Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #9

January 19, 2017

This foreign born recently deceased celebrity was once a member of an extremely famous A+ family. To say he was socially ambitious is an understatement. He came by it naturally, since his mother was one of the most ruthless social climbers of her generation. After marrying young and giving birth to our celebrity and his sibling, their mother decided her husband was not ambitious or rich enough — and decided to trade him in for someone with much more wealth and social status, which she did. After marrying up, she also had children with the new, very rich husband. Those “new’ children were always the children she presented to the world– while consigning the older children from the first marriage to the sidelines. (She referred to the first set of kids as “the ugly kids”.) This celebrity’s father was a bit more caring towards his children but also troubled. He was married multiple times, including a marriage to a woman who was decades younger than he was. Coming from this background really affected our celebrity- and as a result, he developed into an extremely calculating, charming, and ambitious social climber himself. This bit of information about his personality traits are no secret, nor is the fact that he was bisexual. He was certainly not shy about sleeping with whichever women (or men) that could further his ambitions, which eventually took him to the very, very top of the societal food chain.

To say our celebrity’s love life was tangled and tragic is an understatement. There are many, many stories about him, but some of the lesser known stories involve the children he fathered out of wedlock. The first child was conceived just before our celebrity married a woman, who was at that time probably one of the most well known women in the world. In fact, this child was born at almost the same time that the wedding took place. What is more sad, is our celebrity would not consent to a paternity test for nearly four decades. The child, (that point now an adult), had heard rumors for years that the man who raised them was not their father biologically. (A DNA test later confirmed this.) What is even more twisted is our celebrity used to regularly visit the child’s family home when they were growing up, and the child did not suspect he was actually their real father until years later. The best part of this story is the circumstance in which this child was supposedly conceived. The pregnancy is said to have been the result of a relationship triangle– a weekend filled with alcohol, poppers and a liaison between our celebrity, a male friend and his compliant wife. The best part is that the male friend (who eventually raised the aforementioned child as their own), was due to play an important role in the wedding of our celebrity– and was forced to cancel at the last minute due to the impending birth of the child.

No one is really certain how many lovers (male or female) this celebrity actually had during his lifetime, but what IS known is that he was very popular in gay circles. He was always coy about his links to men, but was not shy about his female conquests, of which there were many. People who knew the celebrity back in the day claim that the real love of his life was a beautiful girl who was from a different race. He was said to be very much in love with this young woman, but she was deemed completely unacceptable by his mother due to her ethnicity and lack of wealth and social standing. Our celebrity dumped this girl shortly before his high profile engagement was announced. She was totally unaware (and devastated to learn) that he had been having a secret relationship with this other very famous woman while seeing her at the same time. Of course, eventually that high profile marriage ended in divorce, but our celebrity’s proclivities did not. He kept a mistress on the side for several decades. It is said that this mistress became depressed after spending the holidays alone one year, and subsequently committed suicide. Our celebrity did eventually get married again, but he was not faithful to the second wife either. That marriage came to an end after it was revealed that he’d fathered yet another child with a different woman on the side. He apparently was never involved with that particular child and never saw them prior to his death. The official cause of this celebrity’s death was given as one illness–but the rumor that has been floating around is that the real underlying cause of death was caused by something else.

Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon/Polly Fry/Jeremy Fry/Jacqui Chan/Ann Hills




MysticChic said...

Oh great reveal. Yes he was a massive asshole. His children by Princess Margaret, however, turned out very well it looks like.

andi said...

Sounds like a master manipulator to sting all these people along, even having wives/girlfriends kill themselves.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

What an unfortunate stage name... Google keeps mistaking "Jacqui Chan" with the male Hong Kong action actor. Apparently she was on an episode of "Sherlock".

Mrs.K said...

Dont know any of these people.


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