Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Your Turn

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Your favorite performance of that actor/actress.


Nutty_Flavor said...

Rock Hudson in "Pillow Talk."

Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

I told my parents I wanted to be a juggler when I grew up, but Daddy Crowley said I didn't have the balls.

Tuesdi said...

Peter O'Toole - My Favorite Year

austin said...

It's hard to pick a favorite actor/actress, but in terms of pure entertainment value, recalling Cher as Loretta Castorini in Moonstruck still brings a smile to my face and is the most memorable. The scene where she slaps Nicholas Cage and tells him to "Snap out of it!" is classic.

Moose said...

Daniel Day-Lewis - "My Beautiful Laundrette"

Lauresp said...

Can't choose, Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis in Last of the Mohicans and Actress: Cate Blanchett in Carol.

mkkeo said...

Jack Nicholson in "the Shining"

sandybrook said...

My favorite TWO actresses are duh and duh one duh's is Silver Lining Playbook and the other duh's is not Caligula but Calendar Girls.
My favorite actor is Jack Nicholson and my 2 of his are The Shining and Chinatown

cc423 said...

Treat Williams -- 1941

Nutty_Flavor said...

@cc423, I'll have to see 1941. I liked Treat Williams a lot in "Hair."

Moose said...

If I can add an actress, it would be Catherine Deneuve, "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"

Farmgirl said...

Great choice!

Do Tell said...

Geoffrey Rush and Dustin Hoffman, but I am now disenchanted with Hoffman.

With GR, tossup between Quills, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and as Captain Barbossa. He is just always a delight whatever he's in.

Phelps said...

Bill Clinton, playing a non-rapist.

Krab said...

Cary Grant in North by Northwest.

I LOVE My Beautiful Laundrette! So hot.

AndrewBW said...

Favorite actress - Barbara Stanwyck
Best performance - The Bitter Tea of General Yen

Favorite actor - Jack Nicholson
Best performance - Chinatown

Favorite director - Alfred Hitchcock
Best movie - Rear Window

Glue said...

Julian Sands and Helena Bonham-Carter in a Room With a View.

Richard E. Grant & Rachel Ward in How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhard in Hudson Hawk

Can you tell I adore Richard E. Grant? /grin/

Mark said...

I'm going off the board for single favorite cinematic battle between a(n) (male) actor and an (female actor formerly known as) actress, with O'Toole and Hepburn in The Lion in Winter.

Kimberley said...

@Glue - Do you like Richard E.Grant in 'Withnail + I'? One of my favourite films.

meagan said...

Bud Cort in Harold and Maude My all time favorite movie and I still love his performance to this day.

Nutty_Flavor said...

I also love Tony Curtis in "Some Like it Hot." Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe are also great in that movie, but Tony plays the loveable jerk so well. True to life, if his biographers can be believed.

Krab said...

For actresses, Imma go with Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes because I adore her. OK, OK, she's not the greatest actress in history, but the movie is so funny and I don't care, I love her wisecracking.

Count Jerkula said...

Allie Sin - Pigtails and Round Asses

Sasha Gray - Cumfart Cocktails

Gauge - Any scene w/ handstand anal

Taylor Rain - Just Over 18

Cody Lane - The Blue Room

Anya Olsen - Bareback Studios

Amia Miley - Monsters of Cock

Dolly Little - xxxPawn

Uhhhh... said...

Jeff Bridges as His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

Also Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

WickedBee said...

Nicholas Cage in The Wicker Man... "Killing me won't bring back your goddamned honey!" "You bitches!"

Can't believe he didn't get an Oscar for this one. Cinematic GOLD. 😂

Mk said...

Kathryn Hepburn and Cary Grant in Bringing up Baby

Ice Angel said...

Favorite Actor - Gene Hackman-can't pick a favorite he's so good in everything
Favorite Actress-Debra Winger - Loved her especially in Black Widow and of course Terms of Endearment

Ninja Grrrl said...

Rita Hayworth in The Lady From Shanghai.

Spider Rico said...

Off the top of my head - Sydney Lassick 'One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest"
Richard Ward - "Across 110th Street" & Brubaker"
Cathy Moriarity "Raging Bull" "Neighbors"
Deniro King of Comedy
Walken The Deer Hunter
Gena Rowlands 'A Woman Under The Influence"
Geraldine Chaplin " Remember My Name"
Barbara Loden "Wanda"
Liz Taylor "Butterfiled 8"
Cate Blanchett ' The Shipping news"
Rutger Haure Nighthawks& Blade Runner
Peter Sellers being There The Party
Gregory Peck ' Boys From Brazil" &"I walk The Line"

Aunty said...

I tell everyone it's Daniel Day-Lewis in Last of the Mohicans (I will find you.") but it's really Keanu Reeves in Point Break and Speed.

hothotheat said...

Jordi Molla - Diego Delgado in Blow.
Catherine O'Hare - tie between For Your Consideration and Beetlejuice.

Pilot said...

Judi Dench in Notes on a Scandal

YummyBoogers said...

Omg @Count bwaaaaaaahahahahahha

B626 said...

Yes! When he pretended to love gossip and appetizer recipes
And Doris Day for my favorite actress playing
opposite of him

Kris said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - 50/50
Saoirse Ronan- Brooklyn

Jeannies Bottle said...

Jessica Chastain - in anything she appears in
Robert Carlyle - ditto
Robert Downey, Jr. - same
Jue Law in Alfie

joshg g said...

Gary Oldman, pick a role

auntliddy said...

Jane Fonda in "Julia".

J G said...

Tom Hanks, all his films
John Cusack, High Fidelity

just sayin' said...

aunty and lauresp - yes! ddl in "last of the mohicans", swoon.

wickedbee - what about nic cage's seminal role in "peggy sue got married"? such nuance and emotional authenticity. a maestro at his peak.

Jon said...

Sissy Spacek...Coal Miner's Daughter

Debra Winger...Urban Cowboy

Barbara RiceHand said...

@jon. Either of them in anything.

Ta dah! said...

Charlize in Monster and Willem Defoe as Jesus Christ

Sara, Making It Work said...

Crispin Glover
Either George McFly in BTTF or Bobby in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
Really, he's just the best thing in everything he does.

Doug said...

@Count: hilarious.

Boo Hearne said...

ANDREWBW: You are by far the smartest person on CDAN today! The Bitter Tea Of General Yen is one of my absolutely favorite films! What a film history memory you have! Talk about memories! They just don't make films like that anymore. They can't! It would be considered racist. Not to mention the General was not Asian! Thanx for making my week!

Nikleigh said...

Emma stone .. The help

Fairylights said...

Alan Rickman - Snow Cake

N. Twinkie said...

Daniel Day Lewis- The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Kikibunny said...

Dennis hopper, robert duvall, and the rest...apocalypse now was a classic...also love al pacino

Scandi Sanskrit said...

That's a good one actually. "There Will Be Blood" absolutely TERRIEFIES me. The hair on my the back of my neck/back are all goosebumps as I type this WTF. I hate TWBB.

PV Siren said...

Two, Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in Houseboat

Scandi Sanskrit said...

The Asian guy in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" also wasn't Asian. 😂

But in some cases, casting an Asian person would've been even MOAR racist: Like if they made Teh Ancient One in "Doctor Strange" it would just play into stereotypes of the "wiseman guru" nyeeeh. And I hope they don't make Wong a servantman (I just learned that's how he was originally written WTF).

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I really like Audrey Hepburn in "Charade" (especially the opening scene when she just met Cary Grant's character).

Yesterday I parked at a high-end mall to go to the Japanese embassy next door in the capital city of the country I live in. The lights were unlit partially and teh shop assistants were just getting ready for a day of work... Only try coffeeshops had actual customers in it. I was walking in this mall 'alley' (it was wide, though). And I was the only person there, walking between the Louis Vuitton shop and something else that had these loopy/triply effects And it was so quiet/dark I could hear my own footsteps. I felt like Holly Golightly at the breakfast hours, I nearly fucking cried. I was so happy I'm a HUGE FAN of hers! And tehnn I saw teh Tiffany & Co. shop. It was crazyyyyy.... 🗽👩🏻🚕🍂💛

Oh, I also like Stephen Strange as Doctor Strange (LOL because that's teh level I play at—who's that Benedict guy Gwenpool mentioned in the comicbooks? I don't know him).

k.mama.sexy said...

Completely OT - but in all the years I have been reading this site - today I noticed something that I can't stop seeing now. In the bottom right not quite corner of the banner it looks like there is a man's face... Has anyone else ever noticed that?

Fufu Lou said...

Robin Williams in The Birdcage and Helen Slater in The Legend of Billy Jean

Jeff Osborne said...

One of my favorites who never gets much mention (he's been dead for many years) is Richard Jordan. Logan's Run, Gettysburg, Dune, the Hunt for Red October. This guy was riveting on-screen. Never quite a leading man, he was always compelling, always on the edge of major stardom. Died of brain cancer shortly after Gettysburg. He would have been one of the real heavyweights if he had lived.

Michael Nyqvist is another great actor who has left us. He starred in the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and played the gangster father of Alfie Allen in John Wick. "With a fucken pencil."

Coincidentally, both men died at 56. Both gone far too soon.

A Hopeful Balance Hope Bucher said...

bette davis of human bondage

Zophie Enzo said...

Does Gauge still work?

Count Jerkula said...

Nah. Couple years ago she did a feature dancing gig with Aurora Snow, and a scene afterwards, because there was a lot of interest, but that was it.

346NYC said...

So many I can think of, but I'll list two from the past decade in a show I loved:
Mirielle Enos
Joel Kinnaman

LizOz said...

Can I wait for the dust to settle and answer in 2018?

TofuCat said...

Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for A Dream
Meryl Streep in A Devil Wears Prada

Glue said...

@Kimberley - I haven't yet, but I will now. I just looked it up and will be watching it this weekend. Thank you for the suggestion!

Glue said...

@Josh G YES! Gary is great in everything. Especially loved him in True Romance.

MovieBuff said...

the age of readers is on full display cuz I’m tween campy no shame in my movie 🎥 game

Julia Roberts Everything
The girl, guy, and brother from Just One of Guys
Meridith Salenger Dream A Little Dream/The Kiss
Corey Feldman Corey Haim Dream A Little Dream
Mary Stuart Masterson Chances Are and Some Kind of Wonderful
Lea Thompson Howard the Duck and Some Kind of Wonderful
Eric Stoltz Mask
Edward Norton Everything
Jami Gertz/Steve Guttenberg Don’t Tell Her It’s Me
Mark Harmon/Kirstie Alley Summer School
Patrick Dempsey/Amanda Peterson Can’t Buy Me Love
Jennifer Grey/Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing
All the guys and girls from Shag The Movie but especially Phoebe Cates Bridget Fonda and Annabeth Gish
Eddie Murphy Everything
Kate Winslet The Reader and that one with her and the guy Josh something where she’s the housewife and he’s married to Jennifer Connelly.
Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy and Kendall on All My Children
Sarah Jessica Parker Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and LA Story( I think it’s called)
Sheetal Sheth/Lisa Ray I Cant Think Straight
Reese Witherspoon/Kiefer Sutherland Freeway
Paul Walker/Vera Farmiga That one movie
Leo DiCaprio Everything
Wanda Sykes Pootie Tang
Madchen Amick Sleepwalkers and Dream Lover kudos to James Spader in that one
Ben Stiller Everything
Cybil Shepard/Robert Downey Jr Chances Are
Phoebe Cates and the guy from Drop Dead Fred
Keanu Reeves/Lori Laughlin The Night Before
Lori Laughlin/C Thomas Howell Secret Admirer
C Thomas Howell Soul Man
Elizabeth Shue/Ralph Macchio The Karate Kid
Elizabeth Shue Adventures in BabySitting
Elizabeth Shue/Tom Cruise Cocktail
SoapDish whole cast great movie
Goonies whole cast

Honorable Mention:
Emmanuel Beart Date With An Angel 😉
I was a kid but she was so beautiful 😍 I loved her.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

OMG what?! I'm afraid to look! 👻😱😖

You're giving me goosebumps. Eep!!!!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

"The Killing" is sooo good.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

That's all...

just sayin' said...

i'm with you 346nyc and scandi on the killing, but can you remember a lamer, more disappointing, illogical denouement to the original rosie plotline than the season 2 finale? aside from dexter, that is?

BCC said...

DDL - Last of the Mohicans

americanpanda said...

Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Chris Farley, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Kiki Drunkst did amazing in interview with a vampire - that sticks out in my mind for some reason, Meryl streep and Winona Ryder

sharonglz said...

Amy adams - nocturnal animals
Jennifer lawrence - silver linings playbook
Kate Winslet - revolutionary road
Emma stone - lalaland
Jake Gyllenhaal - Donnie Darko

Freckles said...

Ruth Gordon. Harold and Maude and everything else she did!


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