Sunday, May 07, 2017

Blind Item #2 - MTV Movie Awards

This former Nickelodeon actress had a lead role in a few season long show and is now in a long running movie franchise while working on a lot of other big projects too. She is not old enough to drive yet but wasn't telling that to the guys in their 30's and 40's who were hitting on her last night. She made a date or two for later this week.


Lurky McLurkster said...

Isabela Moner

Lurky McLurkster said...

Nick: 100 Things to Do Before High School
Franchise: Transformers

david said...

So sad to read about the (alleged) pedophilia in and around Hollywood.


Sd auntie said...

15 yearOld Moner! Where are her parents? Protect your kid for fucks sake.

Swanky Bubbles said...

At this point... is it really alleged?

Sarah said...

She should not even have to TELL these guys that she's under 18. She looks like an oversexed 13 year old. I'm disgusted but sadly, not surprised.

Hot Cola said...

Nothing is alleged about it.

Reality check said...

Again, another young teen on the way to a ruined scarred adulthood . In a city where "this is okay" and they have the "moral high ground" for the rest of the " uneducated nation"
Once again Meryl Streep - where is your real courage instead of calling anyone who thinks otherwise a "Brownshirt"
And the lives still keep getting ruined while the Dan Schneider and
Aronofsky keep abusing children and women Run Jennifer Lawrence Run
Can no one drop a dime on the pedophiles??
No Meryl look the other way again!


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