Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random Photos Part Six

Bryan Cranston looking sharp at Tribeca.

Christie Brinkley shows her support for her daughter yesterday on the beach.
Claire Danes with a possibly real smile.
Dianna Agron after lunch yesterday.
Demi Lovato and her bra in Brazil
Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy after eating lunch with his son.
Emma Stone shows off her hoop skills.
Heidi Klum looks really good here.


Seven of Eleven said...

Mr White!

Not going to make the McCarthy joke. Nope, nope, nope.

Ms Agron in a jean jacket and muumuu. OK.

Heidi looks good if you're looking for thinspiration pics.

sandybrook said...

Christie Brinkley looks better than all of these and shes at least 60.
Coachella is over Dianna lose the hippie clothes.

TalksTooMuch said...

Heidi Klum DOES look lovely here! Bryan Cranston looks confused and dang it! I still can't stop looking at Diana Agron's crotch, and it's ALWAYS covered up!

Topper Madison said...

Christie Brinkley must have sold her soul to the devil.

headrot said...

love claires dress! dianna's too!

heidi's optical dress with the dark panelling on the back makes her look impossibly thin

Sugar said...

I am rooting so hard for Demi Lovato for some reason.

I might even go see Godzilla because of Bryan Cranston!

Count Jerkula said...

P. Agron

M. Brinkley/Joel tag team

B. Danes

Snootches said...

@TTM is she hiding something down there?

NaughtyNurse said...

Um. Am I the only one who thinks Heidi looks kinda cheap there?

FearN said...

Claire Danes' got a real smile but an oogly dress.

Heidi looks like Britney Spears!

anon said...

Topper - Christie Brinkley has a fantastic Doctor! It always shocks me when I see people with tons of money and busted ass plastic surgery - Vicki Gunvalson and Jessica Lange I'm looking at you (among others)!

I also think women on the East Coast go for more subtle work - I live in OC (where Vicki lives) and if they're going for subtle here (and LA) they're def doing it wrong!

__-__=__ said...

Did Heidi have lipo? Her arms aren't so thin.

Lady Heisenberg said...


Leekalicious said...

I would give Christie the best put-together award here, and Heidi looks great at usual. Jenny looks totally annoying.

cowbulls said...

Christie does look great.
Heidi looks really good considering her history.

Oliva said...

It doesn't look like Christie is showing support for Alexa - it's always all about her. Yes, we know you are beautiful and have a great surgeon.

Brenda L said...

Heidi looks like she could use a Big Mac...jeez.

K. Madelyn said...

Can see here why Heidi made it to the small ranks of Famous Models. Never saw her on TV, but always seems able to convey a lively, fun sort of charisma in still photos.

And despite the (unnecessarily) slenderizing design of the dress--which is indeed a bit tarty w/that spotted print--she looks good. Healthy, athletic, & slim; toned, but not too muscular; simple makeup... & omigosh---she does look like a pre-meltdown Britney Spears!

Speaking of Famous Models, Christie B looks great, but to me her smile seems more like a forced grimace. This may only be apparent to folks old enough to have been around in her Covergirl/SI days.

Can't help but wonder if most of her time between photo ops is taken up with exercise & cosmetic maintenance designed to elicit admiring "oohs" & "wow!"s over her youthful appearance. It IS an "all about me" smile; just doesn't look like a very happy one.


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