Friday, May 26, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 18, 2017

Why yes, that was this A+ list talk show host coming out alone of what was supposed to be couples counseling. Her significant other has been absent from the last few sessions.

Ellen/Portia de Rossi


dianavonthirstybird said...

Ellen has all the $ and Ellen calls all the shots. A huge problem for Portia is that every time they (Ellen) buy a house and fix it up, Ellen sells it. For a profit, of course. Portia wants a home they can spend time in where her horses can live and they can call their own. Ellen just wants to buy/sell, buy/sell. I think they are an adorable couple. I just want them to be happy together. Maybe after the upcoming Big One all the homes will be a mess and they won't have to worry about moving for a while.

Sunspirit said...

Ellen comes off as too controlling and nasty. Maybe that explains Portia's eating disorder.

Jennifer said...

Ellen strikes me as Bipolar.

syvyn11 said...

I saw her on a Johnny Carson repeat on Antenna TV. Her act was all over the place. She wasn't called to the couch.

Tiff said...

I think Portia really wants to work in Hollywood but none of her shows last that long. Poor thing just got killed off on Scandal...while Ellen is super busy and successful. Having a sense of purpose and being productive is key to happiness. Perfect example that money doesn't buy happiness. I like Portia much more than Ellen but I always thought they'd be a cute couple. No one knows what goes on at home.

Sarah said...

I don't necessarily think this means trouble. A lot of couples go through counseling at some point in their marriage to talk through things, and at times that includes sessions with each person in the couple individually. Ellen and Portia actually seem to be a healthy couple to me. If they are going through something right now, I sincerely hope therapy helps them work through it.


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