Monday, August 21, 2017

Blind Item #6

This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has a franchise under her belt has been dealing with her bulimia again. She had a big problem a few years back and it cost her some really big film roles.


Tricia13 said...

Renee Z?

Sadie said...

Brie Larson

Do Tell said...

Marisa Tomei

Chicagojvan said...

Kiera knightly

beruit said...

brie larson. she looks scary skinny in recent photos :( :(

perhaps she has found out the truth about her fiances preference being men..?

beruit said...

actually this might be Renee Zellwger instead....she had a big gap where she didnt get any big roles and started to look rather emaciated on red carpets

texasrose said...

Don't think she has a movie franchise under her belt yet. Haven't even started filming the marvel movie.

Fireflies said...

Bridget Jones

Bend3r said...

These photos are from 13 days ago:

She doesn't look scary skinny.

RandomGuy said...

Gonna disagree with Tricia, even though smart money is usually on her because I think I have figured out an Enty trick on the site from the past couple months of lurking. I've noticed that when we have the rare blind without consensus, like this one, where no one seems to get the answer, Enty will reveal a blind about someone who could fit the next day.

So looking at today, I think this is Anna Kendrick based on the reveal about that stalker issue at the Globes that Sandy had pegged months ago. Support:
- She has well known stress and eating disorder problems. In fact both were so bad around "Up in the Air" that she lost clumps of hair from it
- Most Oscar nominated actresses get buckets of good roles after, but she went to indy films which mean either she couldn't handle the stress or producers heard about the issue and avoided her
- "Franchise under her belt" means it's done and over. PP3 is supposedly the last and comes out this year (and press has started already)
- Recent pictures show she is even tinier then normal and her knees have gone from "sorta knobby" to "knobby like a newborn foal".
- Also, recent pictures from a vacation show her wearing bikinis but always with her middrift covered by a shawl or wrap, or her in water and only her chest up showing. This is a common eating disorder behavior when even someone tiny thinks their stomach is huge

texasrose said...

Don't think Brie Larson was in Bridget Jones.


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