Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Revisited

This Matt Lauer blind was written in May 2014 and revealed in December 2014.

May 4, 2014

This married A list talk show host was at the White House Correspondent's Dinner last night but he spent the entire day in a hotel room with his mistress. He made his wife stay back home.

Matt Lauer


austin said...

His marriage may be next. She's already filed for divorce from him once awhile back.

Kam White said...

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Matt!

Kate said...

Enty thanks for bringing the old blinds back - I wasn't on this site back in 04 so it is interesting to see how long matts been at it. His wife ... she either really held out hope for him out of deep love or just did not want to go through the agony of divorce proceedings. Either way, I'm sorry for her and their children.

Itttt said...

Kate, Matt’s been “at it” for DECADES. This perp walk of shame must have been one for the ages. Yeah, pack up you shit and gtfo!

BlissBoo said...

+1 for each woman harassed by this POS. @ltttt

Cee Kay said...

Wonder if his wife will finally leave for good this time. Really, there's no point in pretending anymore.

P.S.: Matt Lauer must be universally HATED. Even Kneepads is talking smack about him!

Lissette Monzon said...

I don't understand why it said talkshow host...isn't he an anchor?

Victoria said...

To the average person, "talk show host" and "anchor" mean the same thing. I hope Matt's wife leaves him. She deserves so much better.


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