Friday, May 26, 2017

Random Photos Part One - amfAR Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Nicki Minaj

Irina Shayk

Jessica Chastain

Sofia Richie

Kate Upton

David Beckham

Lindsay Lohan


sandybrook said...

Who invited Lindsay to anything?
Jessica looks tons better today.

C-Dog said...

Yes, and the back of Jessica's dress is just stunning.

Hothotheat said...

Lindsay looks like a 60 year old socialite.

hakunafrittata said...

Lindsay raided Kitty Carlisle's wardrobe.

JustReading said...

Lindsay looks good for 57.

Aunt lili said...

Is LaLohan wearing a hospital bracelet?

Jimbo said...

Lindsay looks ancient but at least the long dress hides the bruises

Hortensia said...

How did Lindsay Lohan suddenly become 50 years old?

FairyDogMother said...

A whole lotta trash in Cannes. Downhill fast.

Jennerationb said...

Kate looks pretty, though I don't care much for the bottom half of her dress.!

Sarah said...

YAS Kate Upton. Looking so fantastic.


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