Thursday, February 13, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Lily Allen at a party in London. Looks cheery doesn't she?

Mel B making out with a friend in Sydney.
And things have moved beyond the making out portion of the program. I think the judges are going to give them a high score for art, but some deductions for their technical skill.
George Clooney takes a rest on Jean Dujardin's shoulder while Matt Damon pretends not to notice.
Michelle Rodriguez strolling through LA.
Natalie Portman on the set of her new movie.
Olivia Munn gets a hickey from her boyfriend while
Katrina Bowden keeps her mouth closed and
Ben Stiller and his son just can't stop laughing about all of it.


Seven of Eleven said...

Natalie Portman is flawless, as usual.

Is it that cold in LA?

Renoblondee said...

Lol @Michelle's facial expression.

Meanie Rhysie, Enty #27 said...

How nice to see Ben Stiller cutting it up with his kid!

sandybrook said...

Michelles wasted in the middle of the day :(
Lily Allen may look pissed but she looks good (and healthy too)

Olivia Black said...

Olivia and Holder are HOT HOT HOT. Am definitely into them.

Vanessa Herbert said...

Natalie looks incredible. And Ben with his son warmed my heart - that is a true moment with a kid. Cuteness.

nancer said...

is there a reason enty always refers to joel kinnaman as 'boyfriend' and never names him? it's not like he's nobody.

Jessie said...

Ohhh, is Munn dating Robocop?

rikkitikkitavi said...

mel b's livin the life. who doesnt want to be on a yacht all day every day having a ball getting boozed up.

Jacq said...

I'm always getting her confused with Sudekis's baby mama. Both naming and identifying them

Sunny said...

@Olivia Black
Notice we cannot see Joel's face in this photo. (This) Enty hates Holder!

Uh, it was 81 here today, and 79 yesterday. Michelle is sweating under that super cute jacket of hers

Stepforded said...

Mel B is a horrible old slapper. She has a voice like gravel and a personality to match.

On the contrary, Mel C is in the Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) at the moment, playing at the MIssion Concert tomorrow (it's an annual concert with a picnic atmosphere, set in a vineyard); she seemed lovely and friendly in her TV interview last night (you can see it at if you're interested), and is/was the most talented one out of the Spice Girls.

Lily Allen is talented but is doing all the wrong things to claw her way back to the top - speaking out against your peers and record companies is not a good thing. And I understand her clothing business with her sister is in trouble, too, so she's not having the best time at the moment.

I wonder why George hasn't recruited his latest girlfriend yet ... maybe he's not attending any awards shows this year.

PS said...

Enty, why won't yu ever say JOEL KINNAMAN'S name?!?! He is not just Olivia Munn's boyfriend. He is an excellent actor and the new Robocop. Even at the premiere to his movie, you refuse to write his name. Why?!? It's getting irritating.

Thomas Fisher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas Fisher said...

Natalie looks absolutely fantastic. And she is directing this movie too riht now in Israel!


I never understood why people keep confusing Olivia Wilde with Olivia Munn. But boy even websites mislabeling them very often. And I really don't get why.

lutefisk said...

Natalie Portman just joined in Israeli Flying Aid. She heard about it while filming in Israel. They organized a nation-wide humanitarian drive to collect life-saving winter supplies. During the operation, titled “Human-Warmth – Israeli youth aiding Syrian youth,” 30 tons of winter equipment were collected.
The civil war in Syria created a huge crisis.
It would be so nice to read about more celebrities like Natalie and Christopher Guest.

teresa crane said...

Way to dress up Michelle.

Kimba said...

Watched Joel Kinnamanheshot on Stewart (maybe Colbert, it was yesterday! Totally have new CRUSH,,so hots, and Olivia is gorg too. Hot couple and I want to see their nekid private pics....lucky.

TLP said...

Does anyone else think that Clooney tries way too hard with his persona? You know, the prankster, practical joker, not too serious guy's guy. It just seems too much.

Sprink said...

Lily Allen might not be wearing a smile but she certainly seems to be wearing a codpiece. What the what?


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