Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"I'm Not Going To Answer That Question." - The Bachelor Recap - Spoilers And All That

Once a season I take a deep breath and watch The Bachelor. It is always the finale because there is no way I can make it through two episodes so might as well make the one I watch the most important. Plus, if I spent more than a couple of hours watching Chris Harrison I would need to take more than my one allotted shower of the day. I can just see him asking every eliminated contestant if they would like to go out with him and talk about it one on one and give them a little head start to becoming The Bachelorette. Anyway, I sucked it up last night and watched Juan Pablo make an ass out of himself with Clare and that she thought from things he had said and done that he was going to pick her. She should be thankful he didn't. So, he picked Nikki. She clearly thought she was going to get a ring and a televised engagement she could use for her reel when auditioning for other jobs but she didn't get it. She just got a rose. He kept the ring in his pocket.

If that wasn't awkward enough, then during the live after show, he chose to make it more awkward.

“So you love her?” host Chris Harrison asked.

“I’m not going to answer that question,” Juan Pablo said. “People don’t understand this is real life. We’re very happy and we are so done with the show.”

The audience started booing and Nikki said they have a real relationship but that Juan Pablo has his daughter to think about and all of his other women too.


Bacon Ranch said...

Frankly, I like his candor.
At least we won't be reading about a divorce in 6 months.

sandybrook said...

They should cancel this shit. But at least he didn't waste time pretending anything. He did the show, it's over, move along.

Cassandra Kelly said...

I choose to watch wrestling (WWE) over this.

Seven of Eleven said...

He looks like a ferret. Kind of acts like one, too.

Renoblondee said...

It was such a train wreck. Although he is a rap scallion, I think the show took extra care to throw him under the bus. Those producers egged the women on. You could tell it from The Women Tell All show. Chris sure is repulsed by him, lol. I liked Claire finally for a couple of hot seconds. Nikki looked like a zombie. Good TV. LOL

Beth said...

Yes, Seven! He does look like a ferret. The beadiest eyes I have ever seen--they are not "OK."

I never watch this show, but caught a few because I heard about him.

What a self important ass hat. His whole English is my second language, I am so charming schtick is tired. You are no Ricky Ricardo, you've lived and studied in this country, and were born here.

Heard father of the year failed to pay child support too.

hothotheat said...

I don't understand why people watch this show. This and the Kartrashian show needs to be cancelled.

Sunshine said...

Juan Pa-blow is a douche.

crila16 said...

He's arrogant, he's blunt and honest. He's a dick. If Nikki gets hurt (and she will), she basically asked for it. She looked like a moron next to him on the couch last night. Most ppl get mad because the guy lied and led a girl on...well no. He's telling her, "I like you, I don't love you, I think you're hot and would like you to stick around for a while and have sex and be an armpiece. Maybe it will grow, maybe not...but I'll let you know."

They should have just given this prick a mirror in episode one. He would have found love immediately.

Sherry said...

Excellent Crila..And why people watch this shit is beyond me.
Kill all reality. Surprised they didn't do a "date" show from SXSW.

CharRicho said...

Everyone in my office is talking about this right now. I'm wondering if I can get my window to open so I can jump out of it.

Eros said...

Don't watch the show but big applause for him for being honest. More guys need to be that way. If a guy wants to ho around then he should stay single and shouldn't lead some girl looking for marriage along thinking he has that intention. Keep it moving. Next!

warmislandsun said...

Just roll down the stairs, it will be easier to clean up when you're done.

califblondy said...

Host Chris was the asshat. What a jerk.

I'm glad JP didn't cave to the pressure.

But the thing that pissed me off the most was the final rose location. What idiot makes ladies walking through sand in heels? I was fuming last night!!

Marina Francisco said...

I couldn't stand JP but I don't understand all the hate for not saying he was in love - when he's not in love. It's like the producers are all "We want the fairy tale we PAID for. Why can't you just fucking PRETEND like all the other bachelors. You can break up in five months, we just want our money's worth NOW."

Juan Pablo obviously saw this as a stepping stone to something bigger (I've heard rumors of an appearance on Dancing With the Stars) ... he just didn't know how to play the game.

Take his remark after Clare tells him she'd never want to have his children:

"I'm glad I didn't pick HER."

No filter!

The thing about "no filter" is it's great if the person is basically a cool person, but Juan Pablo is basically shallow and narcissistic. So no filter on THAT? is a train wreck.

I think Juan Pablo may be figuring out right now that his career as a celebrity is not going to go quite the way he thought it was...

Humor Me said...

Enty - I 'm like you. I can only watch for one hour - at the end.

I believe JP played the system that is "the Bachelor" beautifully. He saw a chance for visibility, careeer advancement (TV, modeling, etc) and get to play with women at the same time. JP was not going to play the game the producers' way. I was laughing through the whole show - Clare saw him for who he was, and called him on it - perhaps callously. If Nikki chooses to be strung along, so be it - it's her life.

i'm glad JP was on - this is the way Life is. It is not a fairy tale. For once the Bachelor was real life. and not scripted TV.

And I wish it was canceled, along with all the rest of reality TV.

JoElla said...

Wait.. a show that is pretty much Ho's on parade and they are shocked?!


Cee Kay said...

I admire this guy's honesty. They all declare their love and get engaged, and none of them get married. I don't even watch the show and I know it's all fake. If they have something real going on, good for them for not exploiting it.

Presto said...

My wife has a theory that he was purposely trying to Fvck with Production because they didn't go to bat for him and portrayed/edited him in a bad light all season.

May explain his fake "surprise" promise that wasn't. And also his refusal to say what the show wanted him to say: "I love her".

Also why he didn't want to talk any specifics anymore about himself and kept saying he wanted to move away from the show and live real life.

Pretty good theory.

Or he's simply just a player.