Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Bradley Cooper was invited to a State Dinner at the White House.

The two Veeps were also there.
And this is why Brooke Shields will never eat sushi from a gas station again.

Cate Blanchett is back in Australia for a few days.
Corey Feldman opened up his wallet again.
The invitation said black tie. This is as close as Courtney Stodden could get.
Charlize Theron shows Sean Penn how to operate a car.
She looks like she has aged a decade in the month they have been dating. Secondhand smoke.


Jen M. said...

Oh come on, she has not aged a decade. They seem to be happy-be happy for them darn it!

The Dude said...

I have to agree the last photo is rough to look at, must be bad angle/lighting...something..

The Dude said...
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Meanie Rhysie said...

Are Sean Penn's bangs dyed red? Or did Charlize bop him upside the head and it's dried blood?

That pic of Corey-whatever kinda makes me sad.

Gertie Raus said...

What the hell happened to Brooke's face?

rikkitikkitavi said...

kate and corey feldman are wearing the exact same suit...

Kelly said...

Penn must dickmatize. That's all I can figure out.

Seven of Eleven said...

I had to blow up the Feldman photo to see wth was going on with his eyes. He's a righteous cat, that Corey.

LOL @ the Veeps!

Charlize, boo, come over. All of my interventions involve mimosas.

Unknown said...

Charlize totally has aged. Penn is sucking her hotness out.

crila16 said...

It looks like Brooke had some botox done on her face. She used to be so stunning. Now she's so hard looking and masculine. I still love her though. Always will.

Charlize...why oh why oh why????

Corey...I don't even know what to say.

GatorGirl said...

Wth courtney gawd there are no words for that cartoon looking thing

Discobitch said...

Corey looks like Charlie sheens little Aids ridden brother

FingerBinger said...

Charlize looks fine.

Unknown said...
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TalksTooMuch said...

All I'm gonna say is that maybe all these ladies with Penn are just as bad as he is. Just because they are prettier doesn't mean they are giant a-holes as well.

TalksTooMuch said...

Aren't. You knew what I meant

Seabee said...

She's a chain smoker too. Cigs and weed - which is probably why she doesn't mind being with someone (else) who smells like an ashtray and is always hacking up a lung.

Heather said...

@Renoblondee...I had to think about that for a minute and say it out loud... woo into a trance with your peen...


Sherry said...

TTM like the new shot.

Uhm..hate to say it but I zoomed in on that pic from the other day and if what I saw was what I think it was then, yeah Charlize is dickmatized. Everything will be great until he starts getting mean.

Sherry said...

Oh yeah Courtney looks so bloody stupid in that outfit and those hooker heels. Girl get some class.

LadyWawa said...

Brooke used to make the same pained facial expressions when she would would watch Agassi play. I remember hearing Steffi Graf once comment about how as a player having a loved one hide their face in their hands when you make a bad shot (as she used to do) wreaks havoc with a player's confidence.

Anonymous said...

i need to post something really long in pieces. please excuse me for flooding. XX

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

This has been written with help from my husband. My brain isn’t working too well. I’m not even sure why I’m doing it. I think I made a very big mistake, and when I was vulnerable, let people online, anonymous, not very kind people, upset me when I’m at my lowest. My wonderful husband thinks it might be good for me to have some closure.

Derek – unfortunately, my mum did die. She died at 3.20 PM, however, my brain, fingers, whatever said it was AM. I had spent that day trying to get out of work (when I got the call during a staff intake session), somehow drive, go pick up my husband from his work, and drive over three hours to get to the hospital. It was unexpected, because the Dr’s said she would be okay, so we returned home to our pets and our jobs. She had a clot; she had an aneurism, and died. I wasn’t there for her.

Talks too much – I know you must be nice, but you haven’t always been fair to me. Derek has been cruel, unstable, inconsistent, childish and abusive. However you are correct in stating that if I’m lying, there’s seriously something wrong with my mental health. Who would make up such a thing? I wish that I were.

My mum was my best friend. Some of you will understand what I mean. As much as I love my husband, my girlfriends, my social group, my sisters etc – there’s no one like your mum – ever. Not my dad. No one. She will never get to growl (jokingly) at me about more tattoos and piercings, or my language, or see the grandchildren we had hoped to give her this year. I am beyond broken.

Anonymous said...

Derek – I believe in accountability. I have talked smut, and I have been singled out and bullied and falsely accused. Namely by a Wendy person, that Anna nonymous person and by Sophia b and others who did not hide their hatred of me.

However, Count, who I am not directing anything negative at, as he has always been kind and respectful to ME, is given a free pass, and encouraged, to talk dirty as all fuck. He has groupies.

In real life, I spend my life trying to help others. Maybe, I expect people to differentiate someone who watched too much dirty British comedy, and has a foul mouth outside my job, from the person I am – counsellor, advocate, manager, sister, daughter, wife, friend.

I’m really hurt by Derek’s treatment of me. I don’t blame him for questioning the truth of my mum’s passing. I think I haven’t yet had it click in or something? It’s weird. I can’t explain it. I COULD be lying and making it up. However, I do object to him playing the victim card and LYING.

What I have also not made up is the sequence of events that led to this, and Derek’s behaviour. And my husband has kindly, as we are in the country with a laptop, fighting my step father and HIS children who separated from my mother over 5 months ago, and we both need a distraction, we aren’t drinking, as, you know, we’re trying to get pregnant. My husband went through all the posts and here they are, in order, for you all to read and form your own opinion.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I apologise again for the comment I made about housewives. It wasn’t directed at anyone active on the board, but there has been pecking orders, bullying and behaviour, like any part of society, in this place. It’s been a valuable lesson. When I was having treatment for my cancer last year, I didn’t want to call friends up at 3 or 4 am. I didn’t want to whinge on facebook about the constant nausea, the inability to think straight etc. and I stumbled upon CDAN. It was great. I had fun. An outlet. And at times, I was really uncouth, lewd, salacious, all those words.

I upset people, I met some legitimately lovely and genuine people – Sherry, Liddy, so many of you, despite my terrible language, and at times (yeah, I can use chemo brain as an excuse!) ranting, still accepted me.

I got better, slowly; I’m still in and out of hospital and am struggling to get my life back in order after going back to a very fulfilling, yet stressful job. We’re planning, under medical care, for a family of our own.

Then my mum got sick, Derek you must think I’m brilliant to foresee a big disagreement in here with you, and pre-empt that by having a cover story about my mum being in hospital. I leave that to you to argue about. I don’t care if you believe it or not. You’re not the one living it.

I have learned a lot in my time here, and I have cared too much, and I have let Derek get to me. I have the BEST husband (Derek even has a go at THIS – I’ll incude the snide quote he made regarding my hudsband). I have some brilliant, amazing and wonderful friends. I love my sisters and their kids and partners. My dad is fantastic. And even my work have been super supportive in all this. So really Derek, I just want to get this off my chest and you can do and say whatever you please.

Anonymous said...

I still think Derek’s consequent (after bad behaviour) whole act of brown nosing people – to get them on side (which seems oddly to have worked despite his disgraceful recent statements), and playing the victim card, to be RICH.

And my husband is VERY mad. He’s an educated man Derek (which sorry Derek, if, as you claim you’ve been to university you have the most appalling grammar and spelling) who is usually calm and rational, but he would fucking knock you into next week in real life. But that’s it – it’s all online from invisible people without real feelings right?

You are not a victim, you’re a bully. Read what I said people. I said I was disappointed in Derek, and asked him for empathy in regards to addiction. I was responsive to his “apology” when he accused me of being Kym/Canopener whoever, out of NO WHERE as I’d barely been on here, too busy looking after my mum, and then blamed it on someone else. My husband has found no evidence of this “other source”. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Derek denied calling me a whore, yet Shit you can’t sell proved that wrong. So then he said he was bullied and pushed to resort to this. He also denies calling me slut and an assortment of names. However, go through each date my husband has referenced, and the CONTEXT, and you’ll see for yourself.

As for me, this is it. I just cannot stand that Derek sucks up to a few people, accuses me of LYING about losing one of the most precious people to have ever graced this earth, and then blames the victims, and claims to be one himself. I am what I am. I am accountable for my actions and I think Derek ought to be also, even if it is only online, as an invisible, anonymous entity.

Oh, and Derek? Even if it were AM, and not Pm my mum passed, perhaps I was looking for an escape? I can hardly call up my buddies at 4.30 am can I? I know they’d answer, but there’s the issue. It was a safe place, I thought, for me to come and escape. You are very, very mean.
I’m not sure if you behave in public (are you employed?) at work, with friends or family, or at church, mosque, whatever the way you do on here, but most people don’t. That’s the thing.

I doubt a lot of the women here talk to their husband’s about how certain actors make them moist etc, as they have on here. Or as for FFF for certain actors with their kids around. And that’s okay.

As for being overtly sexual? I only ever said stuff about my husband. I wasn’t ever saying who I’d like to fuck. I think the whole “you’re a deviant” card has been overplayed and there’s some hypocrisy very evident here also.

Anonymous said...

I also didn’t appreciate you accusing me of corrupting young girls I work with and turning them into foul-mouthed whatever it was you called them.
I really took that to be offensive considering how much of myself I put into my work. Oh, and I may as well disclose this. My husband and I take in homeless adolescent foster kids, I am an advocate at the court and local police station for young offenders – so I am on call also. I try to do what I can. So fuck off in that respect you spineless bully.

Anyway, here’s the fruits of my husband’s research:

Friday February 7th 2-14:

I refer to being accused falsely of being a troll. I don’t name Derek, who was the one that stated in this in a post on :

I tell people about mum being in hospital, and get some beautiful, supportive replies.

Here is what Derek says:

“Hi Rach---sorry someone else said you were (forget who--tried to find it and will let you know) and I restated what I read--you are not a pig or whatever--but that Kymcan thing is/was. Goes to show dont always believe everything you hear---I think your a nice chick but dont know you well enough to not put it past you--you do have moments of overt sexuality etc (but I never found you crass) --sorry to hear about your mom xo”

Anonymous said...

I replied:

“Thanks Derek - I only read yours and anothergreyhare's comments : it really wasn't me, & yeah, I'm a dirty mouth sometimes fuckit! But whatever was said (& I can't be arsed going through old posts) was incorrect. And as I said, I am emotional, but wanted to set it straight. Believe me, if I say something, I'll put my name to it. I'm too much of a techno tard to have more than one account.”

It continued as a polite discourse……you can read for yourselves, Derek asking how things over here are etc, social niceties. Apparently, I’m not so bad!

Saturday February 8th, 2014 re a BI Reveal from November 6th, 2013.

Derek makes some charming comments here, not involving me, but to others about suicide. Someone tjoughtfully shares a sucidie hotline number, and Derek says to give it to Canopener (not nice).

Derek then says he is “a little distraught” by being called a judgemental scumbag, then singl;es hedrot and her blog out, and I thought he was very unkind it making fun of her the way he did. Okay. TTM and Meanie admonish him.

Anonymous said...

This was what I stated : “Derek - as a counselor, working with addiction, i find your comments about heroin addiction to be ignorant. perhaps you, u nlike the majority of society, do not have a poison, and have been fortunate enough to never encounter self medication, or trauma. addiction is what it is. all encompassing, whether food, work, religion, sex, drugs, alcohol or masturbation, (which i hear gives you hairy palms and ruins your eyesight.
i've known beautiful people fall prey to heroin addiction, and it's truly tragic. i think you must have ked a very blessed and sheltered life. i haven't been addicted, or ever used heroin, or other "hard" drugs, but i understand, just as with gambling, or over eating, that at the root, it's all the same. show some emparthy and don't disappoint us!
Then I state:

“Not cool Derek. Suicide is a cry for help, whether televised (& I don’t know who the fuck Fantasia is, but rad stripper name) or posted on Facebook. It’s not to be jeered at”

Anonymous said...

“Derek : I thought you were ok. But singling out headrot, her blog of her actual experience and feelings, and using it as fodder is so cunty. Keep digging your hole”

“Wow Derek : an ex heroin addict (no idea who this reference is to) is a brave, resilient person who has had strength and fortitude to overcome something most find insurmountable. And you then accuse them of giving BJ’s for cash?
What’s wrong with you dude? You need counseling”

I still stand by all of my words and won’t apologise. You DO not make fun of people’s emotional, mental, physical or any state. Particularly when you claim to be “distraught” for being called judgmental. Holy fuck princess!

Derek’s reply?

“@Rach—the only thing cunty here is YOU. STFU no one cares what you think—you’re a hypocrite and it figures some counselor is the one that truly needs counseling—figures trashy loud-mouth bitches would stick together—“

Anonymous said...

So I’ve been called a pig and a bitch thus far….

Also Derek? It’s you’re for YOU ARE. YOUR denotes ownership. Okay?

Then the clanger…..

Derek, you really do present as a petulant man-child. Perhaps this is just your online persona?

This is where Derek really sgtarts to let his true colours show:

This place has turned fucked-up. Nobody is allowed an opinion that differs from anybody elses without being crucified. Eveyone wants to fight and tell each other off and then get all insulted when someone retaliates back. If you dish it out and start name calling obviously I am gonna give it right back. and usually 2 as hard. Rach I thought you were nice but not so much anymore. You are not my counselor and not everyone wants to here about your sexcapades over Australia for the past 30 years. Yes we get it your a wanna-be groupie from the 90s. And all this shit about cliques and the "cool" people like grow-up we are not in high school and my brain is not wired that way. Just because I dont boast about wilder times I have had does not make me sheltered---not all of us are emotional basket-cases and should not be reprimanded for it. and regarding that blow-job statement I said to headcase-I mean headrot-she was boasting about it previously. and she keeps an on-line journal if you wanna read about her daddy issues and her 1000 other problems lol---like who does that...

Sexcapades over 30 years? Not even 30 dude, and ive been a one man woman for the past 8.5, before that to be honest, pretty tame.

Not a groupie, actually avoid sleeping with musos, because I know so many and I know where they’ve been! Ew.

And then mean stuff about headrot. Who’s personal blog you chose to read, then ridicule. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Plus, never called housewives fat, did say overweight, did make nasty statement aimed at people who don’t even publically post anymore, and I publically apologise for that. I still however stand by my statement that this place can be cliquey. As can be anywhere.

Now Derek, you claim you didn’t call me names, but we have pig, bitch, whore, and now we have slag:

“This site fascinates me. It's a microcosm. There is elitism, bullying and a pecking order and the "cool" kids, who mostly tend to be bored, overweight housewives who live vicariously on this site. I wonder with kids, how they find the time. I just accept everyone, and if they're a cunt, I just sit back & watch. Innerestin----what RACH wrote earlier---after suggesting I need counseling because I dont tolerate being bullied and have never tried 

I am not arguing with people all day---just putting it out there that she is clearly the problem and acts (and thinks!) like she is better than everyone but in reality is a washed-up slag”

I never expected you to tolerate being bullied, or said you should try heroin. I haven’t! I just asked for kindness and empathy.

Then Derek continues
“@Sherry-well I was just expressing my disgust for people like Rach who is all buddy buddy with everyone and then insults half the commentors here because she thinks she is better than everyone. My fav people here are housewives and only boring people get bored. Shes a bore ---and what kind of counselor would she ever be? Turn vulnerable young girls into bitchy loud-mouth pervs. Shes a hypocrite and a nasty mess--and so is hedrot ---PEACE.”

Peace indeed!

I haven’t replied. Get called a bitch again.

“so if yall wanna be "cool kids" apparently that bitch has the application forms”

Anonymous said...

My replies:

“My reference about the bored, whatever housewife was actually directed at people who I haven't seen in here for ages, who used to create dramas and single people out. 
People, go back, read Derek's comments about heroin addicts, then mine.
He's called me a bitch, pig, slut & whore. 
As he said, we're allowed opinions. Oh, except for me. Apparently I'm a sexual degenerate - been monogamous for 8 years, since I was 21, w my husband. Not that it's anyone's business. 
I do think this site is a microcosm with cliques etc - that's my opinion, and all I get is a plethora of abuse. 
Oh well. 

“And bored housewives was directed at nasties like Wendy and Annnnnnna whatever her name was.”

Again, I apologise to ALL housewives! I would love to be a housewife, hence my trying to start a family.

Anonymous said...

Then radio silence until

Blind Item 6 : Sunday February 9th:

Derek states:

“@TTM whateves. I am tired of always having to defend my opinion and dumb judgmental whores like Rach and hedrot jump down my throat when all they do is call other people fat ugly stupid etc. Making fun of mothers and housewives----but I am not allowed to say I am against heroin users and think its disgusting-------and I AM INSENSITIVE?!?! after getting a tongue lashing decide to paste the pathetic journal entries she has (on-line btw--kinda public not like I stole her diary?!) and these dumb bitches defending each other---this isnt Hustler forum sweetie Rach---ugh------I think shes so gross and same with hedrot”

So I get accused of writing for Hsutler – WTF? Dude.

I’m also called a bitch and a dumb whore.

No Derek, you’re not insensitive. Making fun of addicts, people with mental health issues and whom might be suicidal.

Now, this one stung. Probably just post the whole bit, then the paert that was really mean:

“hey TTM---thanks--your one of the reasons I check this site cause I think your funny and nice etc. I do have an actual nice social life and everything and you remind me of my actual friends etc. when I am at home wanting to chat with new people. I will continue to check the site and chat--I only work PT and hell this is cheap entertainment. I guess I am just confused about what makes it ok for a person to make fun of one thing and not another? and girl like omg I am a thin guy and I do not think you are gross or unhealthy---if those pics are recent I honestly think you are really pretty. So --well I guess I said it--have fun with the book club thing and chat soon---I maybe on a little longer if that vile brod shows up and acts all innocent "oh me my sick mum--my lovie husband and my job saving the world". ugh.”

I’m a vile “brod” who acts innocent “oh me my sick mum--my lovie husband and my job saving the world". ugh.”

Anonymous said...

So I’m now being slagged off for having a sick mother, who is now dead, and for working with people who are really vulnerable and need help, and for having a loving marriage?

Ok. Then TTM consoles Derek. Then I say my hubby would be interested in the whore comment and reiterate my earlier explanation of statement.

BI #7 Febraury 9th:


“Headrot: apparently you and I are whores.

My reference about the bored, whatever housewife was actually directed at people who I haven't seen in here for ages, who used to create dramas and single people out. 
People, go back, read Derek's comments about heroin addicts, then mine.
He's called me a bitch, pig, slut & whore. 
As he said, we're allowed opinions. Oh, except for me. Apparently I'm a sexual degenerate - been monogamous for 8 years, since I was 21, w my husband. Not that it's anyone's business. 
I do think this site is a microcosm with cliques etc - that's my opinion, and all I get is a plethora of abuse. 
Oh well. 

Then some very nice comments from people (and I love you all)

I leave my mum, I go back, with my husband, to work and our home and pets. My sisters weren’t able to spend the time we did with mum, because they have families and it’s a longer way for them to travel.

Anonymous said...

Monday February 10th (day later here) I posted:

“Ok. Last comment. Ever. No dramatics, just fact. Never called anyone fat or stupid. Never thought I was cool. Derek has called me a slag, bitch, pig, slut, whore, because I asked for empathy and posted my opinion about addiction. I have been accused of being a sexual reprobate, but I've even faithful to my hubby for 8 years. 
Also, my mum died at 3.20 am this morning. So it's kind if given me perspective about life. So thanks to all the lovely people on here, wish you all the best, and if you are interested, it all started days ago w Derek accusing me falsely. Excuse me, with all I've had to deal with, if I reacted, but I have not thrown hurtful insults as have been directed at me.
Blessings. Over & out.”

headrot said...

Wtf? Who cares this much? Also, i talk dirty as fuck and about being a junkie and fucking and im female and noone says shit to me.

The very fact you decided it was a good idea to post that demonstrates your mental instability

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all your support, beautiful comments and sympathy. I won’t post what TTM says, but it hurt a bit. However, this was what Derek said:

“oh please....I never called you a slut or a whore. A pig yes. oink oink. and I know if my mom was to ever die my first priority would be defend myself on a gossip blog. I dont believe a word that comes from your vile mouth---and others shouldn't neither...”

He denies name calling, which I have already disproven with previous quotes. Then calls me a pig, oink, oink and says my mouth is vile. Okay.

Then Shit you can’t buy says : (thank you):

“Derek said:
''@TTM whateves. I am tired of always having to defend my opinion and dumb judgmental whores like Rach and hedrot jump down my throat when all they do is call other people fat ugly stupid etc. ' 

And now you are saying you never called her a whore? You are a vile human being Derek, making fun of a woman who just lost her mom. God, you are disgusting. I don't know what your problem is lately, but you are jumping on everyone's throat, picking a new person every week. Solve your issues dude.”

Derek responds:

“well your gullible as fuck for falling for her drama---

I am not fighting --- my friend is forcing me to type "who gives a fuck what these people think"
lol and I agree
Neither of us believe this Rach persons mom died --makes no sense to post about it immediately 
she is nuts

At this point, I burst into hysterics, my husband comes in out of bed, and then I delete my entire Rach around email and Google profile thingy. I wish I hadn’t said my mum died, because at my most vulnerable, I was mocked. I wish I didn’t, but I did. It was after 4 am, I’d had no food, no sleep and I made a mistake. I’m sorry.

fontlover said...


fontlover said...


Anonymous said...


“DUMB AS FUCK you all are lmao--so 1 hour Australian time after her mother just died she comes to post and bitch at me on a message board lmao I cant I just CANT”

To all of you that have been so lovely, I thank you so much. You don’t even know me, and I was really touched. I won’t be coming back because I realize this place was there for me when I couldn’t sleep and needed a laugh. When I didn’t want to be one of those people on Facebook that puts stuff like cancer, or sickness/death of a loved one on there because it’s too close to home. We do have a great group of friends, and my family are going through this with me. I’m numb. My husband is angry. We are dealing with fights over the funeral and the will, which hasn’t even been read with my mum’s ex husband and his adult kids, and we aren’t sleeping. I really wanted closure on this. I’ve stayed silent until now. Derek hasn’t.

Lutefisk – my heart breaks for you. I’m so sorry for your loss.

As a counselor I understand the grief cycle and process, but I’m experiencing it my own way. Derek, I truly hope you never have to face anything this painful, and have such derision thrown at you. I still think it wouldn’t hurt for you to step away from the computer, and discover some empathy. For those who are unwell, depressed, suicidal, have struggled with addiction, and not make fun of them the way you have, so publically, and heartlessly.

Anonymous said...

To the rest of you, enjoy the enty antics, there are some rad people here I’d probably have a beer with – after I have my baby, stop breast feeding, and decide to enjoy a cold one. Just gotta get through this first.

I know from reading recent posts that Derek has come out with more stuff, but at this point, I’m sure you’ve all read it, and I will just leave it as is.

I’ve wanted closure, I have a lot to face today. I have my sisters and their kids to meet, I have to try to wrangle a funeral, which I’ve never done, and deal with the shit that comes when someone dies, and the greedy nasty people come out of the wood work. Oh yeah, and at some point, take time to grieve my mum. She was amazing. Her students put the most beautiful tribute together for her in the local paper. I haven’t really cried, but that made me bawl. She was 52.

Blessings to you all, and I had to use my old account because I deleted my Rach one. Sorry for the long post.

fontlover said...


TalksTooMuch said...

Rach, I hope you got the closure you need. I hope you are able to use your support network. I know what it's like to emotionally invest far too much into what people say on here. Peace, Chica

Meanie Rhysie said...

Rach, peace, light and love to you.

rikkitikkitavi said...
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Anonymous said...

actually headrot, a lot of this stemmed from my defending you, but that's cool. all the best.

Sugar said...

I hope getting that off your chest helped you Rach. I really do.
Sorry about your mom. Good luck with everything.

fontlover said...


Kim Kardashian said...

Word! I love my fans!!

fontlover said...


Its just U said...

Rach, I've been thinking of you for the last few days. I really hope you are ok. I've always enjoyed your posts. I get your humour. I'm much the same way. We would enjoy a few pints, I'm sure.
Take it easy petal. You have so much to deal with. My ( virtual) shoulder is always here for a cry if you need it.x

Beetlejuice said...

Omfg this caused me to have a severe coughing fit and i needed 4 hits from my inhaler.

__-__=__ said...

It's a gossip blog. That's all. Not Facebook. Not.

Kimba said...

Rach, hug across the world to you. I apologize to you for my two bits in the negativity. Sorry that you came here for reprieve and a storm ensued.
You carry your mother's spirit within, she'll be with you always.

Anonymous said...
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Sherry said...

Rach, thanks for thinking I'm cool with you. Mind you I am not one to avoid confrontation but I pick my fights wisely as I've aged so I avoid stepping into a fight where I have no dog. In fact I missed most the back and forth.

I am truly sorry for your loss. Like Headrot I'm an addict too. I understand its struggle that she goes to every day. I find it intersting that she can express her struggles but then the count is vilified for his occasional use. And my friend count, I know you have it under control now. I used to. I caution you to be safe.
Every day is a.struggle for us all. The least we can do is be kind and kindness can come from the most unusual places. Let's all do that for one another.

Anonymous said...

Ok. If you hadn't said Corey Feldman I would have assumed that was yoko Ono.

PS said...

Wow. Did I miss something?! When did this all get so heavy and too personal? Don't get me wrong, I lOve, LoVe that most people ere seem genuine and level headed and enjoy witty discourse over nonsens gossip. Sure, sometimes using it as a springboard to more serious issues, but, it is a gossip website for pastime interest and guilty pleasure. And to feel Parton an anonymous community of sorts. and others are bored and like to Start shit and rises out of people. But, be personal when it helps you, yet never,e Ber take anything on here personally. No one really knows you, so their words can't touch you unless you let them off the page. Don't.
As far as losing a parent, that is the shit of life that can rip you apart. Everyone human being with a heart knows that pain is to the core, for good reasons and even for ad ones. It's an orphaning at any age, and it's life altering. Know anyone would empathize, but get sympathy from real live people and don't let nameless faceless key Typers add to any pain. That's utter nonsense. For your own sake, know that paying any credence is like picking up hate mail addressed to no one and letting it upset you. Throw that crap out. That's the only when to end negative vibes and take back power and positivity.

Count Jerkula said...

@Rach: You are raw right now, and if all that helps, then good. You really shouldn't be bothering w/ online nonsense though.

About your mom, my condolences. I offer this advice: Don't dwell on the fact she isn't with you anymore. Instead concentrate on the great times you had together and the life lessons you learned from her that you want to share with your future kids. Gotta keep them memories fresh in your mind.

To end on a happy note, Have fun tryin to get knocked up, Betch! Remember, hard and fast is for fun, slow stir gets the job done ;) Good Luck!

Don't worry Sherry, I don't have enough access to work up an addiction and when I do get meth, I'm quite the miser with the consumption. Plus, being self employed I really gotta pick and choose my spots. I don't have any personal days or sick days. Good Luck to you too.

lutefisk said...

Rach, please take care of yourself. You have a wonderful husband who I know is helping you get through all of this. Don't let strangers on the internet get to you. It is not worth it, Most of us here have been attacked over and over by bullies. It isn't worth getting upset over. Bullies come and go but the people who love you will be there for you. Wishing you get the family you are hoping for in the near future. Hugs and peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Will miss you Rach Around

Sherry said...

meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, your comic timing is impeccable. Touche.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Charlizes' dress is falling apart on the bottom at the seams

Unknown said...

Thank god she lives in Australia---If she lived in my town I would look into getting a restraining order or something lol

TalksTooMuch said...

Thanks, Sherry

hunter said...

Omg, fontlover slays me.

This is an online gossip forum full of people who say whatever they want and don't know each other. It is not a public forum to discuss your personal issues with your best friends, as someone else pointed out, this isn't anywhere close to Facebook, nor should it be.

I would also be devastated if my mother died, some day this will happen if I don't go first.

Charlize is riding the publicity machine and I'm appalled and disappointed, I thought she was better than that. :(
I strongly doubt this is a real relationship especially with them being friends for as long as they reportedly have been. What the f'ck Charlize?!!?

Unknown said...

LOL Derek!!

Seriously!! I thought all these comments were about how tore up Corey Feldman looks!!

Lucas said...

@Derek - there comes a time when a person should realize it is best to shut the fuck up and move on. This, sir, is that time.

Anonymous said...
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WUWT? said...

Rach, sympathies for the week you have had. Focus on what it takes to be whole again after your loss. Don't focus on a stranger you wouldn't recognize in a café who has decided to hate you. How is that worth your limited emotional energy at this time? You be you, cherish your husband and your friends, and let the rest slide by. Feel your sorrow deeply because it means you loved deeply, and then remember to breathe. Good luck.

To those who were dismissive, please remember a moment in your life when you needed compassion and got none.... Do you want to be that person?
Every day life gives us opportunities to be kind or to not be kind. The kind path becomes the happy path.

astrogirl said...

Hear, hear...

astrogirl said...
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Aoife said...

Why are Aussies taking NZ products off their shelves Stepforded?

Lisa said...

Rach my thoughts are with you. Losing our parents is one of the hardest things in life we will ever have to do. When I lost my dad I was tore up but when I lost my mom I was utterly devastated as she was not only my mother but also my best friend. The best thing I can tell you is hold her memories close to you and know that she is still with you. I honestly believe my mom is still watching over me every day.
Please don't let a faceless bully get to you here on the internet. They are not worth a moment of your energy or time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@TTM - pretty new photo! You're on the money there, I think. I'm sure Charlize knows full well what she's doing and she has known him for a number of years in a platonic way.

Jenn said...

Hey, Rach,

I don't really comment here, but I do read the site and the comments every day. My mom passed away a little over a year ago, which made me a nervous wreck, and I guess scoping the comments has become part of my daily ritual. I've gotten really attached to most people here, including you, Rach.

All that said, fwiw from a total stranger: fuck anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. Fuck. Them. It isn't worth your time or the emotional exertion.

Keep rockin' your bad self,

Anonymous said...

Suki (Bradley's +1) looks really good here - actually, that's the nicest I've ever seen her.

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Shut up, Derek. Please just go away.

Hugs to Rach. I have nothing better to say than what has already been said, so {{{ biig hugs}}}

Gelfling said...

Oh fuck off Derek

Gelfling said...

Rach, from a fellow Aussie, I'd be glad to hoist a beer in memory of your mum with you at the Espy. Peace and love to you and your husband.

Gelfling said...
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Anonymous said...

Agree. It happens to everybody who does not pose... in a bunch of 20 25 pap shots/minute, more than half are ridiculous specially snapped while you are walking. plus was done on purpuse as nobody likes these two together.

Mari (from her other mail acct.) said...

Rach, I'm really sorry. She brought you into the world, do you think she'd leave you at it's mercy? She's there. Doesn't help, I know, but I hope it will one day. Peace.

Sarah Tonin said...

I've lurked about this place for years but very rarely commented as it's not really my style. Rach, you may never come back and read this but I have read and enjoyed many of your comments, and I'm sorry to read that you've been so badly hurt by what happened here.

I must admit that I just had a little cry myself thinking about how much my own mum means to me, and I wish you strength for the days and weeks to come. I can't really imagine what you're going through right now.

I just wanted you to know that for all those who take the trouble to type out their hatred, there are probably many more who are silently thinking of you and wishing you well.

Seven of Eleven said...

@Sarah, that was beautiful. @Jenn & @Lisa (and all others who shared their stories of loss), my condolences to you.

@Rach, I'm glad you got the closure you needed and I echo Sarah's thoughts - for all of the jerks, there are more who wish you well and thought of their own mothers. May you have peace as you go on this new journey.

rajahcat said...

ok just no to Sean Penn

what up Charlize?

I think I seriously misjudged you

Unknown said...

lol---well you got what you wanted crazy. More "poor Rach"---give it up. and for your husband helping you write that shit (copying and pasting shit and leaving out the things that make YOU look bad) he must be as crazy as you are. If he was normal he would tell you to let it go and not waste either of your time during this difficult time period of your life. Instead he jumps on the computer and helps you with this nonsense? PATHETIC.

Meanie Rhysie said...

Seriously, Derek, you need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Unknown said...

@Meanie--Good grief. If someone writes a 10 post blog with my name being every 10th word then ya I will express my thoughts. She certainly does not have very much dignity or self control for someone in the Mental Health industry.

Unknown said...

Rach fuck TTM & Derek for hurting your feelings. They're a huge pain in the arse all the time. Wishing you all the best.

TalksTooMuch said...

Right. Huge pain in the arse. I should totally create a burner account and start attacking people on the internet. Way less of a pain in the arse.

TalksTooMuch said...

Thanks, Step. You're gonna have to tell us when we can look for your new work!

WUWT? said...

Derek, please consider that it doesn't matter if you think she is unbalanced or overreacting. Her mother just died and she is lost in the moment. If there were a woman sobbing in front of you in real life, wouldn't you feel uncomfortable enough to say, "I didn't mean to make a bad time worse for you," and quietly leave her be? Just because the crying is happening in another continent and NOT in front of you doesn't make the pain less real. This is not the time to try to win a fight. This is a time to recognize raw pain when you see it, and, whether you can sympathize with the pain or not, choose a course of action that does not add to it. That's all.

TalksTooMuch said...


juicy said...

Wow Derrick, stfd and stfu for ONE GODDAMN MINUTE. Whether or not the poster is mentally ill or not does NOT give you the right to continually attack her when she's practically given up, said 'mercy", and left. It still isn't enough that you've had the last word? Would you do this to someone IRL? Someone who, in your opinion, is mentally unhinged and whose mother has passed away unexpectly?
You're a piece of work. Seriously. I lurk everyday and very rarely post, but your apathetic ass brought me out of lurk-dom.
Oooh, also, I'm dying to know where it was you went to uni? I'm curious because you haven't a smidgen of grammar nor a grasp of spelling (typos not withstanding).

juicy said...

and i don't know how to not be "unknown"... i'm normally "juicy" but for some reason can't log in to that. so im not hiding behind some unknown monikor

Unknown said...

unknown---you STFU moron---at least spell my name correctly if you are going to bitch at me about spelling. It is written about 5000 times in the 20 posts above. The victim does not take the first shot.

juicy said...

well, in my defense i DID say "typos not withstanding" as Derek autocompletes in my browser to Derrick (as I apparently know a lot of Derricks...)
That being said... you're fighting a losing battle, as much a battle can be on a gossip blog, but losing none the same.
xo rach and lutefisk and all the others who have lost a parent or loved one.

Unknown said...

pffft. Nice try Hypocrite.

Amanda said...

Long time lurker, first time poster:

I love reading everyone's comments each day. Ya'll are hilarious and never cease to make me laugh.

I just had to write to Rach. To say I'm so sorry for your loss. My mom passed a few years ago and it's the hardest, most painful thing I've ever been through.

Sending you love, healing and all the positive energy I have.

Let this be a good example of how even though we may be somewhat anonymous online, words can still hurt.

lutefisk said...

Thank you Juicy. I don't normally post personal things here because of the attacks.
Everyone handles their grief differently. I had a friend who lost her mother, and when I had offered to watch her kids for her to give her some alone time she spent the time cleaning out her refrigerator.
Rachel chose to come here and give herself some closure. I don't recall her ever attacking any particular individual. She may have over shared some things, but that is when people should choose to scroll past her comments and move to the next post.

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Unknown, TTM is a total sweetie who would never intentionally hurt anybodys feelings or attack anybody on here. I saw it as, she felt bad for Derek and tried to stick up for him. That is all.

TalksTooMuch said...

Thank you, LowKey,what a horrible fucking month this has been.

Dantheman said...

Rach- seeing Derek's reply to your comments is exactly why you shouldn't read too much into what people say on here, it's very clicky between certain people- many trying to make up for what they are missing in real life. Derek loves the lime light and will say anything good or bad to stay in it- I'm sure he doesn't act this way in real life.
I hope you are able to have some closure after getting things off your chest and are able to move on.

I hope this site can get back to just being a blog site people make comments to- hopefully funny comments, like the site used to be a while ago- before people thought they ruled it and made it boring and a struggle to read.

Unknown said...

um............I love the spotlight? lollllllllllllllllllllllll---you are giving the real DantheMans a bad name fool

danielabonchic said...

Jesus Christ, who puts so much thought & emotion into what anybody here says?? It's a goddamn celebrity gossip forum where you come to read some mindless entertainment stories when you've got absolutely nothing better to do. You must be some kind of kookoo to get so hurt & involved & write so much because some people you'll never meet & you don't care about said something you don't like. Like, who the f cares?? Jeez..

babo said...

Sorry for Rach, so really truly sorry.
Her meltdown confirms what I suspected but it is so totally irrelevant compared to what she was going through, her grief and her loss.
She was a hilariously funny poster and did not have a mean bone, respect and kudos to her
I hope she ll get better soon


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