Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blind Item #1

This foreign born A+ list female tennis player didn't want an in tournament drug test so dropped out.


Fred84 said...

This blind is BS, drug tests are totally random, you never know when or where they´re going to happen. And Sharapova would not be that stupid!

Bubbles said...

Are we going to get some version of this blind every time Sharapova doesn't play? Wasn't it during Wimbledon that she pulled out claiming injury when in reality she was afraid of being found out doping?

Paige said...

Victoria Azerenka, going through custody battle.

Paige said...

Yes tests can happen at any time. But Sharapova has been that stupid in recent history.

anon said...

Its not Azarenka. Its public knowledge she is going through a custody battle in the California courts. Sharapova however, pulled out of the Cincinnati tournament last week and has already failed a drug's test in the recent past.


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