Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 5, 2017

Someone wrote into to me and asked about a show that was canceled last year. It had such potential, so why was it canceled so soon they wanted to know. I actually wrote about the show in a different kind of way last year. There were so many moving parts behind the scenes that it had no chance of succeeding despite what it looked like from the outside.

It was a network show. Very short lived. it begins with the lead actress. An amazing person and an even better actress. Emmy winner/nominee. Multiple very popular hit shows in different formats. This was going to be her chance to be the star. Not just one of many, but the star. In her haste to be the star, she gave up another Emmy win/nomination. Plain and simple it would have been hers. Because she wanted to be the lead she didn’t look at the fact that her male lead co-star was doing it for the paycheck, just like he does everything else. He is a workaholic. Tell him to be somewhere and he will be there and will show up on time and work hard. The thing is though, he only has one character and one tone to all his roles. That is why, for the most part his greatest successes have been as a voice over guy. Our actress got no say in the casting of that role. While working on the show, he also had five other projects and the producers told him he could do them all.

She also got no say in the casting of the guy who preferred to drink rather than act. This caused issues. Then, there were his what seemed like daily doctor appointments. There were two younger characters on the show, one of whom decided she was the biggest star on the show or had been led to believe that by her people so acted like that from day one. Plus, the producers and showrunner hinted she was going to be the focus of the show. All of this combined with another actress who was a bulimic and the whole thing was a disaster from start to finish. Canceling the show was putting it out of its misery.

Crowded/Carrie Preston/The Good Wife/Patrick Warburton/Stacy Keach/Miranda Cosgrove


sandybrook said...

Does James Burrows give anybody any say in casting his shows?

longtimereader said...

Never heard of it but i agree, james burrows doesn't know how to cast and run a good show!?!

Anonymous said...

Was Cosgrove the primadonna or the bulimic? And I love Patrick Warburton.

andi said...

I love Warburton, but yeah he's a bit like Walken same character every single time and doesn't turn down anything.

Missy said...

I miss the Good Wife. I don't understand this blind.

Patrick said...

Primadonna. Her character had a sister on the show, and her body type was right on that edge of eating disorder. Not that she was too thin, but it was the body type where I could see an actress being concerned about it. In the PR for the show, Cosgrove clearly thought she was a lead.


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