Saturday, May 27, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 18, 2017

Another week, another story about how rich this power couple is supposed to be. Huh. Wonder how come they couldn’t get the house they were bidding on then.



Jill said...

Yawn. What I wanna know is, is it true that Peta Murgatroyd = Becky with the good hair? That her new baby is Jay's and the engagement to Maksim is a sham? Would explain Bey's new IVF babies.

david said...

Cash talks and BS walks!

sandybrook said...

No Rachel Roy is Becky. That's why Soulange and Rachel had to be kept apart at a function they attended last month.

Scandi Sanskrit said...


I really wouldn't be surprised at this point if there were random wannabe-famous women trying to claim that they're Jay-Z's "Becky" to gain fame/notoriety.... Have their PR plant speculation stories here and there (even if they've never met Jay-Z before). Kind of like how so many women claimed they were Anastasia after the Tsar's family massacre. Except more subtle.

At the end of the day, they're a big-name power couple. And being connected/associated with them in any way (even just unfounded speculation that they're "Becky" in Bey's song) is enough to get you some attention. Some people get off attention and don't distinguish between "good attention" and "bad attention" as long as it's attention.

Sarah said...

Sad how people feel the need to keep up appearances. Jay needs to get rid of Tidal ASAP.


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