Thursday, December 21, 2017

Today's Blind Items - Instagram Terror - The Web Continues To Grow

The Web - Part One and Part Two

Recently I wrote about this escort that seems to be in the middle of everything going on in the long running widows scandal. It turns out this escort is even more involved than previously known. When we last saw the escort, she was saving SB and sealing the tragic fate of RJ and PJ at the hands of the A+ lister.

Why were SB and the A+ lister so close? At some point back in time, SB and a family member hooked up with the A+ lister. He helped them and they helped him. SB is close to a director, an A list indie type director not named Bryan Singer. Think darker and more gritty films. He is someone who has always taken deep dives into underage sex and using that as his rationalization, has sex with underage teens constantly. Ask his current significant other actress how old she was when they started hooking up. She was very much underage, and helped him find underage teens for his "projects."

Apparently the escort and our money/fame hungry widow were involved with this group. Right now, it isn't known if they were part of the director's crowd, but suddenly they were there.

Here is where it gets a little more complicated. Our A+ lister had met some men from overseas who were interested in young men. They also were interested in young females. The young men were to be play things for rich men overseas. The young females though were a different story. Some of them were sent to Dubai to be sexually used and abused for a year or two before they either made it back home or ended up beneath one of the many construction projects.

There were another group of women that have met a different fate. Most were Instagram models. Men overseas would go on the internet and choose one they wanted. They would then be quoted a fee of between $2500-9500 to a business located in Washington D.C. That business specialized in selling items that were all priced in that range. The crazy thing is though, if you took a look at the business, they didn't actually have any inventory. They were just funneling money for a bunch of different purposes. One of those purposes was providing Instagram models as wives to some very very bad people who had been promised wives if they signed up to fight.

Most of these Instagram models that were picked at random had no interest in going overseas even for sex. However, there were plenty that the escort found through her web of other escort friends and models she would talk to online. How to make sure the models were really interested? SB would make a personal plea or his almost equally famous family member. The models would be told easy money was waiting overseas. The models all thought they were going to Dubai. They would start in Dubai but were then transported to other places not as nice and then married off. The people getting the wives were not going to complain about not getting their first choice or try to demand a refund. These models were then paraded and used as a recruitment tool to get more people to sign up to fight.

Now, it isn't clear whether SB or the A+ lister or even the escort or our hated widow knew the full story of these models. I do know they knew the women were being sold/rented to men in Dubai. I know they took a cut of that big fee paid to that mystery business. I know the escort is still trolling for new women online to sell. I don't know who her new middleman is, but she is still doing it.


Dena said...

A-list indie-type director: Harmony Korine

Alexandria said...
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spacecowboy78 said...
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spacecowboy78 said...

So the gist here is James and Dave Franco are sending instagram models to marry ISIS fighters? I dunno...

Bitters said...

Enty, @hmmmm what do you two think of the newly announced UCLA scholarship to the tune of a million dollars that was just announced by Vicky? Ucla and it's bryan singer wing make me feel a little bit too six degrees of separation here.. that, and that it usually takes a long time to sort out estates of any size so where did the money come from???

MKL said...

Director is either Harmoney Korine or Larry Clark.

Glue said...

TRICCCCIIIIAAAA! Good call! Harmony Korine did Spring Break.

Glue said...

**Spring Breakers

Colonel Blake said...

A scholarship can be set up at anytime; as long as one has the money in an account that accrues. She didn't have to cough up that $1m right now anyways. It's a process, you're "pulling on" interest depending on what the scholarship amount is. Scholarship could just be $1k for one person, therefore, she'd never really fork over $1m. Someone else can explain better.

Unknown said...

Maybe not ISIS, since they're about out of commission now. How about the Chechens? Kadyrov is big on Instagram himself, and using hot models to bring in new troops sounds like the kind of James-Bond-villain sort of thing he would come up with. He also has Saudi and Dubai connections.

Bitters said...

Thanks for that, cole gate. I just think of the UCLA petition w respect to removing BS. Then this being created makes me think someone's fluffing VC's coffers... word is the foundation books were not in good shape and things just aren't adding up.. but this at least makes sense

just sayin' said...

what about sean baker for indy director?

The Mrs. said...
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Effing said...

I think the indie director is Larry Clark. Just look at the cast of his movies...

Melvin The Reanimated said...

SB: James Franco
SB's family member: Dave Franco
A+ lister: David Geffen
Director (and wife): Harmony and Rachel Korine
Violent group: ISIS, or some other terrorist organization

SDaly said...

The "Spring Breakers link between Franco and Korine is key, here.

Alexandria said...

I actually also thought Robert Rodriguez as director for a second, I thought Instagram Terror was Planet Terror reference.

JrSlims said...

To be fair, Larry Clark's interest in underage sex as film subject matter is in the first paragraph from his Wiki, and he has admitted to sleeping with teenagers.

From the Wiki on his photobook, Tulsa:
"Clark has said that he "didn't take these photographs as a voyeur, but as a participant in the phenomenon",[4] and commentary on the book has emphasized how Clark did not just live with the teenagers portrayed but "did drugs with them, slept with them, and included himself in the photographs"; this conferred an authenticity on the work, which brought it great praise.[5]"

ImmodestyBlaise said...

Whatever happened to that high-priced model/actress/call girl ring that I think was called Room 23? It sent girls to the Middle East? Is there any connection?

The Mrs. said...


just sayin' said...

don't want to out himmmm but i have reason to think that chester bennington may have been one of the 4.

The Mrs. said...

Good call

Quickread said...
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The Mrs. said...

His gf looks so young... but I couldn't find a connection to Franco so I deleted my comment... as far as Korine goes Rachel is 31 currently but I have no idea when they started fooling around. If she was young then they have been together for a very long time.

longtimereader said...

Holy s*** this is dark and horrific. These poor girls.

just sayin' said...

are we still thinking that victoria silvstedt could be the escort? fun fact: she was roommates with melania trump in the late 90's.

just sayin' said...

korine and rachel have been married for 10 years, so she was 21 when they married.

Sparkly Girl said...

Trump just signed this today- it seems a bit too coincidental that all these horrific stories about Hollywood are finally coming to light and now the US government is finally going after them?

Quickread said...
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Unknown said...

For some reason, I keep getting the feeling that a lot of the big blinds that are coming out lately are somehow tied to each other, and Enty is trying to give us clues in order to expose something that is huge. Bigger than just the Cornell, Bennington, VK triangle.
For the A+ - I’ll go with the obvious Geffen, but I’ll also throw in Steve Mnuchin just because the ring was based in DC, and he has a project coming out with Franco.

Amanda said...

Indie director is definitely Harmony Korine, his wife Rachel was very young when they got together as they started hooking up right after he and Chloe Sevigny broke up in I want to say 2002ish.

Also basically confirms SB as Franco (Spring Breakers, directed by Harmony Korine). I was wondering when Dave Franco's name was going to show up in one of these things.

Quickread said...
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just sayin' said...

is this the blind you mean, quickread? rinky's comments include diana jenkins and middleeast pimping:
the island

longtimereader said...

Is rogen involved in this also?

The Mrs. said...

Thank you!!

garrisonwrites said...

If young women are currently being kidnapped and potentially killed by these savages, why is this a blind and not a law enforcement tip?

Hell, yes, it's fun to guess what actress may or may not talk about dog poop for 30 minutes at a clip — but this is something different.

If you have real information regarding this please hand it over to the FBI or Interpol or whichever law enforcement agency that is best equipped to do something about this.

It seems like lives are at stake.

Quickread said...
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just sayin' said...

rinky quoted from the jezebel article on himmmm, who said he had been a friend, in the past, of diana jenkins, "the rosetta stone of every scandal and perversion from hollywood all over the globe". this all ties in if you want to believe that 2 of the himmmms are rdj and chester bennington. rdj donated heavily to a charity tribute to cornell and bennington. not trying to out himmmm, trying to identify the escort.

The Mrs. said...

They have been going after them. Since day one. There have been over 6000 pedophile/human trafficking related arrests since President Trump took office. And believe me, they aren't stopping. Big players will fall. Some already have. Massive amounts of sealed indictments.

The Mrs. said...

They absolutely are. My thing is politics and govt. I became really interested in this site when the connections to DC were being made. The Clinton Foundation is FILTHY.

Quickread said...
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Clarence Boddicker said...

@The Mrs The problem for Trump is that his guy Steve Mnuchin is waist deep in Hollywood Slime and may be the A+ in the blind if it's not Geffen.

just sayin' said...

quickread, use this url to do a search of cdan that includes comments:*. then choose the sort by date option (i find it works best). "the island" blind was pretty recent though, in november 2017.

The Mrs. said...

And Geffen is a Clinton donor.

just sayin' said...

sparkly girl, i believe that donald trump cares as much about human rights and sex trafficking as diana jenkins does. for exactly the same sort of reasons. exactly.

the mrs. (aka aj benza) he must be paying you or protecting you.

the sanela diana jenkins human rights project at ucla law

just sayin' said...

*trump must be paying you or protecting you

Unknown said...


just sayin' said...

ps people: trust me, you cannot reason with or convince the mrs. of anything. there is unreasonable bias going on with her that has nothing to do with facts.

skywalkerOG said...

Trump is on a crusade against pedophiles? LMAO

With his own connections to Epstein, and the Trump Modeling Agency, I guess we can expect Trump Tower to be seized any day now. Grabbed by the pussy, if you will. And don't get me started on the red flags his long time sexual fixation with his own daughter raises.

Quickread said...
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just sayin' said...

also ps: i don't go off on people ordinarily, but call me a "sh!thead" on twitter after i've just promoted your podcast (asking only why you might be trying to out aziz ansari, a muslim, as "the next one to go down", when there is zero talk about him), and it's on.

Clarisse McClellan said...

Cornell was making a movie called The Promise (like his song), based on the Armenian Genocide.

Maybe this is how he learned about the models, and how it relates to the fighters?

Cheez Whiz said...

Sometimes, people who are dirty, but still have power, will go after others who are dirty, as a way of deflecting attention from themselves, or just to get rid of rivals.

Why do we have to disbelieve that the current Justice Department would go after pedos? Why does it have to be either/or? Maybe there are no good guys in this story.

Partisan politics have ruined people's sanity over the last decade or so... people will only believe things that agree with their own prejudices/political views (confirmation bias), and don't care about the "truth". The Internet isn't helping in this regard... any wild theory can be quickly amplified into wisdom received from on high. Just look at this site for examples. Or any random group of Facebook posts by people you think you know. People will believe ANYTHING, because they want to believe. So much lunacy being thrown around.

ancoranonhocapito said...

David and James Franco? I'm still thinking John and Tony Podesta. Washington DC here is a clear hint to me, that this is the "deep state" dealing with terrorist organizations in the middle east giving them what they seem to have a profusion of, underage sexual slaves.

Quickread said...
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SDaly said...

Other than one trip to Epstein's island, and Trump thereafter banning Epstein from Mar-a-Lago, what is the close connection between Trump and Epstein? Given that it was reported that the island was filled with hidden cameras and was likely also a blackmail setup, seems more likely that Epstein tried to set up Trump and failed.

plot said...

@Sparkly Girl

"now the US government is finally going after them?"

Proof that the US government has not always been after them?

Oh! Trump is very firmly still in business with a known child trafficker - Tevfik Arif. So is Ivanka. When he is prosecuted, we can talk k?

just sayin' said...

cheez whiz: really well put. i for one believe myself to be impartial politically. i defend good and denounce evil where i see it in either party.

are we SERIOUSLY to believe that if donald trump had been working on catching pedophiles for months, that he would have endorsed roy moore?
that there would be no bombastic tweets about how wonderful he is?

plot said...

@The Mrs.

"The Clinton Foundation is FILTHY."

So is Donny Moscow. If you are so committed to child trafficking as you say, then you know all about the Russian connections with the Turks through Tevfik Arif (one of Donny besties along with Vlad) and their trade in girls.

If not, then I doubt very much you care at all about child trafficking and are merely here to connect a Clinton to everything bad in the world.

SDaly said...

Question remains, why is all of this coming out now? A little factoid in the LA Times article on Gary Goddard popped out at me.

"[Goddard] developed a career as a designer of theme parks and other attractions, co-founding Landmark Entertainment Group with a former Santa Barbara classmate. The company had backing from Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who was partnered with late pop star Michael Jackson."

This is the same Saudi Prince arrested last month. The blinds on criminal trafficking and abuse seem to have ramped up recently, with information that seems to come from gov't files. To me, this suggests the change in administration is going to pursue matters that were swept under the rug due to corruption or blackmail.

I may be wrong, and it took me a long time to come to this suspicion, but something definitely seems different now, as if a giant boil is going to be lanced.

just sayin' said...

+1 plot

ok last comment, i'm sure i'm as annoying as hell at this point.

no mention of punishing international human rights offenders as part of his new global strategy, announced just this week?

donald trump's arguably been desperate for a "win", as the msm and liberals have been so "unfair" to him. can anyone think of a cause that more people would have supported more than identifying and punishing pedophiles? it's the only thing i can think of that EVERYONE of both parties/religions/ethnicity/educational levels can agree about.

Unknown said...

Oh Lordy, I didn’t throw Mnuchin out there because of politics, I threw his name out because he is a heavy Hollywood insider with ties to Franco ( guessed for this blind) . If I remember correctly, there was a blind a month or so ago where it talked about a group of men who have some kind of film footage that was so horrible that even the FBI didn’t want to watch it. For some reason I thought one of the men was suspected of being Mnuchin. I Could be wrong.

Don Kieballs said...

the mrs. (aka aj benza) +10000

Drumstixx said...

Trying to get my head around this one! @justsayin wow did not know that Melania and Victoria were roomates. Things are coming real clear about that now. Thanks. P.S you are not a shithead, I still can't believe the unprofessionalism in you that over a difference in opinion. I thought he was a journalist? any ways, got your back!

just sayin' said...

plot: the mrs. knows everything and more than we do, yet chooses to propagandize in favor of trump. he/she also used to be one of trump's detractors. why the 180?

sdaly: i've posted about trump's connections to epstein so many times i'm almost ready to give up. trump modeling and mc2 modeling, fronts for sex trafficking.

key though is the choice of alexander acosta for his cabinet. acosta prosecuted the epstein case in palm beach and went hard for him. then he settled the case with kiss on epstein's wrist, not even a slap, and the state agreed not to prosecute any witness or associate of epstein's for related charges in the future. this protected trump & alan dershowitz. that is unheard of. and acosta ends up on trump's cabinet. read james paterson's book "filthy rich".

Rinky said...


Seems obvious to me that our poor, sad Bosnian 'refugee' and 'student' Sanela was hooked up with various shady Balkan organized crime disapora people from the get-go. They were all over Europe and beyond in the 90s after the breakup of Yugoslavia. I know, I met a few hard-faced Bosnian girls trading themselves for cash to any easily manipulated guy with cash in Asia in the late 90s. They were a shady, shady bunch at the best of times and not people you wanted to cross. Hard, greedy and clannish.

My guess is Sanela was an escort for the rich Arabs who frequent the capital for whore hopping and boozing, which is how Miss Poor Bosnian Refugee had the top Qatari contacts to introduce her top banker husband and broker a deal. How the fuck does does a top banker meet a poor 'refugee' in the first place anyway? He meets her because she's hooking for people like him or is so well funded from her shady activities she's able to afford the same facilities as him. How do top Qatari business guys meet a poor refugee/ because she's being paid to fuck them or find girls for them to fuck. Look, London is expensive and it's an entirely different city for the average let alone poor person than it is for the elites. They don't mix, unless they do if you get my meaning. Someone who was a student would not be running in circles to meet top bankers unless they were in very specific roles. That means more or less one thing. Vice.

plot said...


"This is the same Saudi Prince arrested last month. The blinds on criminal trafficking and abuse seem to have ramped up recently"

Hundreds of Saudi Princes were arrested last month and held at the Riyadh Ritz. Mainly it was a means of extorting money out of them by the new king, not fighting pedos or law breakers.

"this suggests the change in administration is going to pursue matters that were swept under the rug due to corruption or blackmail."

Then you are building wild connections for your own delicious fiction. Saudi Arabia has NOT cracked down on human traffickers or child abductors in the slightest and neither has the USA recently and suddenly done the same.

just sayin' said...

thanks drumstixx! well i guess i got him/her to shut up for today at least. that is never my goal...i love open dialogue and learning new things. probably calling him "her" is what did it for him. he's as sexist as he is anti-libtard, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant. he's also anti-pedophile, as long as we're talking about singer-type stuff. he prefers to give the benefit of the doubt to men when females are the accusers.

Crazycatlady said...

+10000 for you, one of my favourite cdan commentators (I like *almost* everyone, even Count). Far from a shit head.

just sayin' said...

vicky cornell just tweeted the announcement that she's donating $1million to endow a "chris cornell scholarship" at ucla law.

considering that diana jenkins started "the sanela diana jenkins human rights project" at ucla law, is there something we should know about ucla law?

just sayin' said...

thanks crazycatlady!

Don Kieballs said...

And prefers to criticize Terry Crews for not physically assaulting Adam Venit when he sexually assaulted him. AJ seems to not understand how a huge black man attacking a rich white exec. could turn against Terry in an instant. The dialogue would have been another Thug attacking an innocent upstanding citizen instead of sexual assault.

Quickread said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Don Kieballs said...

above comment was about AJ Benza, sorry, forgot that part

plot said...

Speaking of AJ Benza -

"In December 2017, a New York Times article exposed A.J. Benza as "a longtime resource for killing [Harvey] Weinstein stories, collecting a monthly retainer."

My my, such a human trafficking activist!

just sayin' said...

+1 don kieballs. it's a shame about aj because he's very personable (when you're not talking about politics, egad) and knowledgeable, has amazing hollywood and new york stories to tell -- very fun to listen to.

but lately his podcasts descend into racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant hate speech. i tried to ignore that stuff, writing it off as ignorant bluster, as he seemed to be fighting the same fight as cdan. but he keeps getting kicked off of twitter for picking fights, and had ZERO advertisers or only psa's on the podcast recently. so i'm not the only person he's offended, i guess.

just sayin' said...

plot - he admits that! he qualifies it by saying he only worked as a fixer for harvey BEFORE he learned about the sex crimes. he was previously just trying to hide the georgina affair from harvey's wife, eve. yeah, right. aj never knew.

another telling thing -- he says harvey called asking, "aj, what can i do?" after the scandal broke. so aj said, "harvey, were you ever abused by a rabbi or something? because that would explain all this shit you've been doing." and after a bit, harvey called back to say, "yeah, that's the ticket! a rabbi abused me when i was a kid!!!" (i hear jon lovit's voice there.) um no. that's a fixer trying to feed his client a cover story.

just sayin' said...


Emptywood said...

Sorry for the length, but after so much lurking, I want to offer a few connections.

I'm wondering, does this all connect to the recent revelations about Hezbollah, the Iran deal and the Obama admin?

I don't know who her new middleman is, but she is still doing it.

Could the middleman being mentioned be Hezbollah? They've become one of the largest crime syndicates on the planet during the Obama years.

My suspicion is that the Trump admin's focus on MS-13 is connected to all the Hezbollah infiltration into central and S America, and that MS-13 is in league with them, perhaps even responsible for child trafficking, which seems to be a big asset in the Middle East.

From what I have been seeing, child trafficking has increased substantially over the last decade. Could this be the pipeline?

The Politico article mentions an airplane weekly to and from Venezuela. In one direction went weapons and operatives, in the other went cash, drugs for Europe, and perhaps young people? If you have not read it, every citizen should, it's very long, but it's ugly. Our people are dying of drug overdoses because he wanted a legacy:

The other astonishing connecting point, at least to me, is that Imran Awan story.

This is the congressional IT guy that was arrested recently for bank fraud at Dulles airport trying to flee. He was caught smashing hard drives, and stealing data from congressional computers. His access was pulled, but guess who kept him on the payroll? Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Former head of the DNC.

In the Politico article, it's detailed that car dealerships were used as fronts to launder the drug money. Guess who owned one of these dealerships?

Imran Awan and his brother:

Alexandria said...

Thanks Quickread for putting all the guesses together!
There will be next part for the Web and more about Geffen? I wonder how far it goes and how scary it will get.

just sayin' said...

speaking of the ucla law school, with huge endowments from vicky cornell and diana jenkins, ucla of course has the "david geffen medical center".

interestingly the law school and med school are joining forces to form a new international human rights institute called "the promise institute". "the promise" of course being named after and funded by the film "the promise", which was inspired by chris cornell's song "the promise", based on the armenian genocide.

Unknown said...

@Sparkly Girl, you beat me to it. The same day this blind comes out, the president signs an executive order to seize the assets of foreigners engaged in human trafficking and anyone in cahoots with them (I'm summarizing, it doesn't say "cahoots"). So many coincidences these days.

Also, the blind says the girls were being sold through a business in D.C. There was a big FBI raid there a couple weeks ago, which claimed to have rounded up a couple dozen drug/gang members. But people who know the area said it seemed like an awfully nice neighborhood for that.

just sayin' said...

cail corishev - a washington d.c. business with items in the $2500-$9500 range could easily be an art gallery. i wonder if there's a gallery that is actually a shell company but purports to represent kim noble, patricia piccinini and their podesta-collection-type ilk.

rocky619ca said...

@Emptywood. Great info. I've also been watching this recent situation regarding Hezbollah.
Your thoughts on Fast and Furious with possible ties?

Bitters said...

Right? Just saying.. between that and Bryan singer having his little project there.. keep connecting the dots. Who's pushing for Vicky/bryan/Diana. I bet there's a group of voting board members or people pushing agendas that connect in a shady way

no name said...

@just saying.

Washington DC business with items in the $2500-$9500 range? How about used cars?

Unknown said...

It's a fact that human trafficking arrests are up several times the numbers of previous years. That doesn't mean the Obama admin wasn't trying; it simply means the Sessions DoJ has made a special effort of it. It may also mean that they have better information to work with, gained from leaks or investigations.

By the way, someone above asked the common question: shouldn't you be taking this to the authorities? I assume they already have, but that's a question for all of us. If you are aware of a crime, you can report it at I was recently told by someone in the business that when a crime is reported, they are required to take action on it, even if it's only filing a report. If enough people do that, it increases the pressure for them to act. The answer to, "Why don't the authorities do something?" may sometimes be, "Because we, their employers, didn't demand that they do it."

And yes, the Awan car dealership (awkwardly named Cars International A, a nonsensical name for the sake of the acronym as a joke, I guess) or an art gallery seem like good candidates for the front business.

Emptywood said...


Re: fast and furious, I don't know the backstory. Mind filling me in?

just sayin' said...

source for the trump human trafficking arrests, cail corishev?

steemit, townhall, peoplespatriotnetwork, eng.the-liberty don't count.

surely there's ONE article or news cast on fox you can cite? i'll bet hannity's all over this exciting story!

designace001 said...

See you've already seen the upping of the ante...donate quickly, assets will be seized lol
Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
Issued on: December 21, 2017

Unknown said...

@just sayin, here's a list someone compiled with links to media accounts of each arrest. I haven't been through them all, but the last one for instance is an article linking to a CNN report of over 1000 arrests in one month-long sting. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since August, so it only has the total up to 6355 human trafficking and child sex predator arrests.

I don't care who reports the information if it's right, and this isn't a partisan thing to me no matter how many people want to make it one. I fully expect people on both "sides" to go down on this.

Dannette said...

Not true that Cornell's song "inspired" the flop Promise movie -- Esrailian from the UCLA Geffen Med Ctr conspired with Vicky to draw him into it as a semi-name brand songwriter and ultimate investor of sorts. Also not true that Vicky is funding the law scholarship; her "friends" are supposedly throwing in.

Emptywood said...

@no name

Both are interesting.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the last admin wasn't only protecting their deal with Iran, I wonder if they were protecting players in this thing because it would hurt their election chances. It's clearly connected to democrats:

I mean, a guy that owns the car dealership is an IT aide to democrats on the hill? Debbie Wasserman Schultz?? She kept the guy on the payroll.

Enty said "a business" - it would be a stretch, but it could be this.

Or another dealership.

The art gallery idea is also interesting, you can fake the sale of a painting easier than a car. And Podesta's were into art.

There are so many ripe businesses for this in DC with all the institutes, foundations, and orgs that it could be any of them.

Don Kieballs said...

I forgot the DC store....Possibly an auction house?

Unknown said...

This is a 468 ton can of worms.

This meshes with some Herculean work that George Webb and others are doing.
4chan/8chan are wall to wall with this. Ditto Zero Hedge.

Big darkness, soon come, folks. Many are going to be held to account.
Shitstorm to end all shitstorms. Bring it!

Remember, my brothers and sisters.
Conspiracy is NOT a theory. It’s a Felony.

Godspeed. Enty & Co. Give them hell.

Emptywood said...

In my first comment I also forgot to note that Enty named it "Instagram Terror"

Terror = terrorism

Terrorism = Hezbollah

Perhaps a coincidence, but it fits.

valerie g said...

There was something mentioned a few months ago about Paul M (former WH adviser being investigated by Mueller) paying large amounts of money to a small DC rug seller. A journalist went there to try to buy a rug for the amount of money listed on invoices and was told they don't have rugs for that amount. Something fishy going on there.

just sayin' said...

cail, thanks for the list and links to arrests. unfortunately, i'll probably go through it all to fact check, lol. and i would love to be wrong about this. i'll feel a lot better about donald trump if he's behind this. still confused why he hasn't tweeted about it, and no sean hannity stories. but that's not important if it's true.

Unknown said...


I can see the string you are tugging on. Same one I am yanking on.
Awan had a few cutout companies. Used Car one fits this one. Note the price ranges for used cars and the range listed in the OT.
George Webb was almost certain there was a skin trafficking component to the Awan portfolio of shady shit.

Unknown said...

@just sayin, good on you. I wish I had time to go through them all, but I just picked some of the big ones. I really don't want to get into partisan stuff here, because I know it's charged for people. I would just say that if you think President Trump is incapable of controlling himself about an operation that needs to stay quiet, consider an alternative possibility that he uses Twitter to give a false impression about himself. The fact that he didn't give a hint about today's EO in advance might support that. About Hannity, I can't say, since I never watch Fox News.

@Emptywood, good catch on the possible title clue. That would be another connection to an investigation suddenly emerging.

just sayin' said...

ok, i think we're both right. arrests are up this year, but as a result of the cumulative work put in place beginning in 2009 by the doj under obama. this hasn't been a priority for trump or he'd have tweeted about it. good to see more and more arrests being made, but it's an ongoing non-politically motivated project begun by the obama administration.
u.s. department of justice - january, 2017 -national strategy to combat human trafficking - pdf

Emptywood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emptywood said...

@valerie g - is that documented anywhere? If so, I find it fascinating.

@Choice of Weapon - Yes, we're on similar pages. This *finally* connects to DC. Hollywood and DC are deeply intertwined. Awan was the US equivalent of a corner boy, did his time, and got promoted, how he ended up in a congressional office has got to be an amazing story. This is not a political issue, I take no sides, but the fact pattern shows that the democrats are corrupt beyond belief. Uranium One was not on the level. Was it part of the Iran deal? Getting uranium to Iran/NK?

@Cail Corishev - thank you

Folks, in general, I notice some political bias creeping in, and since this is tying into Washington, I recommend everyone not peddle in the tribalism. We have a serious child abuse problem here, and taking sides is not helpful. Trump is not an ideal president, but it may end up that he breaks something unbelievable wide open. All the fact patterns are pointing to a really big body of corruption.

Collateral Justice said...

I have never posted here because I cannot add value to this deadly topic.
I believe that harming children requires brutal punishment.

Now I would rather be lenient to perverted criminals with limited immunity for the BIG fish. Particularly those who have power in or with National Security privilege.

Thank you poster. Respect and a humble hat tip.
A shout out to all for helping sex slaves and the dignity of children worldwide.

Please be safe. Humanity needs your help more than ever.

Alexandria said...

I looked into Diana Jenkins and I found some old blind and pieces of information. Itt's becoming more clear and I see it's bigger. But still, it's soooo hard to connect all this. Especially when it's so encrypted.

skywalkerOG said...

Here's the story valerie g is talking about:

This hasn't just gotten political, the trumpanzees throw so much unrelated crap at the wall it just ends up muddying the waters. One of you dipshits mentioned fast and furious in here. Really?

This place is going to go to shit now that it's attracted the alt-right conspiratards. Obama didn't have anyone in his administration ever charged with a crime, much less go to jail. Comrade Darth Cheeto has had 4 indicted/plead guilty in the first year. Including this guy that spent 1 million on "rugs". Google what his own daughters have to say about him. Ya, that was Trumps campaign manager. Now tell me, who's "corrupt beyond belief" again?

Sekrit said...

@CC: The Mnuchin tie is a good one- it's been hinted he's a very violent person in the bedroom and rough outside the bedroom (I don't want to say violent because I haven't heard anything that suggests that)

Still makes my skin crawl that Geffen has a fucking medical building named in his 'honor' and from millions in contributions.

Is there anything about the Barclays bailout from Qatar? Or anymore about Sanela's ex, Roger Jenkin's tie to Epstein (and by extension Prince Andrew)?
Also, Sanela has a still active music company, D-Empire Entertainment even though there's no other info about it.

Sigh, I really miss Chris and Chester.

Sekrit said...

Also, Enty, is the site getting targeted again?

Unknown said...

+1000 Absofuckingloutely

TJ said...

Why are Trump supporters bothering to debate ppl here? Have you not seen the Reader Photos. This website if filled with ugly women with dried up ovaries. Guaranteed pussyhats.

They are confident that Trump is a sex trafficker. Just like they were confident he was Hitler who was immediately gonna gas the Mexicans in guaranteed death camps. Just like they were confident the economy would immediately tank and never recover. Just like they were confident he would never get any major legislation passed. Just like they were confident that he was a secret agent working for Putin due to piss party tapes. Just like they were confident that the Mueller investigation was about to reveal some grand Russian puppet conspiracy that will land the entire Trump family in prison by the end of the year. "LOOK AT ALL THE ''''''''''EVIDENCE''''''''''!!!!!"

No amount of debunking or duds will convince them otherwise. They have too much ego invested. They will ride this one out to the end. Hell, if you do convince them they are wrong, they are so fragile, they might commit suicide! Do you want that? I don't!

So just forget about it and discuss the subject at hand. Which in this case seems to be American celebrities selling citizens out to ISIS as some kind of sex slaves!! "[The girls] ended up beneath one of the many construction projects" WTF?! Beyond sickening!

Emptywood said...

Strange, you can't get a comment in.

Mike said...

Well said, @TJ

I could hang out on reddit or twitter if I wanted to review all of these President Trump arguments that go nowhere, and change the minds of no one.

And I'll drink a toast to any of pussy hatted that share a desire to end trafficking of minors, no matter where an investigation leads or whose favorite political icon is implicated or which team is damaged. To any of the pussy hatted or Trump fans that would protect their own and ignore child victims, I would take a greasy shit on your last meal.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....the Karyiannis family has a business that offers goods in that price range that you can't actually purchase....just sayin'.....

Emptywood said...

Diana Jenkins and Elton John seem to cross paths everywhere they go.

just sayin' said...

hmmm is right silverbird...very odd website. you can't even get a description of the items, or prices.

emptywood: in the 90's there were lots of stories about elton john attending parties in hollywood, that we now know were probably singer or mc mansion parties. i remember one specifically -- elton john's birthday party and his gift was a very young man.

Diana said...

@emptywood, thank you for your level headed comments, I too was thinking about the Awan's 'car dealership' somehow involved in this. Like @TJ said, some of these anti-Trumpers are out of their minds, I wish there was an ignore button on this site. Politicians on both sides will be brought down.

Whatever said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Yes, they both are pieces of work.
RIP- Chris and Chester

hunter said...

Aside from the last handful of comments, I want to applaud all of us here on CDaN for not making this shit political. Yes certain people of politics have been involved, absolutely - but this is a non-partisan issue and neither the liberals nor the conservatives are here nor there on this one, this is everyone.

With that said, holy shit you guys are phenomenal and my mind is pow pow pow whenever we have one of these threads.

Thanks to whomever posted the original Hayden link from 2012, that's when I first "met" Himmmm and holy crap I still remember that day. What a bomb!!

plot said...

@valerie g

"There was something mentioned a few months ago about Paul M (former WH adviser being investigated by Mueller) paying large amounts of money to a small DC rug seller"

Manafort allegedly spent millions on rugs. He could not have spent that kind of money on rugs without regularly bidding at the big auction houses, not picking them up at the corner Kilim place.

But used cars and rugs are used as fronts for money laundering (every city has a street of used car lots, owned by various nationalities, which are essentially either chop shops or money laundering fronts.)

Manafort and Donny Moscow were heavily into money laundering for the Russians under sanctions, Iran too!

plot said...

" I'm still thinking John and Tony Podesta"

What in heaven's name for? There is no torture chamber basement, not cheese pedos, get over it.

Doug said...

@plot, how do you view this overall process that went into high gear with the Weinstein story on October 5? Is it some kind of op? If so, who is running it, where is it leading, what is their strategy?

Emptywood said...

@just sayin' - Thank you. It explains a lot. The more I observe, the less the photo ops you see are coincidence. If you're into trading baseball cards, you are going to find other baseball card traders. It seems so obvious that it's easy to miss. You imagine they randomly cross paths, but they don't. The photos express their circles.

Search Google images for Diana Jenkins and you'll see many of the same faces pop up over and over. It's not random. They talk. They know where the right party is.

Emptywood said...


The rug angle is very interesting. Rugs are a commonly traded Iranian commodity, and there is lots of fraud involved in getting those rugs imported. I believe they are part of the sanctions.

I buy a lot of antiques. No serious rug buyer goes retail, especially at those price points, they go to auctions. He spent crazy amounts with clothes from what I read in disclosures. Sounds like a tailor might be involved... where did he buy those suits?

Manfoort was probably not buying rugs or suits, and quite possibly buying himself or more likely his clients gift sex via this network.

In my estimation, enty is partially right, I would imagine there were many businesses engaged, and not only one in DC, but in other places where clients would "buy" rug/car/painting and end up with Lindsay Lohan at their door.

Mr Enty, I very much value your work. Please provide any connections to DC you are aware of, it would be welcome. And to others, please keep it a-political.

I believe this 3rd thread of this chain is the most important thread that has ever been posted here. I've lurked a long time, and seen a lot. Keep this comment section alive. There is a lot to gleen here. Mr Enty, think of the drug addicts and kids, expose more.

skywalkerOG said...

@TJ Wow, nice strawman you built for yourself to tear down. Look, all I'm saying is it takes a special kind of stupid to still support Trump. That or you're on his payroll. There is more evidence he is connected to these types of crimes than a lot of the famous people this blind is trying to expose. He even supported a pedo for senate just 2 weeks ago. How do people square that?

All these arrests are being made by the Justice Department ramping up their efforts over the last decade, not Trump. The media is finally starting to break these stories and expose the sick fucks in power, including the ones in their midst, not Trump. He's been silent through all of this. All evidence actually points to him being complicit in these activities.

That's why propping him up as some sort of hero for the cause is insane, and offensive to anyone who actually cares about this stuff. It's like people trying to convince you Ghandi was pro-second amendment. Or trusting Bernie Maddoff to clean up Wall Street. The idea is fucking absurd on it's face. Hey, everybody, Bill Cosby is going to solve the rape crisis!

I'll admit neither side is immune from these sorts of scandals, and this should be a non-partisan issue. So for the sake of the site and my sanity I'll try and avoid taking it there in the future. There shouldn't be any sides when it comes to justice and we're better off working together to try and expose these things.

plot said...


I'm not really sure what you mean by "this". The sexual abuse claims? Oh I'm pretty sure that all sides in the halls of power are using the claims against each other without any centralized control or plan. It all looks like a good old fashioned power shake up to me, where people are using the suffering of women to topple people they don't like or who impede their own advancement. Yes, people in power or wanting power are just that cynical. They don't care about sexual assault. They care about moving upward or making someone they dislike suffer, by any means available at the moment.

Are you asking why it started now? Well, blame it on Donny's assault tape, where he proudly admitted to abusing women. After that there was the massive Women's March, which indicated that now is the time to strike, when women in general would be supportive of abused women.

Rose McGowan didn't seem to have much to lose by accusing Weinstein and she gained much by many women being extremely angry at the new wave of sexism and racism ushered in by Donny.

DirkDiggler said...

Are you sure the flight logs say Trump went to Pedo Island? I believe the flight logs show Trump rode on the plane once, but not on a trip to pedoville.

Doug said...

Thanks for the reply, @plot. I am wondering whether there is a partisan tilt to the process. I think of Weinstein, Spacey, Lauer, Charlie Rose, Singer, Franken, Garrison Keillor, and others, all different cases to be sure, but all Democrats or at least liberals. Roy Moore is a Republican, but he wasn't in power and now won't be. I include Singer because Murdoch took his name off of all Fox projects, as I recall, although there could be a lot more news in his case.

This apparent partisan tilt, to put it mildly, is intriguing to me. I'm not saying that the other side is less guilty, rather that they might be running the op. It's also not totally implausible that it's being done by the Democratic Party camp to get rid of these guys and others yet to come, so as to make a fresh start.

Emptywood said...


Trump banned Epstein from Mara Lago. You don't do that without a reason.

Look at the video of Sessions senate confirmation, his granddaughter and Joe Biden. He shooed him away. The exchanged major fuck you looks. In fact, look at the creep Joe Biden videos. Sessions is AG. Biden videos area big window into him, he's a predator.

Tony Podesta is close friends with Denny Hastert. These people run in the same circles. Read the Japan email about where this "heat" was coming from re Hastert after he went down.

Again, not political, but I am convinced this administration came in with the intent to crush this. It's not a coincidence that things are starting to be exposed.

346NYC said...

I have so many thoughts on this but wanted to address the reports of Trump going after Human Traffickers. Maybe it is true Trump and his cronies are going after human traffickers?

Not because he cares, but because he wants to kill any evidence of his own involvement.
Dead men tell no tales.

What did Obama do to 17 members of Seal Team 6 after they allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden?
He had them murdered.
Had ISIS/Taliban shoot down their helicopter and
then kill anyone on the ground who was still alive.

Osama bin Laden, A CIA Asset whose Real name was Tim Osman, died in 2001 from Marfan's disease.

Obama made sure that none of those Navy Seals would ever tell the real story...
that Bin Laden had been dead for a decade.

It would then seem that Trump is doing the same thing.. for Epstein, The Clintons and all of his other buddies who have depraved filthy evil lifestyles... I'd bet the bank Mnuchin is a sick f+ck. He looks eerily similar to Geffen. They could be family.

I also believe Technology has changed the game because it's much easier for
the peasants to learn of their sick evil activities.
They had control for centuries over the flow of information.
Those days are over no matter how they try to censor.
This would also be incentive to "CLEAN HOUSE."

AND.. If anyone actually believes that Trump is not aligned with the Clintons
and the Bushes, you're kidding yourselves.

Former Facebook Executive, Chamath Palihapitiya, who has been giving talks and interviews lately,
lays it out for any of you who actually believe Politicians are more than mere puppets.

Chamath speaking about politics starts at 10:00:

Meyer Amschel Rothschild quote:
‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.’

plot said...


"Trump banned Epstein from Mara Lago"

According to Donny Moscow himself, and we both know that Donny lies constantly. So we don't know if Epstein was banned or even if Epstein ever wanted to go to Mar Lego Land.

"Look at the video of Sessions senate confirmation"

The casual looks on the face of another confirmed liar prove, again, absolutely nothing.


"What did Obama do to 17 members of Seal Team 6 after they allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden?
He had them murdered."

WT everloving F!


"I am wondering whether there is a partisan tilt to the process."

The tilt is that Democrats are far more likely to jettison their criminal members and Republicans are far more likely to protect their pedos and abusers. It's not really any more complicated than that. Republicans know they have criminals in their midst, shit, Donny himself has admitted to sexual assaults more than once. Republicans simply don't care. Any Republican can do just about anything as long as they keep the Magic R by their name.

luckythewondercat said...

I bet the rug store is Hadeed in Alexandria, VA. I grew up there and they have been around since at least the 70s. A couple of years ago Hadeed sued Yelp for bad reviews and I think they won IIRC.

Maybe Pizza Gate is a real thing. It sounds like only one piece of the trafficking ring if so.

plot said...

"Maybe Pizza Gate is a real thing"

Not unless we're living in a dimension where basements with torture chambers can appear and disappear at will underneath a harmless pizza joint.

skywalkerOG said...

Oh god, this is what I'm talking about. So now Obama murdered seal team six? Lol, please take that shit elsewhere. Otherwise Hilary is going to show up at your place and repel from the roof in her Illuminati robe, crash through the window and force you to eat pizza!

I don't think you want that.

Phil said...

You really are clueless about what is happening then. Why don’t you read the executive orders signed today before spouting off any further?

Phil said...

You’ll change your self righteous tune soone enough dumass.

plot said...


"Why don’t you read the executive orders signed today before spouting off any further? "

Why don't you read this -

Yep, that's the Obama administration which started the big push to end human trafficking in 2009 that resulted in the tens of thousands of arrests between then and now.

Taylor said...

Looks like the Clintons have more ties to Moscow. Ask Bill and his good friend the Canadian billionaire who likes young boys who sold his company to Uranium One. The Clinton Foundation was rewarded with many donations from the Russians.

Emptywood said...


Pedophilia is like a magnet.

People abused become abusers. Read the research.

Hollywood has had several generations of abusers that themselves become abusers. It's self sustaining.

You are not seeing this on the right because it's not a 'thing' - it's a thing in left circles.

Again, not political, just observation.

The comments have become infested with useless political jargon. Not here for this, so I may disappear.

plot said...

Emptywood says -

'You are not seeing this on the right because it's not a 'thing'"

Ahem -

Emptywood said...

Unless this becomes a-political, this may be the last time I post. I just made lots of points about the left, here are facts about the right, please keep it non-partisan.
Think of the kids.

Antique rugs: Two offshore accounts wired $1,034,350 to an antique rug store in Alexandria, Virginia

Other antiques: wired $623,910 to New York

Suits: A store in New York received $849,215 and $520,440 to Beverly Hills

Cars: $62,750 and $47,000, + $163,705 for three Range Rovers

Paintings: $31,900 to an art gallery in Florida

Hmmm. Rug stores, cars dealerships and art galleries, as we speculated. Kinda weird.

Emptywood said...


I just pointed out Denny Hastert. Please stop. I don't care about left vs right. This specific web is on the left, it's just a fact.

plot said...


Don't keep complaining about politics in the posts here when you are the first to make mistaken assumptions about parties all around. Every post I've seen of yours has political statements. Shouldn't you be leading by example.

BTW, you write in a very weird style. English not your first language?

plot said...

Emptywood -

"I just pointed out Denny Hastert."

He's not alone.

Do I need to reprint the links for you? There are hundreds of sexual predators of children on the right. Fact.

Emptywood said...


I am not sure what mistaken assumptions I have made.

Political injection is not a complaint, removing it is a request.

Follow the facts in this blind, they happen to be left. It's not a political statement to identify the obvious. Following facts is leading by example.

I have studied the DC side for a long time. If Diana Jenkins connects both coasts, it's significant. Don't derail that with tribalism.

plot said...

Blind items are not facts. How do you not know this?

Again, weird style you have there. Do I see a dropped article?

skywalkerOG said...

"You are not seeing this on the right because it's not a 'thing' - it's a thing in left circles. "

C'mon, are we forgetting Fox News has been rape factory for years? Ailes, the head honcho - out. Bill O'Reilly, biggest conservative on TV - out. The list goes on just from Fox. Even their white house correspondent was accused. The only reason it's seems one-sided in HW is because the industry leans left. Fox News are basically the right-wing "entertainers". This only becomes a right-left issue if you make it one.

Mike said...


As far as why it's been mostly leftist media and entertanment figures ensnared in the sexual assault scandals: Hollywood and the news media, excepting Fox news, are generally leftist. That's why you don't see a lot of conservatives caught up.

Why did it start with Hollywood? There are two arguments, and I think they're both right. One, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd took part in the pussy hat marches and probably had some come-to-Jesus discussions amongst themselves and other feminists about cleaning up one's own house first. So righteous anger over Donald Trump's election is what lit the fuse.

Two, Donald Trump's election created the shifting grounds that would allow this to gain steam while removing protection for someone as powerful as Weinstein. This story was out there for a very long time and leftist media loyalists took part in covering it up. I simply don't believe that it was just that the Weinstein company was running out of money. They would have found the money to kill this if it was possible. Did high level Dems give it the greenlight to put the stake in Hillary? Maybe. But it would have gotten out there anyway.

There are possible other players in the background greasing the wheels--conservatives that support the President. I'm thinking Peter Thiel, with his money to offer anonymous legal support to accusers, and perhaps a Roger Stone--someone who knows all the dirt and who can get the ball rolling for people that have kept silent for years. But there's no protecting conservatives in this process. If someone accused Clint Eastwood, he'd be caught up, too. If my surmisement is true, these shadow players are pouring fuel on the fire because the media is, for the most part, trying to damage Trump.

As far as the human trafficking goes, I think this has no party affiliation. The super rich and their high level puppets in governments across the globe are all involved or complicit through silence. As far as whether the President is going after these people, everyone has already decided that based on whether they hate him or love him. No point arguing it.

Unknown said...

> basements with torture chambers can appear and disappear at will

"Like our sauce — we harvest a whole crop of organic tomatoes — 10 tons of tomatoes every year. Can them all, store them IN THE BASEMENT, have like a harvest party when it gets loaded in."
-- James Alefantis, "James Alefantis: From Scratch", MetroWeekly April 16, 2015

"We don't even have A BASEMENT."
-- James Alefantis, BBC Trending, December 2, 2016

Option A: Yes, they can appear and disappear at will
Option B: These statements are not both true

Which of those options would you like us to believe?

AKA said...

+1000 and I'm sorry but if you think the guy that begged for a cameo in Home Alone 2 cares about anyone but himself you are mentally ill. I'm not saying this to be funny. You need help.

Unknown said...

James and Dave Franco
Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon

20Cents said...

I am having a little trouble digesting this right now because I waitressed in Germany in the 90s with a girl named Nela Catic from Bosnia. Now I am trying to figure out, dear God, if its the same person.

just sayin' said...

wowee, i don't need coffee after that! sincere cdaners: remember, we're here because we love the puzzles and hate the pedos. period. also we're mad about enty & himmmm & enjoy each other's company. don't take the bait from rude people, or those who seem to have crawled out of a swamp. (and you KNOW there are swamps on many sides, many sides). they're here for some weird little gratification we're better off not knowing about, or frighteningly, to distract us because we're on to something. it's ultimately more fun to ignore them than land blows.

i lied, i still need coffee.

Glue said...

btw: Why isn't anyone talking about the fifth accuser of Danny Masterson. The story was out two days ago and there's nothing here or anywhere.

I added the link up a couple of days ago. Still no other media reported it (Co$ got to them) and even Enty hasn't mentioned it. What's up Ent? Co$ get to you too?

Danny Masterson's ex gf accuses him of raping her

Glue said...

Little more off topic, but then again, kinda related. I'm now curious to find out who funds this ranch and who is behind the whole thing.

Texas Ranch for Boys is an Adult Abuse Playground

Anonymous said...

Can I be in your fan club?

Anonymous said...

He never said I did. He said you can. And look how women parade themselves around men with money. He is 100% right. Until women stop putting themselves up as sex objects this shit will never stop. You can't have it both ways. Only children think that way.

valerie g said...

Considering how much corruption (power - sexual - whatever else) is going on in the world, I just want to find a small island and to be by myself and be left alone...

I know there has always been crap going on, but the amount of stories coming out just on famous/business people we know and those less famous but make the news for their suicides, makes me feel like there is a really high percentage that does this behavior. Making a list of those who are not guilty would be easier. Are we doomed as a species? I have no confidence that much will change on how we treat each other.

Emptywood said...

Josh Meyer, the guy that wrote the Politico story, interviewed:

The lack of attention from CNN, NBC, etc is astonishing. It speaks volumes of the state of the media.

In addition, you are seeing a campaign of discrediting and denial. They are all out there with the talking points.

The lack of reporting on certain networks is in itself a story.

Emptywood said...

Looking at Diana Jenkins photos online: Kid Rock is everywhere. Guy wants to run for office.

plot said...


Still haven't proved that all sexually deviant behavior is owned by you left.

Where are you from again?

plot said...

Oh! One last thing, Hezbollah for all it's ills has never used women to attract recruits. Hezbollah doesn't want recruits actually as Shi'ite Muslims base their denomination largely on culture and heredity.

The sects that use women to recruit are all Sunni, all backed by Saudi Arabia, which will use any means to force people into Sharia law and recruit for terrorism. So, that would be the used by groups like ISIS and al Queda and the Taliban. We know this already. We've seen the recruitment videos, haven't we? They are disgusting and the stories of them passing around Western women are legion...if one is paying attention.

Emptywood said...


Respectfully, this is not the forum for such a debate. I have a viewpoint, and I am not obliged to defend it, or disclose my nationality.

I've discovered a few things about our friend Imran Awan:

The police has been called on him by 3 separate women - page 22

Interesting quote from the 3rd one:

“Mr. Shahid Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police [he] will do harm to me and my family members back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore.”

In the context of Hezbollah, it appears he might have been able to.

Here is his FBI affidavit regarding the bank fraud charges:

This is the guy Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been defending as being persecuted because he's a Muslim. She kept this guy on for 6 months after his clearance was revoked. Awan's ties to the car dealership and whatever else he was doing makes Wasserman Schultz's behavior look REALLY fishy.

plot said...


"I have a viewpoint, and I am not obliged to defend it"

You do if you respond to me, droogie.

Awan is not Hezbollah. See, one individual does not a whole organization make! And nothing you posted proves he trafficks in young girls. Keep trying, tovarish!

Emptywood said...

So the method of money laundering specified in the Politico article are used car dealerships. And Awan/brother just happens to own a used car dealership. Opened not too many years ago. In the other article I posted, the fact pattern of how they operate is exactly in line with money laundering.

It would be pretty coincidental.

Also, Hezbollah, as large as they have become, has recruited all types of people. You really think all the car dealerships are owned by Lebanese?

Lastly, I never said THIS car dealership connects to this blind, I am merely offering up deeper fact patterns to the web. Speaking of:

Paul Manafoort and the rugs?

Alexandria has three high-end rug retailers capable of the haul—one of which, Herat Oriental Rugs, is a wholesaler.

“You should try J&J Rug Gallery or Art Underfoot,” said Herat Oriental Rugs owner Zia Hassanzadeh, a 27-year veteran of the Northern Virginia rug market. “Must be Herat or J&J," said the rug merchant who answered the phone at Art Underfoot on King Street. (He asked not to be named.) J&J’s inventory expert returned my call within the hour, eager to discuss their rugs, but when I mentioned the name Manafort, the line went dead. When I called back, he hung up again.

So it's J & J rug. Owned by 2 Iranian brothers.
1200 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Further digging:

"a store called J&J Oriental Rugs told the reporter that Manafort’s supposed rug transactions were “confidential” and that there was “nothing to be proved.” The interaction ended with the representative telling HuffPost to talk to the store’s attorney."

plot said...


"Also, Hezbollah, as large as they have become, has recruited all types of people"

So prove it! Show me just as easily as I can show you that Sunni Muslims like ISIS use women as a recruitment tool. Get on it skippy!

' You really think all the car dealerships are owned by Lebanese?"

It would be nice for you if I claimed this, but I did not. Nevertheless, the Syrian used car dealership I know of is right next to a Honduran dealership, and a Mexican one is next, followed by one owned by a Bolivian/Columbian, and of course there is the shady junk yard which never seems to service anyone behind their fence which is all US American. Seems there are many different nationalities involved in used car money laundering, more than those in the real estate money laundering schemes that keep our house prices so high.

And if you were paying attention, fat chance, the connections between Donny Moscow and Iranian money launderers are almost as deep as his connections to Russian money launderers. The true journalists have longed tred this ground, droogie, and you, naturally, didn't notice.

airhead said...

IDK if it was said as I haven't finished reading all the comments. I wanted to suggest a air bnb type situation, these sums of money would make sense for a vacation type rental of a mansion.

Emptywood said...


Here is the research on the Awan brothers done by George Webb:

2012 — Abid Awan, is observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with an Dr. Ali A. al-Attar, an Iraqi political figure who is wanted by the US authorities and has been linked to Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Middle Eastern terrorist outfit. Abid Awan receives a loan from al-Attar for the amount of $100,000 said to be for the business Cars International A, LLC. Later in sworn testimony Nasir Khattek, who operated an established car dealership next door to CIA, testifies that the Abid Awan’s dealership’s financial books are a sham.

May 5, 2012 — Abid Files for Bankruptcy for M & I Auto Sales

And then look here:

Jan 23, 2015 — Arshad “Manassass” Mahmoud hires MS-13 Thugs To Kill 3 Amigos Auto Sales Owner, Flees presumably to Pakistan. Mahmoud Listed as Principle of Awan Brothers LLC


February 2, 2017 — DailyCaller Publishes Article Exposing IT Scandal Staffers Ties to Hezbollah-Connected Fugitive Dr. Ali Al-Attar

February 7, 2017 — DailyCaller outlines the Awan Family’s shady Car Dealership and Real Estate activity

February 21, 2017 — DailyCaller Publishes Article, “House Dem IT Staffers Owed Money To Hezbollah-Connected Fugitive”

May 21, 2017 — DailyCaller: “House IT Aides Fear Suspects In Hill Breach Are Blackmailing Members With Their Own Data”

July 26, 2017 — News Broke DWS Continued Paying Imran as Advisor After being fired and under investigation

July 28, 2017 — Steve Wasserman, DC District Office Prosecutor for Imran’s Case is Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s brother

August 16, 2017 — VC Bestor Publishes “Awan Spy Ring and Stolen Cars”

August 27, 2017 — TRUEPUNDIT: “Congressman Confirms FBI Awan Probe Involves Bigger Crimes & Accomplices; Possible Ties to DWS”

August 30 — Federal Agent Kurt Smolek’s Body Found in the Potomac. Under Hillary’s State Dept, he worked Child Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

plot said...


Yet none of your precious links prove anything like human trafficking by Hezbollah or the evil nefarious Clintons.

It would hardly be surprising that Iran is laundering funds in the USA, since almost every country is doing the same thing, especially those under sanctions (the biggest offender being Russia, of course.) Yet that still does not connect Iran to human trafficking, certainly not the kind of trafficking that Donny Moscow's bestie, Tevfik Arif, is or the dozens of Kleptocrats that used Donny to legitimize their money for 2 decades.

sandy2319 said...

First of all @plot can you please STFU. I am so sick of ALL of your delusional political BS comments all the freaking time. Are you like Obama's freaking mother or something. YOU are seriously mentally ill.
Second this blind is not a gossip item this is serious and the names and details should be exposed NOW. I for one am sending it to the White House because despite what some of the ignorant posters seem to think Trump has made it clear by his ACTIONS that he does care about these things and they are his actions. Like it or not it is something the man is doing that is right.
I was in the Army, deployed to Afghanistan and literally had Afghanistan men try to buy me. I know some people think stuff like that is funny, but when you are are in a position where people are literally trying to buy you and and getting outraged when they find out they can't you get a taste of what some many people through out the world experience every day but for them there is nothing they can do about it.
Human trafficking of any kind should ALWAYS be reported, even suspected, and political agendas should not be trying to manipulate facts to try to take unfair credit for something they don't deserve. This is a new low for Obama supporters.

plot said...

"his blind is not a gossip item this is serious and the names and details should be exposed NOW"

Sounds like you should be mad at Enty, not me.

"Like it or not it is something the man is doing that is right."

Except the actions against human trafficking that has increased the arrest numbers were started in 2009 under Obama. It takes a long time to pursue such things. Donny Moscow simply has no interest in doing anything that doesn't benefit Donny Moscow personally.

"This is a new low for Obama supporters."

The new low is the current president and his supporters.

Sassy325 said...

Test 123

Sassy325 said...

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Unknown said...

You 'bama supporters are TV/Movie indoctrinates to be sure. Probably taking anti-depressants to be programmed so hard by the MSM.

Trump IS moving on these sickos. The ONE time he went to the island he spent his time playing cards with staff. He's very smart. Which is something stupid people can't understand as they are under the impression that everyone is "equal" or at least have yet to realize intelligence can only understand lower intelligence; it can never look upwards.

"Two scoops! Two hands! This time he's finished!" - screeched the increasingly worried dem for the 8 hundredth time.

Trump is a good man, and so are his team, both men and women and all American patriots. This is obvious to anyone who themselves are not degenerates. Verily.

just sayin' said...

okay, that is wonderful news, unknown. i hope you're right! why on earth would anyone, especially someone like me want for you to be wrong? if trump is doing this, or if he's not involved and it's happening anyway, either way, i'm thrilled. i choose to separate politics from law enforcement. what kind of man democrats think trump is has nothing to do with the importance of bringing down pedophile rings. if he is behind this effort and has remained silent so as not to impede investigations, i will consider him to be a far better person than i ever did before. only time will tell if this story is true.

Unknown said...

>why on earth would anyone, especially someone like me want for you to be wrong?

Apparently your priorities appear better arranged than your average, SSRI ingesting dem. Why would they want such a thing? For the same reason this mental-illness-level disposition thrives among all common adolescents; people who sit around hoping and praying for something bad to happen to a person they don't like just so they can say "Told ya so!" and feel better about themselves. Verily.

Sadly, that's how perpetual adolescence often manifests.

just sayin' said...

unknown, thanks for your response. it's so much better when we can get along. here's the thing, i think we all want the same thing and that donald trump is a distraction from what's important. i love that we all have the right to choose sides, speak our minds, speak for or against any politician without fear of going to jail, unlike in some countries. what i hate is when people are reduced to fighting with each other about who's right and who's wrong about trump, or mueller, or hillary, or pedophile investigations or anything else. we're all in the dark about most of the truth, but hopefully time will tell, and hopefully sooner than later. and i hope we can all be mature enough either to refrain from saying "i told you so" or to gracefully admit that they were wrong. if trump's a great man who makes huge positive changes, we all win. if he's not, we all lose.

just sayin' said...

*or to gracefully admit that WE were wrong

plot said...

Unknown sez-

"Trump IS moving on these sickos"

Nope, the DoJ is as a part of an investigation that started in 2009, under Obama.

"The ONE time he went to the island he spent his time playing cards with staff."

According to Donny Moscow himself, and he is a proven, proud and habitual liar. We have no idea what he was up to with Epstein.

"Trump is a good man"

Who likes to grab women by the pussy and who walked in on teenaged beauty contestants to see them naked, who is irrationally critical of everyone except his bestie Vlad, who refuses to admit to Russian interference in the last election, who promised us more coal jobs, more manufacturing jobs, while more of both are headed overseas.

If he has nothing to hide (he does) why bitch about Mueller and fire Comey? He is actively trying to dismantle our policing agencies and the State Dpt in the interests of Vlad.

He's corrupt as hell and an idiot.

Unknown said...

>Who likes to grab women by the pussy

This is an example of what taking SSRI drugs and gorging oneself on the comfort of receptive programming does; emotional incontinence and outrage over the mention of the obvious and evident truth that sloots throw themselves at rich and famous men.

>bestie Vlad

Projection truly is the only world view mustered by the indoctrinated left. Verily.

plot said...


I have no idea what you are accusing me of personally nor how that supports your boy Donny Moscow. Very strange.

Vlad and Donny are besties, you do not agree? They say so themselves.

Glue said...

+1 to this @Unknown:
Apparently your priorities appear better arranged than your average, SSRI ingesting dem. Why would they want such a thing? For the same reason this mental-illness-level disposition thrives among all common adolescents; people who sit around hoping and praying for something bad to happen to a person they don't like just so they can say "Told ya so!" and feel better about themselves. Verily.

^^^This is so true. It's become the norm that the public is more concerned about "being right" than the outcome actually being good. It's sick. I tend to have a lot of "premonitions" because I was taught at an early age to "trust my instincts," and I 100% would rather be WRONG and have a better outcome than to be right and have a bad outcome.

Also for anyone who has not trusted their instincts and then realized, drats I should have listened to my gut feeling, then I encourage you to read the book (or listen, great audio voice), Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

plot said...

@Glue -

So let me get this straight. You and Unknown would rather be completely wrong, let's say about condemning an alleged murderer or voting for a fraud, if you can get something out of it that you didn't have before.

This is what you are admitting to????

Glue said...

lol. What...what? I'm so confused. I have no idea what you are talking about - as my post was in reference to: people wanting a bad outcome for something only so they can say, "I told you so." Generally speaking.

It's evident I burst into the middle of a conversation to make a generalization sidenote and have no idea what you guys are discussing - as I speed-scrolled past a lot of comments and saw that one from @Unknown. Oops. My bad. /embarrassed grin/

You guys obviously are in a heated discussion about something totally different than what I'm thinking, so....carry on.

plot said...


Phew! Thanks for that explanation. Been guilty of that so so often myself - conversation jumping when I have no idea WTF is going on.

Breathing easier here!

mike m said...

It's going down.....yay Team!

mike m said...

Q anon has referenced CDAN, so there's that..

hopscotch101girl said...

How I wish there was an ignore button for plot, and skywalkerOG. Just keep your endless bias to yourself, please. Just sayin', appreciate you - but not your politics. Emptywood - great posts!

hopscotch101girl said...

Plot, just stfu. You are tedious BEYOND.

plot said...

If I were tedious, I wouldn't imagine someone responding to a board I left ages ago with so much passion.

Sounds like love, frankly.

conciousObserver said...

I don't know much but I know a few girls who escort and/or "model" for instagram and they've mentioned that the offers to Dubai are decreasing because Eastern European and Asian women have begun flooding the market and at very cheap prices. The new offers are coming in from Nigeria from the local billionaires. Some have even been tricked into going. At first they are taken to Dubai but then moved to Nigeria. It's a scary situation. I don't disrespect sex work or sex workers in the slightest. I just wish they weren't so quick to accept these offers. And, I wish that the stigma surrounding their "jobs" wasn't so negative so that they could be better educated about what is actually happening and perhaps have people around them that could help protect them during their travels. Agencies are just glorified pimps and really couldn't care less about anything but their cut.

And, I totally agree with an earlier comment that if this information (including names) is really out there, it should be turned over to the FBI and Interpol. Otherwise, the people running this blind item are complicit in these crimes and helping to further protect the people involved.

Unknown said...

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