Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Biggest YouTube Complaints Of 2014


sandybrook said...


Anonymous said...

why would one watch an 8min video on complaints?

LottaColada said...

My complaint is this video as wasted space.

lemurskank said...

I made it to 1:39. Really . . . no. Just no.

Glitter said...

Don't watch. It's boring.

Kno Won Uno said...

It would take less time to stumble across the complaints than to watch the compilation video.
Ain't nobody got time for this.

RowdyRodimus said...

You are not alone
But How long can you run
It's much too late if you don't know
What you've got til it's gone

Once upon a time
You were a child
But that was yesterday
Believed that magic
In your heart
Would never fade away

But, hold your head up high
And let your spirit fly
Keep hope alive, yes deep inside
And your dreams will never die

We are one, everywhere I go, everyone I see and I see my face looking back at me
We are one, everything I know, what I know is true. Everyone of us lives inside of you.

Take a breath
Close your eyes
You're on the road again
And then you realize
They brought you
Back to life again

Some things never change
But if you fantasize
You'll feel it deep
Inside yourself
And then you'll realize

When you feel it coming
When you hear the sound
You'll always laugh
When you want to cry
Then you'll feel it deep inside

You are me
I am you
What you see is all true

Gayeld said...

Oh God, I thought it was kind of funny.

AIP said...

Aww, I love Barely Political/ the Key of Awesome!

Kristin (Wiglet) said...

Made it thru the first minute until they talked about the delicate fabric that makes google +. Missing Derek.


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