Saturday, December 23, 2017

Blind Item #2 - Widow Doxxing

Apparently if you are the wife of a singer or musician and you speak out against the widow, then you get doxxed by someone associated with the widow. It gets worse. The unknown person has been posting photos of the children of those speaking out. I'm guessing it is an older family member related to the widow.


sandybrook said...

Chris Cornells widow

BestMan said...

Alexandria said...

Must be Vicky Cornell's family member.

Mag said...

+1 Vicky

buddha said...
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buddha said...

Vicky Karayiannis, her mother and their mindless minions.

1SICRN said...

Granny has been a busy little B

Dark Heart said...
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just sayin' said...

did toni karayiannis take down her own twitter or was she forced off?

parissucksliterally said...

I can't with this bitch. How horrible.

Matt said...

So when are they coming after CDAN?

IceCreamIsNice said...

Vicky and Toni Karayiannis. They've also doxxed another private citizen who spoke about their shenanigans on Twitter.

Dannette said...

My guess is for Vicky's small-penised brother Nikoas. He's a dirty dog who cannot accept his very very shortcomings. Or the evil mother, from the same low class litter pan.

TheBreakfastLunch&Dinnerclub said...

Is anyone going to take these fuckers down???

LUCK U said...
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Glue said...

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -- Edmund Burke

Thank you Enty for doing something.

cc6818726 said...
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cc6818726 said...
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cc6818726 said...
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Lawdy Miss Scarlett said...

When is Karma going to kick her ass! God damn, I loved the chriscornellLSA thread on tumblr. Didn't know it was gone, but ck'd the threads I follow and it's gone. I fear for those poor kids.

cc6818726 said...

If the widow is Vicky Cornell and if the person who was doxxed is Liz Greco aka Bourdeaux79 from LSA, Enty is wrong about the person who is doing the doxxing being in association with the widow.... FYI LOL.

Dark Heart said...

I hear Vicky is trying really hard to go after Lipstick Alley. They brushed her off with laughter. They got big lawyers. Bigger then hers. They are 13 threads into it about the topic of Chris and Vicky. They aren't going anywhere. Neither is Enty.

IceCreamIsNice said...
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IceCreamIsNice said...

@cc6818726 Wondering if the person doing the doxxing was a supposed former girlfriend of ex-Monkee, Peter Tork? This person has also been arrested numerous times for prostitution and possibly stalking.

Or it could be you,@cc6818726 feeding the information to the person who doesn't speak English so well?

IceCreamIsNice said...
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IceCreamIsNice said...

@cc6818726 Not so smart posting on a site that tracks IPs. Maybe be a little more cautious when posting additional doxxing information.

Hows the weather in Sacramento today? Anyone?

Don Kieballs said...
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Don Kieballs said...

@cc6818726 - Bourdeaux79 traces to someone that is definitely not Liz Greco. That took me about 2 minutes to figure out. You just created your account and I assume the "cc" is for Chris Cornell. A troll or Vicky follower?

Don Kieballs said...
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leanders said...

such a disgusting family. no wonder the poor dude saw no other way to get away from them. now they spend their time trolling people on the internet. who does that?

cc6818726 said...

@IceCreamIsNice I'm just guessing based on what I saw on IG and what I saw (that was scrubbed) on LSA today. Isn't that what this site is all about... trying to figure out who is in the blind? Weather here is snowy/icy... makes me wish that I was in Southern Cali not Sacramento.

@Don Kieballs no I do not have any affiliation with VK.... and as far as your other statement goes, I don't agree on your detective work. I'm guess it is. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Don Kieballs said...

The facts don't need you to agree with them. Try a little hard to troll on CDaN. We aren't as slow over here.

jpriest901 said...

the 2 (attempted) doxxings on the IG acct aren't accurate. interesting tactic though. poor real estate agent. and doing this shit with little kids dragged into it? not exactly keeping the promise.

cc6818726 said...

And to the font who just posted this on LSA "One of VK/TKs stupid minions....or them?? RE-doxxed in the comments of today's blind. It did NOT go over well. That person's IP was immediately tracked to Sacremento,CA. We will see........." All I can say is dumbass. LOL. I am definately not in Sacramento. Do you think I am Inland? LOL.

@ Don Kieballs what were you saying about being slow? LOL.

LSAers keep driving the traffic to CDaN. Enty likes to profit off this topic... it is hot for him... just like AN.

Jx-Noelle said...

What’s “doxxed”... had to look it up. That Vicki and her Ma and the minions are all bad eggs.

Don Kieballs said...

cc6818726, ask Cindy what I meant about being slow...

Don Kieballs said...

Should I go faster, Gary, since you don't like being referred to as slow?

Orflyakite said...

The lsatumbler and honorchris take downs are nothing short of complete bullshit. This family needs to be exposed in the highest form!

katsm0711 said...

Freaking psychos.

Itttt said...

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LizOz said...

What the actual fuck. Are you lost @ltttt? Put your talents to better use

SW said...

Was partly cloudy and a high around 55.

bigcountry. said...


Unknown said...

+1 LizOz

KarportJunction said...

This is the first Christmas without Chris. WTF is she doing playing on the web like she's Agent Mad Doxx Birkin? She needs to get off the web & be there for the kids. Esp lil Chris since this is also his first BDay without his dad which is in between Thanksgiving & Christmas. Just like that jaxd up "Family video" that I didn't see Lily in. They could've used at least one pix. I hope she got to spend 1 Christmas with him & her sibs. And that note that I took to mean that she's done "grieving" & ready for her next mark.

rocky619ca said...

@Itttt ...incredible!

dyunker said...

Thanks for sharing!

Dahling said...

Mad as nutter. Definitely reads better after a tumbler of Stoli. I'd give it a five. Hard to dance to.

The Mrs. said...
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The Mrs. said...

Where is she posting these pics... she needs to stop immediately.

The Mrs. said...

I'm with you Itttt. I have been since Oct. Been a pleasure serving with you.

Weekittylass said...

One can only hope, Itttt.

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