Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

May 16, 2017

This regular guy married this permanent A+ lister for her money. When he found out she didn’t have any, he took out a life insurance policy in her name and then killed her. In her condition and with her history of abuse he easily got away with it.

Judy GarlandMickey Deans


dianavonthirstybird said...

I was living in London when she died. She was found sitting on the toilet slumped over. Her death was attributed to a heart attack. If her kids knew she was murdered did they keep silent so Judy's legacy wouldn't be tarnished? Did he get any of her money? I thought the kids got it all. I just remember being stunned and very sad when I saw it in the local London papers.

dianavonthirstybird said...

P. S. Judy and Mickey had been close friends with Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the gangsters, for years. Not that that has anything to do with her death. Always found it strange she was so close to Reggie.

Guesser said...

Judy died in debt. Her husband had an insurance policy made out to him, so it wasn't really affected by her debts or children. I believe he wanted to sell off her personal items to pay off debt,but Liza paid some debts so she could keep them. I suppose they didn't believe in the beginning she was murdered.I wonder what they thought later.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

But isn't "suicide" considered my 'tarnishing' than being a "murder victim" in western cultures? It's not like she committed hara-kiri/seppuku or jumped off a cliff to avoid being captured by western forces during WWII.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

*I meant to say "more" not "my" (it's early here and my brain hasn't quit 'gathered' yet, this is why I look at stuff online and don't start working this early in the day). Sorry. ☕

longtimereader said...

The krays knew eveybody in 60's london. They ran the clubs.


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