wonder if some of her crying was the stress of having to perform perfectly every week and being vulnerable to elimination each week too. Her crying might partly be relief.

BoreanazisPathetic said...

Drew left with grace?!

I don't think so. She was crying the whole time. When she was told she was the bottom 2, she started crying and cried through her "Save me" song, and then cried while the judges were making their decision.

I LOVE Rachel!!!! She held those tears in and is way more mature than Drew OR Astro!

This girl is AMAZING. Drew and Astro are one trick ponies. Sure Astro can rap and Drew has a folky sound, but they did the same thing over and over.

Rachel is different and just WOW.

Nicole, is an idiot and chicken.

Dishtlk said...

@boreanzispathetic you took all the words right out of my mouth... ok most of them.

I think her mom had to bust through some people side stage to get out there like she did, I would have done the same thing tho.

I do think Marcus should have been the one to go, i totally thought people would have voted for Rachel over Marcus so I was kinda ok with Nicole pussing out at first, and I think Rachel kinda thought the same thing (if you notice she kinda relaxes a litte after the "go to deadlock" it seems to me at least...) and then was blindsided which is why she wailed like she did.

That said, thats twice now that its Nicole's fault 2 very talented young girls have been kicked off, i think both of them will go on to be very successful reguardless, but she needs to be a judge. Sometimes that means making the hard decisions.

Oh, and they were both on Simon's team. He already obviously has no use for Nicole... she won't be back. I miss Cheryl Cole and her amazing hair!!

Mooshki said...

I think part of why she freaked out is because she was so sure she was safe. She looked so smug before he read the result.