Saturday, December 02, 2017

Blind Item #1

There has rarely been a more grateful cast and crew to have an almost television show canceled. No one liked working with the internet star turned actress. Fame went to her head so long ago she thought she was someone people should bow and grovel before. 


Sunspirit said...

Hater gonna hate? or whatever that show was called

SarahElizabeth said...

Miranda sings. No clue who she is but read it on pajiba

fionafab said...

Either Lena Dunham or Chelsea Handler.

Janet Elizabeth Swainston said...

Felicia Day? Nawww....can't be!

Karolyn Stephens said...

It's definitely Miranda Sings. Her episode of Comedians in Cars was painful.

katsm0711 said...

No way, really? I loved her videos and season 1 was funny until the last episode got weird. Is she really horrible?

beebopcowboy said...

wow the hell is miranda sings?
people who aren't famous in any capacity but think they are are very depressing.

BlissBoo said...

+1 @katsm0711, I agree! I thought the last episode was REALLY weird and it killed the entire series for me. I could care less to watch Season 2.

I've gotten the impression that Colleen isn't the greatest person ever. Remember the blind that said she cheated on her husband? That divorce happened right quick and I could tell that he was hurting. Still hurting to this day. He seems like a nice guy, he should move on.

BlissBoo said...

@Sunspirit - "Haters Back Off"

Himmmm said...

Youtube stars? sweet.
It's like camp, when we were kids, but with a billion tweeners driving popular culture. "Hey let's put on a show!".
And Andy Warhol and PT Barnum both were proven correct.
Youtubers. Is that technically below reality stars on the celeb ladder?
Like an A-list Youtuber = C-list Reality Star?
Or an A-list Youtuber = F-list actress?
Still they gotta be a level ABOVE bloggers though. LoL. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Colleen Ballinger / Miranda Sings / Haters Back Off

Colleen is so far up her arse, she can see out of her own belly button. She’s been arse-licked and kowtowed to by her own family for so long (the golden child syndrome), she believes she farts rainbows and the world owes her everything. She needs so much therapy it’s unreal. She total believes her own hype, because it’s upheld by small group of attention starved, screaming teenage fans.

As a 31 year old woman, she also needs to stop DMing her teenage fans on twitter and telling them she “loves” them. Can you imagine a professional Hollywood actor doing that? Can you also imagine the uproar if a 30+ man was private messaging teenagers?!?

longtimereader said...

Himmmm, major youtube stars get bigger ratings than many 'hit' t.v shows. They can make millions.


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