Thursday, May 15, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Josh Duhamel and Mayhem aka Dean Winters at the CBS upfronts.

The cast of The Talk all pretend to laugh because Julie Chen did.
Halle Berry was there promoting her show. I predict she will walk off the show or quit before the end of season 1.
James Franco promoting his book called, "I Love (Underage) Women."
Jodie Foster takes her son out.
I have to hand it to Kaley Cuoco for riding yesterday considering how hot it was.
Kristin Chenoweth was in NYC.
Also in NYC was Katie Holmes way outside her neighborhood.
Kelly Osbourne catching a flight from LA.


Bacon Ranch said...

Josh Duhamel is so cute.
Franco is so not.
Kaley has great form with the horse!
You suggesting Katie Holmes is visiting seedy areas, Ents?
Areas that may even have churches that don't involve Xenu?
Nah, she's probably just out scoring meth.

Vestal Surgeon said...

Gawd! What is Jodie feeding her kids? He's a biggun!

Violet said...

Jodie and son is just like Violet and son. One day you look round and your little boy is 6 ft tall.

sandybrook said...

If Kaley was in NYC she might have been cited for animal abuse riding that horse in that heat.
Id hate to have to suck up to a POS slug like Chen to get a job. (Spelchek didn't like one of my words and changed it to keep me from getting sued).
Katie is not too far from home that looks like Chelsea.

Vestal Surgeon said...

Franco confuses me. He's a douche, but he still makes my naughty bits tingle against my better judgement.

Seven of Eleven said...

Chenowith, dear me, what an outfit.

I <3 five head Duhamel.

Ugh, Franco AGAIN. I feel like I need to go clean a toilet whenever I see him.

Count Jerkula said...

P: Katie

M: Foster

B: Penny

Wouldn't go through Sharon Osbourne for any of them.

parissucksliterally said...

Love Jodie, and love Charlie! I knew him when he was a little boy...I can't believe how tall he is!!

TalksTooMuch said...

Nipples! Woot!

Vestal Surgeon said...

What the hell is with Kelly's bag? (I've moved on from her hair).

Renoblondee said...

Katie definitely called the paps for that shot. Charlie is a cutie!

Harry Knuckles said...

The Talk ladies need to see this picture so that they will know to never do the group hug/laugh thing again.

Franco ripped Spring Breakers 2 by comparing Spring Breakers (1) to Scorsese's and DeNiro's Taxi Driver.

Enty, I think it's Cuoco's horse that you have to hand it to.

luvgossip said...

My son came out of his room one summer a full head taller than me. I said "Did you grow overnight?!" He said, "I think I legs really hurt" Poor dude! Never complained a bit! He's 6'5" now.

OneEyeCharlie said...

Mayhem is laughing because Duhamel just got done proving his nipples are bigger; hence the smirk.

I know it's the camera angle, but I initially thought that Kelly O was a Little Person.

Gayeld said...

Katie, I know Tom forced you to dress like a stepford mannequin, but you can stop with the fugly payback. You're just hurting yourself.

And those of us that have to look at you.

PotPourri said...

will always love Stoner James Franco.

Jodie's son does look just like James Woods.

MovingOn said...

Halle will quit OR walk off? What's the diff?

anon said...

LOVE Dean Winters - miss him since Rescue Me ended. Glad to see he's looking so good, he almost died a few years back.

Hegg said...

I must be the only one who likes Katie H's style! I mean, she doesn't do semi-formal too well, but I love her casual clothes!
I do not ride my horse if it goes above 24 degrees Cdn/celsius. They cannot really hack that type of heat. Cali horses might tolerate that type of heat a little better I suppose.
Halle Berry should just move to an island on her own .....she cannot get along with us humans.

Henriette said...

Halle won't have to walk off or quit because her show is shit and will be canceled after two episodes. It's a bad Alien remake.

littlebeanpole said...

For an older guy, Dean Winters is smoking hot. Loved him in Oz.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...


Sincerely,Your Friend said...

@oec I concur Kelly O looks squashed...then I was distracted by her tote.

KaCo and her hot ride? Being LA born n raised (not to worry - spent 7 adult yrs in NY) n seeing her here inLA mostly, I think she had a reeeeeelee hot ride, I figure it was here, which is more cruel than in NY this week. It's a scorcher here right now. I'm thinkingk her britches needed serious airing out after she finished.

Sis said...

I think Kaley's horse is the one who "the hero" here, working for her owner, horses can get heatstroke, tie up, and colic very easily and more so in this kind of heat. No one I know will ever ride in this heat, and it's for the horse and not the rider.

Maybe it wasn't yesterdays photo.

TLP said...

Re: the Talk pic, who is that round midget in the lower left corner and what does she do? With the massive gums? Next to Sara Gilbert. My eyes hurt.


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