Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 9, 2017

Golden Globes

This C list celebrity offspring of this now C list actor from an acting family acted like she belonged at this after party because she was a star. Nope. She got her invite because she f**ked an executive at the company in the backseat of his car during lunch two weeks ago.

Hailey Baldwin


cebii said...

her dad's religion really rubbed off on her. poor girl

sandybrook said...

Maybe she rebelled against his religious attitude because he's probably a hypocrite. She would know that more by growing up around him than I could possibly know, just by reading about him on sites like this.

texasrose said...

She is industrious though.

8==D KermitGosnellKnobJob said...

How romantic, an executive boning in the backseat of his car like a teen or a shitpoor john.

yadayada said...

Young actress has sex. WHORRRRE!

cebii said...



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