Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 24, 2017

This long running almost network reality show with a new host would often have shooting days four or five times longer than any other season just because of the amount of drugs and partying the new host does even on set.

Rita Ora/ANTM (probably why she wasn't asked back for another season)


sandybrook said...

Whora already has another show on ABC that starts this week.

Sarah said...

I never understood why she was asked to host in the first place. I get that this show doesn't necessarily breed supermodels, but that is the whole point of the show, and Rita is not a model. Couldn't Ashley Graham have just been host instead of a judge? Couldn't they have asked anyone with experience-even a Kate Upton or Brooklyn Decker? It just didn't make any sense.


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