Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Body Found In River Is Missing College Student Who Disappeared In March

A body discovered over the weekend in the Feather River in Live Oak, California has been identified as that of missing college student Alycia Yeoman, who disappeared in March.

A fisherman came across the body Sunday afternoon, and officials used dental records to make the identification, according to the Sutter County Sheriff's Office. A cause and manner of death have not yet been released.

Alycia, known to family and friends as Aly, was last seen March 30 just before 8:00 p.m. driving her green Toyota Tacoma truck to the Yuba City residence of a male friend. Several hours later, security video from a home owner in the Live Oak area picked up Aly's truck driving on a levee next to an orchard, although the video isn't clear enough to show who was behind the wheel.

Several days later, workers in the orchard where Aly's truck had been seen on video called police saying a truck had been left there and appeared to be stuck in the mud. Aly's cell phone was also found later that evening not far from the truck.

Rumors and speculation swirled around the case. Aly's family and friends insisted the Yuba College student would never simply disappear, and they thought someone may have been holding her against her will. Those fears intensified when Aly's mother received several text messages stating that Aly had been kidnapped and the sender demanded ransom. The sender was tracked down, but it was determined the person had no involvement in the case. The texts were simply a hoax.

The FBI served a search warrant at the home where Aly was last seen, but no information has been released on what, if anything, was found in relation to the case. The owner of the home, Michael Lizarraga, spoke with NBC affiliate KCRA 3 over the weekend, before Aly's body was found. He told the station he had nothing to do with Aly's disappearance.

"I will never be placed under arrest because, like I said, I have truth on my side," Lizarraga told KCRA 3. "I just hope and I pray that Aly comes home soon and this nightmare ends. I believe that she's alive. I just sit here and I think, and I pray."


dianavonthirstybird said...

This event will alter the lives of many people forever. Her parents must have a thousand questions that may never be answered. Their prime concern is, did she suffer? Hopefully, she did not. Such a beautiful girl. I send prayers and healing to her family and friends. Right at Mother's Day, this Sunday is going to be incredibly painful. God bless.

david said...

Isn't that what most suspects say?
Just saying...with no proof or knowledge of this case.

Sarah said...

This is absolutely awful. I really feel for her family and friends. They may never know what happened to her fully. All I can say is that at least they found her body, because now they can get some sort of closure and lay her to rest. I hope the police find whoever is involved. A friend of mine from childhood went missing under similar circumstances. It took 3 and a half years, but they finally charged the guy responsible for murdering her. It took over a year for the police to find her body. If the police don't stop investigating, they likely can piece together a timeline and figure things out. I just hope the case doesn't go cold.

Do Tell said...

Seems to me that most people who throw around the word "truth" (or use it in their screennames) are in fact liars trying to convince people otherwise.

RenShaw said...

“I will never be placed under arrest because, like I said, I have truth on my side,” Lizarraga told KCRA 3. “I just hope and I pray that Aly comes home soon and this nightmare ends. I believe that she’s alive. I just sit here and I think, and I pray.” Also, speaking to media he said they took away evidence from his house including computers, rugs, carpets, cameras, and if they thought he was a person of interest, they would have arrested him by now.

More info on Lizarraga. He says they went out to eat and came home to find his son and nephew drunk from the wine Alycia brought. According to him, they were friends and he didn't know she was under 21. She drank and he offered her to stay, but she insisted on leaving. "HE WALKED HER OUT" then he made her "pinky promise" to call him when she got home.

Here is my question. She didn't call when she got home, she was obviously dead. She'd been drinking. Why didn't he follow up knowing he let a possibly inebriated girl drive home. You don't need a law degree from L&O University to get some ideas. He gives me the creepers.
RIP Alycia.


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