Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Abigail Breslin lighting the Empire State Building.

Chris Martin arrives in Los Angeles.
Catherine Zeta Jones and Meryl Streep flank Michael Douglas.
Emma Roberts hits a red carpet that also brought out
Kelly Rutherford.
Justin Bieber loses his pants at the airport.
A puffy Johnny Depp out with Amber Heard last night. Love the woman in the background who doesn't seem to care at all.
Joey McIntyre at the end of the Boston Marathon.
Jada Pinkett Smith is back in LA.


sandybrook said...

Emma looks too thin. :(

Depp's movie was a bomb he should start getting used to nobody caring & he wont need to shower at all then.
Dont pap Biebs anymore please?

Kristin (Wiglet) said...

Enty, we are ALL that woman in the background.

Seven of Eleven said...

I'm being a good girl today and not making a frowned-upon Capt Obvious joke. Nope, nope, nope.

I do like Johnny's coat.

Leekalicious said...

Amber's annoying, but that is a cute suit she's wearing/sleepwalking in.

8=====D aka Lil Tool. KermitGosnellKnobJockey said...

I wonder if "licking lots of different skanky pussies gave me cancer" Douglas banged streep after (or before) the pic. He has and will put his peen in the most hideous holes (I don't mean CZJ obviously), but maybe streep is too awful even for him.

Bebedog said...

It makes me sad to think that Johnny Depp is turning into the stupid old man who gets lured in by the young hot chic (who is obviously only after fame and money) and has turned his back on his girlfriend/wife of several years and his children.

When will men start to wise up about that?

Kristin (Wiglet) said...

Seven, lemme guess...

That's not the only thing Johnny Depp puff-- nope. That's not it.

And for her next trick, Abigail lights up --- no. Not that either.

That red carpet isn't the only thing Emma Roberts hit!



Tigercat said...

It's slightly chilly here in NYC so I cannot comprehend either JD's or AH's outfits. See Unimpressed Girl - not only is her attitude appropriate, so is her attire.

Jada, you look ridiculous.

T. E. Cuz said...

abigail looks great but would give her a more natural hair color and a little less eyeliner next time. otherwise shes very cute and age-appropriate.

i like emma's blouse.

M. Brown said...

Given their reputations I'm sure Douglas and Streep hooked up decades ago. If I didn't know which one he was married to I'd assume Streep. She's leaning in to him and seems more comfortable.

M. Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vera L- said...

I wish Chris Martin could get a contract with Arby's and have every pap shot of him feature a beef n chedda.

Marieeee said...

Excuse me. I'm off to remember the days when Johnny Depp was gorgeous.

discoflux said...

Eff a bunch of raggedy ass old Depp. Helloooooooooo still cute as hell Joey McIntyre!

I wonder if he ever got the 3 page letter I sent to him professing my undying love 25 years ago. I'll be loving you forevah, Joey!

Count Jerkula said...

P: Breslin

M: Heard

B: Roberts - rough #AttitudeAdjustment

AIP said...

Jaysis, when did Joey McIntyre become a middle-aged Paddy?

LetLoveRule said...

Bebedog, given the body language and expression on Amber's face, she's heard the buzz about Depp being box-office poison. She wants to be seen as a rising star, and not have a falling one as her albatross.

I GUARANTEE she ditches him at the most opportune moment she finds, which will depend upon whether the pregnancy rumors are true or not.

Sprink said...

Ding ding ding, indeed, Wiglet.

I'm playing Union Boss on this one and appreciating your humour on behalf of your fans.

Lila said...

Lol, wiglet. So true. Depp reeks of pathetic-ness these days.
Emma, thanks for bathing, but you look too damn skinny.

TLP said...

Jada just always looks so butch

Gabi said...

I've always thought Chris Martin a pasty, sweaty palmed goober, this is the best I've ever seen him look.

Maybe Goop is right, lose 90 pounds and look great!

Alita said...

Bahh, Depp's just trying hard to dress like the Doctor.

I'm watching Firefly :)

versace buckles said...

The Bowery Hotel makes me want to visit New York. It's cozy and perfect. The woman watching Johnny Depp looks alot like Elizabeth Moss who shot that New York Times mag story there a little while ago. Maybe she is back in NY and happened to wind up in a pap pic of Johnny?


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