Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Blind Item #7 - They Did It For The Coke And The Women

This triumvirate of celebrity all have a certain thing in common. Well, they did have one thing in common. A love of a South American country. Apparently that love does not extend to now because the person who was in charge is no longer in power. So, their response has been silence. In the past they were all about supporting the regime. No one really could ever understand it. Well, I will tell you now why they did. The first of our three is a permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He and this former A list mostly movie actor turned B lister would have coke supplied to them for free the entire time they were in the country and it came courtesy of the government. In exchange for selling out, they were given massive parties with as many drugs and women as they wanted. Speaking of women, this A list mostly movie director is the third of our celebrities. He was not interested in the drugs but he was interested in the women. The government would supply him with upwards of 20 women for a three or four day trip and he loved it. One person I haven't listed here is a foreign born permanent A list model who supported the government because many of her highest paying clients made their money thanks to the largess of the government. 


Tricia13 said...

Columbia/Sean Penn ?

Do Tell said...

Yeah, Sean Penn is in there somewhere.

roxy said...

Maybe the answers are in here somewhere: https://panampost.com/daniel-raisbeck/2016/05/29/top-10-clueless-celebrities-hugo-chavez-revolution/

Do Tell said...

And Naomi Campbell as "The Model"

os75 said...

Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, not sure who the other actor is

CuriousTex said...

Hugo Chavez fans: Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Oliver Stone; Naomi for the model.

Tricia13 said...

Could be Bolivia/Evo Morales (not sure if regime in power)/Sheen former A? Director maybe David O Russel

roxy said...

Danny Glover for the former A list actor.

Newbomb said...

No doubt Penn, Glover and Stone with Hugo Chavez. Joe Kennedy also used to do business with Chavez. Not that Kennedys would be interested in things like drugs and women.

Rosie said...

+1 CuriousTex

Daniel AH said...

but the current Venezuelan regime, by that Maduro asshole, is a continuation of Chavez`s. Why would things change?

Laurita said...

@Tricia13 - Evo is def still in power and becoming more powerful by the day, but this is Venezuela/Penn/Stone for sure. But Danny Glover?! I had no idea!

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Oh that Penn......the guy who praised socialist Venezuela.....

For the ignorant peasants : Venezuela is a socialist country, where people have to queue for 5 hours to get 1 roll of toilet paper (if they're lucky) and wait an entire day for 1kg of rice which is distributed per household, each month (if you're lucky)..
There is no money, no food, no pharmaceuticals, and whoever protests, gets arrested and beaten if lucky, if not tortured and killed. Child prostitution is very popular, because if you wanna eat my child, you better go suck some dick. That gringo man Sean Penn who loves our country, I bet his dick tastes good...he's also friend with the man who had your father, brother, uncle and other uncle killed, but who's counting, ey?

This is socialism . The political system that has NEVER EVER worked anywhere in the world, ever. EVER.
And which these sub literate, undereducated high school drop outs, & drug addicts, praise.

Because you know who's dumber than the average Hollywood actor?
The average clueless troglodytic 'progressive' who listens to him.

p.s.: my favourite ignorant American socialist is Bernie though. It takes an admirable level of mental acrobatics to speak about the lovely effects of socialism, while driving one of your $350,000 Ferrari's, and still keep a straight face.
One of them, because apparently he has 3

plot said...

They wouldn't.

This is a questionable BI for exactly that reason.

Or Maduro actually has standards and rejects the Hollywood factor.

Janet Carswell said...

Bored at Work - love your comment. :)

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Janet - cheers me dears. I aim to either please or really really piss off.

I'm happy my comment pleased you :)

Rosie said...

@boredatwork - wrong Bernie - Bernie Ecclestone (F1 Boss), not Bernie Sanders, has the Ferrari collection.

totaji said...

Wow you really are stupid. There are several successful socialist countries. Please try knowing something before posting this kind of mindlessness.

GoogleSleuth said...

You DO know there are some very successful socialist countries out there, right?

Don Kieballs said...

bordat4chan - at least get the right Bernie before trolling. Sanders has 3 homes, not Ferraris

novice_nyc said...

First time posting, so here it goes (all already said above)

Perm A List: Sean Penn;
A to B List: Danny Glover;
Director: Oliver Stone (not sure about him not being interested in the powder as well though);
Model: Naomi Campbell (Don't know about the clients but I know she would sure appreciate the coke).

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Rosie - WTF, am I in the twighlight zone right now?....yeah I confused Ecclestone with Sanders.. LOL

That famous time Ecclestone praised socialism ey Rosie?? ;)

Just when you think some Americans cant's get any dumber , here come Rosie and totaji and googlesleuth, who btw, should immediately list all the successful socialist countries right now. Otherwise you just look like an empty plonker talking shite, because I back up my comments with facts, numbers and quotes, while you back yours up with what?

But once you do, you morons, do not expect me to hold back. You have no idea who you're challenging here, you peasants.

Let's play.

plot said...

"This is socialism . The political system that has NEVER EVER worked anywhere in the world, ever. EVER."

Well except Sweden, Finland, Norway, Costa Rica, Canada to some extent, Hong Kong, Denmark, Holland...more?

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Don - you're partially right, like myself. He does have 3 homes. - like any good socialist.
The car I remembered was an Audi R8, price between $150,000 - $250,000
But I did not confuse him with Ecclestone, what am I? An American? I'm bloody British you moron.
Those aren't mistakes I'd make.
But your Bernie does have many cars. At least 3. I mean, who has 3 homes and only 1 car?

GoogleSleuth said...

I’m dying. And done. I refuse to engage with the trolls. Good luck, everybody else 😂 ✌️

plot said...

"He does have 3 homes. - like any good socialist. "

What precisely excludes a socialist from having three homes, specifically.

"But your Bernie does have many cars. At least 3. I mean, who has 3 homes and only 1 car?"

That's for you to prove, not us to deny. Ball is in your court, dear, to prove that everyone with three homes has at least three cars. It's going to be time consuming, but I'm sure you are up for the task.

Do Tell said...

"What precisely excludes a socialist from having three homes, specifically."

Socialists by definition are for the government distribution of assets, equitably. So it doesn't seem consistent that Bernie as a socialist would own three homes. But he does.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

plot - stop talking absolute gob shite

None of those countries are socialist. None. The countries you have listed have some small socialist structures when it comes to welfare, but they are all capitalist countries first and foremost. They all produce, export and import and trade. The exact opposite of what socialism is about.
China for example is both socialist and capitalist, but which one is it actually? Do you know?
Well it's both, but the reason China has become a super power, is because it's moved away from pure socialism, and more towards capitalism .

Capitalism is what makes country blossom and flourish, what keeps people fed and clothes and kids educated.
Socialism kills people, countries, ideas and innovations. It's glorified parasitism.

The last generations the left has desperately brainwashed (with success) and now we have people who think socialism is a successful political model somewhere, and it works. And these people (like plot for example) don't even know what socialism means.
The left lives in lies, distortions of truth and delusions. They claim what isn't theirs, and refute what is.

Hitler for example, was a socialist.
Yeah motherfuckers, drink this shit in, I shall repeat: HITLER WAS A SOCIALIST

Nazi = National Socialist

The entire Nazi program was based on socialist values, Hitler despised capitalism and one of his most famous speeches , he ever gave, started with a thundering "WE ARE SOCIALISTS".
Google, morons.

That's what happens when all you read is celebrity internet gossip.


Appalachian Mothersauce said...

Trolls designed to distract us from the original story.

Don't bite. Ignore them. They're paid by the same deviants we are reading about.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

plot "What precisely excludes a socialist from having three homes, specifically."

I'm sorry plot, I did not realise you were this dumb. Ridiculing people such as yourself is beneath me.
Off you go now. But thanks for playing and proving my point, that you don't even know what socialism means. Much appreciated.

Don Kieballs said...

Bored - you are on a gossip site issuing challenges to debate socialism. That says multiple things about you, including you can't hold your own on a political forum, you have insecurities at a level that requires you to overcompensate by trolling, and you need the attention to feel important (which we gave you even those with mental issues deserve love).
Here is an extra hug just for you. I hope you feel better and don't let whatever drives you to be so aggressively misdirected online lead to any real life problems. If you need someone to talk to, we are always here, but please check your ego at the door.

plot said...

China has become a super power, is because it's moved away from pure socialism, and more towards capitalism . "

China was COMMUNIST and is still communist in its economic systems. It values its currency exactly like a communist country and inhibits wealth through draconian means, willy nilly, as it still nationalizes industries whenever it feels like.

"The countries you have listed have some small socialist structures when it comes to welfare, but they are all capitalist countries first and foremost. "

Socialism does not negate capitalism.

"Socialism kills people, countries, ideas and innovations. It's glorified parasitism. "

So does Capitalism as it did in Iraq, Honduras, Columbia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Bhopal... What's your point?


No, he was a Fascist. That means that only the chosen few could benefit from the rights of citizenry or the social safety net. Only select groups, in this case of racial purity, could vote, contribute or be treated as equals under government. Everyone else was a slave, basically, or dirty, or undesirable and disposable. That is not socialism, and everyone who knows anything about political systems (ie NOT you) knows that.

totaji said...

So much emotionally misguided information in this statement. You literally know nothing about what your talking about other than urban legends, heresay and old wives tales. People like you voted for Trump, I’m sure, because he is gonna drain the swamp and make Murica great again.

plot said...

"Ridiculing people such as yourself is beneath me. "

Or impossible for you, which is fine.

Cheez Whiz said...

Jumpin' Jesus! Please, let's not turn this place into another FaceBook. I left that dumpster fire because it just became people yelling at each other about politics, without ever listening. And those were my friends and relatives.

Politics is like religion... it is based on *beliefs*, not facts, and so you can't really argue it."

By yelling about your political beliefs (all of you who are doing it, I don't care which side), you are just poisoning the place for everyone else. Let's not do that. It takes a certain amount of maturity to just STFU and stay on topic, but that's what I am asking.

TheDemimondeOne said...

Oh my goodness, Danny Glover? To be honest, I couldn't wrap my head around that so I googled; sure enough he's a Chavez fan. The others were not a surprise.

We sometimes have movies film here in my town. I remember being in the hotel's fitness center minding my own biz like I usually do, while he (Danny Glover) was working out. Some ladies were fans and excited to see him. They begged and pleaded with him for a photo and he said,"Ma'am, I have a very tight schedule for working out and I really don't have time to do a photo." They kept pestering him until he gave in. LOL, they could have cared less about his problems.

BayAreaGirl said...

Once again, the CDAN sleuths got it:


@boredatwork, as the child of people who fled Vietnam, I understand your point. It looks like everyone is arguing past each other because from an academic perspective, Venezuela under Chavez was not really "socialism." He co-opted the label to disguise his totalitarian ambitions. Socialism is an economic theory, it does not justify consolidating power or murdering political opponents. The latter is Dictator 101.

plot said...

@Cheez Whiz

I get you, truly, but the misuse of political jargon and the tendency to see all sides as "the same" have led the USA into a downward spiral right now, which needs addressing where ever it crops up. I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm dedicated to not letting this sort of thing flourish.


THANK-YOU and muchos besos for stating that so succinctly.

Nonya Bidness said...

Clearly more than just bored - also sexually frustrated - rage much? Must be lonely being such an asshole.

Tricia13 said...

Thanks Laurita!

boredatwork boredatwork said...

totalj - Urban legends? Old Wives tales? Which ones EXACTLY?

Everything I wrote are verifiable facts, written in books historically and definitionally accurate. Meanwhile you write shite without saying anything. Why aren't you destroying my apparent 'old wives tales' with some hard evidence, oh great genius and beholder of wisdom and knowledge?

You think your words of dismissal are enough. Well, they aren't.
Proof is the pudding, you haven't disproven anything.

plot - you are too dumb for me, NAZI - a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party


Btw, I lived in Italy for a few years and speak fluent Italian, when I frequented uni there, so don't start telling me what fascism is all about, you village idiot.

I'm not gonna get into it too deep, because you won't understand anyway, you don't have the mental capacity to absorb information, but basically fascism and socialism are both sides of the same exact coin: Fascism IS indeed a type of socialism! Both put the state ahead of the individual. Both see the ends as justifying the means. Both Nazis (fascists) and Communists give absolute power to the state - not the people. In HItler's Germany capitalism was the enemy of the people - just like in Stalin's Russia.

Anyway, I'm sure your tiny brain got misty after 'capacity'. You can google this shite yourself and READ BOOKS I have to go to dinner now.

And then you morons wonder why we use the prefix 'ignorant' , before 'American'...

Lurky McLurkster said...

IIRC, boredatwork is Tricia's alt account

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Bay Area Girl - Socialism has until today, always killed. What makes you think the 2 did not go together? They absolutely do because the state is above the individual.

I have been to Vietnam - wonderful country, with amazing food, surprisingly addictive coffee, and lovely people.

plot said...

"National Socialist German Workers' Party"

A label without meaning unless one is a member of the Chosen Fascists.

You DO know that Nazi's were killing of Socialists in the streets even before Hitler assumed power, right?

"I lived in Italy for a few years and speak fluent Italian"

Who cares.

GoogleSleuth said...

@Don Kieballs +1000 and hugs to you for being level headed and kind

plot said...

"Socialism has until today, always killed"

What do you mislabel Socialism? What is the difference between socialism and communism?

Capitalism has a miserable track record as well. Shall I elucidate?

My.answer.is.xyz said...

Me thinks - Penn/Benicio del Toro/Stone & N. Campbell

My.answer.is.xyz said...

Me thinks - Penn/Benicio del Toro/Stone & N. Campbell. NOT Glover

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Nonya - more amusing wishful thinking on your part - I have to disappoint you, I am happily married, and my husband loves my fierce intellectual feistiness, he thinks it's sexy. He can't stand empty stupid bimbos.

I always read in bed - I read an average of 3 books a week. If I want a little sexy time, I put on my tortoise shell secretary glasses, a silk nightie and get out this giant brick of a history book, I can't get past the first sentence. He loves it.


going to dinner now, this was fun

Count Jerkula said...

These actors should not ignore Venezuela. As lousy as their economy is right now, you can probably book high quality whores for $75/week. I'm sure $500+shipping would get you a hot 18y/o, w/ no one who will miss her, dropped off at your door in the USA.

plot said...

" I read an average of 3 books a week"

Who cares.

WickedBee said...

I don't think so. Bored has better use of grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation.

Undercover_LBD said...

Boredatwork is, like, a stable genius.

AIP said...

@Do tell: no, not all varieties of socialism espouse the redistribution of assets via the government.
Bernie Sanders (just in case I get accused of confusing him with an F1 supremo, disgraced financier, or my old maths teacher) supports a very broad version, which still encourages free trade, strong business (but not unregulated).

totaji said...

Your simple dismissal of facts, such as stating the countries Plot listed aren’t socialist says a lot about you. If you aren’t able to accept known facts, then it means you are full of shit. Your whole life you grew up being told commies and socialists are Enemies to the American way of life and you have bought it hook, line and sinker, contrary to facts that state otherwise.

AIP said...

@boredatwork; for a Brit, you use the slang weirdly.
FWIW: a person may be a gobshite, but they will only talk shite.
And even in the finest of your private schools, the correct sentence is: “read books, turds”.

And no, not all of Plots’ countries are Marxist, which is what I’m assuming you’re hold up as “classic” Socialism, but they have socialistic principals, in terms of community-based resources and services.

One would have to be historically dense not to know Nazis=National Socialist. But their ideology was not left wing. Socialism was used as a mechanism to take ownership of private banking and manufacturing interests back into the hands of “real” Germans.

AIP said...

@BayAreaGirl: you hit the nail on the head.

Orvilla Bedinbacher said...

I just don't see Danny Glover in this at ALL!!!

BayAreaGirl said...

Thanks plot & AIP. My tiger parents would be so proud.

Rinky said...

"Well except Sweden, Finland, Norway, Costa Rica, Canada to some extent, Hong Kong, Denmark, Holland...more"

None of these countries are socialist. None of them. Some of the northern European ones are social or liberal democracies, that's it. Only a USA-ian could claim this, I see this utter ignorance about European countries all the time.

Actual current socialist countries - North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam. All shitholes. Even China doesn't bother in most respects any more, although it retains its authoritarian ways.

WickedBee said...

You read my mind... Do you really think?

Rinky said...

I have plenty of friends who have lived under actual socialism, in countries as varied as old China, the Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia as was, as well as Poland and Romania. All would rather cut their fucking arm off before going through that shit ever again.

plot said...

"Actual current socialist countries - North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam. All shitholes"

NK and Cuba are Communist. Read their own propaganda, they claim it themselves.

Vietnam is going gangbusters at the moment and is a lovely country. Mostly, they are doing better than other "Little Dragons" because they rejected the loans we tried to force on them by our Big Capitalistic Bankers which have led to instability and austerity in so many other countries. Vietnam is absolutely not a shit hole.

plot said...

"I have plenty of friends who have lived under actual socialism, in countries as varied as old China, the Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia as was, as well as Poland and Romania"

none of those countries were socialist. They were all Communist under the colonial system of the Soviet Republic.

You know, it helps to really know your terms.

Schneiderisnext said...

When you get a chance plot, check out "the church" blind.


TRINITY Broadcasting Network might be the lynchpin of this whole operation

hothotheat said...

I want this to be the answer. I like Danny Glover.

plot said...

Will do Schneiderisnext!

I've been skimming the board periodically trying to connect all the dots. Right now I'm busy searching for some deliveries and the Feinstein release of the Fusion GPS testimony, but I do promise I'll focus on it soon.

just sayin' said...

Bored, when even right-leaning commenters find you insufferable, it's time to back off. We're trying hard here to see past politics and enjoy each other's contributions. Your pugilism has no place here. "You have no idea who you're challenging here, you peasants" tells me you're the insecure Eurotrash son of a man with some money who didn't care enough to raise you to have any "class".

roxy said...

For a moment I thought I was on /pol. WTF happened?

Mark said...


No, he was a Fascist.


plot, they are not mutually exclusive. That's all the politics imma do.

BayAreaGirl said...

Not trying to wade into politics, just trying to clarify some factual points. My parents went back to Vietnam a few years ago for vacation & they fully embrace capitalism and Americans now. There's a Four Seasons in Da Nang. Anthony Bourdain did a very interesting episode about it (politics and his self-rightness aside).

China (my family is ethnically Chinese) is still a Communist system, with special economic zones that essentially allow capitalism.

For anyone who wants to know the difference b/w socialism and communism:

rosie riveter said...

So true AppalachianMothersauce! Ignore the trolls.
Don't you people know to not talk politics and religion? A concept most of us learn by the time we move out of primary school.
In the meantime, pedos are raping children and women (and men) are being abused. Wake up and let go of your own ego and agenda. Help others. Move on, move forward!
Stop with the nonsense, ffs.

Burn it Down!

rosie riveter said...

Exactly where can we find this "Books Turds" ? It sounds like an interesting read.

plot said...

"plot, they are not mutually exclusive"

They sure are mutually exclusive as NAZIs and Socialists were fighting street battles in between the world wars as decidedly mutually exclusive entities.

BayAreaGirl said...

To be fair, there is a lot of confusion around communism vs. socialism & even Marx used the terms interchangeable in early writings.

plot is correct about fascism & socialism (& communism) theoretically being mutually exclusive. Fascism by definition, opposes egalitarianism. Socialism & Communism, to a larger extent, advocate communal ownership of property because of the belief of full equality amongst individuals (See Sir Thomas More's Utopia). However, when the radical version of these theories are implemented in practice, they lead to nothing but misery for the average person-which is why many people conflate these theories. I don't think it's a good idea to have blind dedication to any of these systems, including capitalism (See Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and that smog cloud over LA in 1970's & 80's).

Spiney said...

Well said you guys leave the trolls to their Brexit burgers

Sekrit said...

Naomi Campbell for the model for sure

sandybrook said...

Hi Marlo/Monteverde/bored at work get fucked you fucking jackass and get off here too

kgg said...


Unknown said...

They ALL have closed borders.

texasrose said...

Count - I think you're way high on you price quotes. I think their minimum monthly wage is about $12 USdollars and the avg is $45.

Fufu Lou said...

Boredatwork from a fellow Brit, shut-up. Take your own advice and read books. This is a gossip site not a platform for your political bias, you'll find 4chan and Reddit will welcome you with open arms. There are plenty of morons in the UK, trolling a gossip blind and derailing the subject isn't the work of a genius mate. If you can't guess who the blind is about leave it, go have a cuppa and cool your jets.

Hayley said...

@justsayin' thanks for saying that nicely. The comment section has been unbearable lately. I just want to read blinds!

just sayin' said...

Thanks, Hayley. I don't like to respond to trolls but he was off the wall.

Localhacks said...

Peace and love people, kick up not down. "Frequented uni" is an odd phrase. Most inelegant. In National Socialism, the National comes first. Ie Nationalism is the subject, Socialism is the object. Perhaps one should attend uni, rather than just frequent it. I don't think Chavez effed Venezuela up much more than, say, my paternal Grandfather privatised Venezuela's oil. Just Chavez had a better cult of personality. See Champagne Socialists.

Missyrocks53 said...

I remember Kevin Spacey in a photo with Chavez back in the day too.

Localhacks said...

Yeah you're right Missyrocks - first page of image search 'Chavez + celebrities'. Oooo, chills

Scandi Sanskrit said...

This is what happens when you mix power (politicians) and airheads.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

*with (not 'and')

Localhacks said...

Chavez seems to be gesturing something (someone) shorter than them. Nasty chills

Localhacks said...

Who said 'politics is showbiz for ugly people'?

Kikibunny said...

Isnt canada socialist? 3 ferraris? Is that true¿?

Kikibunny said...

Sarah palin's son was arrested recently after a meltdown with Dad and called the AL POLICE "a bunch of peasants"..maybe bored is one and the same and gracing cdans presence from the looney bin....

Count Jerkula said...

Texas: You really think i could purchase a good looking Venezuealan laundry whore for under $500 + shipping? If so, i am really going to have to research this. It aint all acquisition cost, i'm gonna have to get her tested and shots and spayed. I dont care if she speaks English, i'll just buy detergent w/ the instructions in spanish.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

plot lists a bunch a countries as socialist, when they aren't, before proving to everyone that he doesn't even know what 'socialism' means, but dismisses the Nazi Party's OWN NAME, which describes THEIR OWN POLITICAL LEANINGS, as 'meaningless words.

There is no hope with this level of cretinous, I rest my case.

To everyone telling me take my political shite somewhere else, or shut the fuck up: you guys are partially right. I agree, this site is not for political debate, and I got carried away. But this was just too good for me, to leave alone. Americans actually applauding socialism - it's like a goldmine. I love it.
Besides, isn't it lovely to learn a little something, once in a while?
This last question-statement is directed at those with more than 4 functioning braincells, who maybe picked up a thing or 2, eager and open minded enough to learn something, while the others will never learn anything, and have cerebrally peaked in their past: an achievement no human should be proud of.

A special shout out to Rinky, a light of wisdom and knowledge in a sea of ignorance and stupidity.
And Sandybrook of course my most favourite frenemy....did you miss me love?

I shall refrain from unloading my political knowledge too often, I agree it can be too much; maybe once a month if that's ok with you guys, during PMS?

mary lamb said...


mary lamb said...

Hey boredatwork,
Have you read Fire and Fury yet? How about Glenn Simpson's testimony?
Fascinating reads!

Alexandria Anna said...

Plot, I advise You to read Mein Kampf. I won't be trying to explain what Hitler's political view exactly was, it's complicated, also I'm not the most eloquent person, plus my broken english might confuse people, but Hitler absolutely was Socialist, or Egalitarian Socialist.

And Socialism can easily lead to Communism.
And sure, victims are in every political structure, but Socialism killed the HIGHEST number of people in the history.
Sweden, France, Germany, Netherlands aren't socialist yet, but they're heading there, and this is why Europe is already slowly falling apart - because they're trying to create society of idiots complitely dependent on governement.

I live in France, and while financially it's still better off, than in Poland where I come from..in like 20 years maybe it will be economical disaster.

People are always running from Socialist countries to Capitalist countries, never the opposite.

plot said...

"And Socialism can easily lead to Communism."

Marx wrote that Socialism leads to Communism...except in real world examples that has proven to not be the case; not even once.

"Sweden, France, Germany, Netherlands aren't socialist yet,"

They've all been more or less socialist for decades.

"it will be economical disaster."

People have been claiming that for decades, yet France stands.

"People are always running from Socialist countries to Capitalist countries, never the opposite. "

Oh really????

Is that why Costa Rica is full of US expats? And Ecuador? And Germany is full of US and Russian expats? And US citizens are applying to live in Canada in record numbers.

Alexandria Anna said...

Plot, no. These countries aren't socialist, there is free market. If You talking about welfare, then sure maybe it's a little bit more socialist that USA, but it's not Socialist at all.

The USSR was as close to real socialism as country ever got and it collapsed economically in 70 years. Won't even mention how many people it murdered.

How exactly France stands?
You have no idea how slowly everything works here in France.

They're creating useless work placements and the whole state have to pay to support them and they're raising taxes and prices. Wages are lower than should be too. And because You can't fire anyone, nobody wants to do their work.
So for exemple, opening Your own entreprise takes years, something that You should be able to do in weeks or months. But meanwhile You have no income and You're blocked.

This is only beggining, and like I said, it's nowhere near pure Socialism.

And yes, You can absolutely live in Socialist countries.
Hell You can even move and live in the Ultimate Orwellian Paradise which is North Korea, but what kind of life is this?

If You want freedom, don't want to be robbed of Your hard earned money, You want to develop economically, own as much as You want, and say what You want, You're staying away from any Socialist or Communist country.

Count Jerkula said...

Hitler lucked out writing Mein Kampf when he did. Only thing worse than getting caught with a manifesto on yer computer is kiddie porn.

Alexandria Anna said...

Count, someone told me that it's interesting read when You're into economy..I have no idea, because I'm not that into economy, so I will never understand half of it..But if someone is trying to understand his fucked up politics - well, it's always better to read what someone who was creating it had in mind.

Alexandria Anna said...

Also interesting thing: there is many similarities beteween Hitler's politics and European Union politics. Probably this is why it was banned for so long and they dont like when regular people are reading it. God forbid people will realise that. That's why, it's better to read this. So maybe people won't fall in the same socialist trap again and will avoid wars.

Okay, that's it. I'm sorry for going political too.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Alexandria Anna - what a revelation you are. Spot on on all accounts. Your last comment will not go down well with the crowd here though, who know nothing about Europe, most of whom have never been, but who all have strong opinions, formed by their relentless leftist propaganda machinery, they call 'news'.

When I lived in Italy as a student and the EU was forming, I worked for a Russian photographer part time.
I asked him what he thought of of it, and he said:' it will all end in bloodshed and tears my dear, because Europeans are trying to re-created the Soviet Union, ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed for a reason.'

I travel to France regularly for business, the way Paris has changed in particular, breaks my heart.
Quelle damage, mon Dieu. Everytime I go it seems more and more dangerous and lawless.
Mind you, not that London is any better.

Anyway, I also want to stop talking about this, just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read your comments.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Hey Mary Lamb, not yet, but will very soon. I read everything and anything you will put I front of me.

Alexandria Anna said...

Boredatwork, that is true, only someone who lives in Europe and sees it all everyday can realise it. Because what's going on in Paris, is unheard of in USA. There is highest security alert, immigrants can run up to You, beat You, steal everything You got and police is told not to do anything about it and people aren't allowed to have guns. I'm going there next month for concert and we're already planning in advance how to not get killed or assaulted, we won't be using subway to avoid terrorist attack ect. It's just like War Zone.

It was risky to mention Mein Kampf here, I know. I know people are scared of words, books and symbols, and...that's exactly what socialism is doing - spreading terror among people. Even Svastika used to be good symbol of fortune. And then they took it and profaned it and today it's banned. Socialism in it's pure form.

I'm happy to read it Boredatwork and it's very nice to meet You, so glad that there are people who understand everything and how this world works.

LizOz said...


LizOz said...

Bored troll is boring 🙄 can we focus on the blinds?

LizOz said...

It sounds like a very sad world the two of you live in. I’m glad it’s not mine

Count Jerkula said...

I never read it, but his policies worked. If he didn't try to take over the world and start rounding people up so he could confiscate their assets, Germany probably would have been fine. As it is, he wound up being the catalyst for the America to run the world. Like they say, from the ashes grow empires.

Alexandria Anna said...

LizOz, not sad - dangerous 😊 but I can take it.
And thank God, if You're safe. That's what matters.

Alexandria Anna said...

And I apologize if I stole too much of precious space in comment section. I hope Enty forgives.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Alexandria, stay safe I know exactly what you are talking about, last time on Champs Elysees I saw police with AK47 machine guns patrolling; apparently the new normal.
And ignore those who know nothing and go nowhere, they do not live in reality. A bit like these celebrities who don't live in the real world.
It's a mental illness. They put their fingers in their ears and go "lalalalala I can't hear you lalalalala it's not true lalalalala stop talking lalalala' and then one day, it's too late. Their fingers are cut off and they wonder what the fuck just happened.

Cail Corishev said...

The one thing you can count on with socialism: it's only socialism as long as it works. When it doesn't work, it wasn't real socialism.

LizOz said...

I too read books @bored. Have all my life. Try to limit myself to 1 a week - adult learning theory, absorption etc. I’ve actually lived overseas several times - 9 years in the last stint, and when I was a kid we lived in Taiwan during the Clinton era so I know what it’s like to have weekly air raid drills at a very young age. Talk all you want about how scary the world is - my choice to focus on the good is not ignorance has gotten me and and plenty of intelligent people this far. Fear mongering and negative politics only work for so long and only for those who can’t remember how badly it went last time around.

plot said...

"there is many similarities beteween Hitler's politics and European Union politics"

Oh do please give us some back up, real sources, for this lovely observation of yours, personally.

"The USSR was as close to real socialism as country ever go"

Nope. It was Communist. And with your inability to know the difference, your credibility is shot.

plot said...

"only someone who lives in Europe and sees it all everyday can realise it."

Some of us have lived in Europe, in multiple countries in fact, yet no immigrant physically accosted us as you claim nor made living there in any way threatening on a daily basis, or weekly basis, or even a yearly basis.

The threat of random gun violence in the USA, perpetrated by home grown idiots, is actually quite a bit worse, both personally and statistically.

plot said...

"When I lived in Italy as a student and the EU was forming"

No one cares. Do you have this on a copy/pasta loop?

"I travel to France regularly for business"

Who cares. I'm sure you do.

Alexandria Anna said...

Plot - why won't you give us arguments and real sources to back up your claims? Explain exactly what are differences between socialist and communist country, and what makes USSR a communist country?

Now I see, you know nothing, you said that France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Danemark are socialist countries...I don't know if you even realise how ridiculous this claim is and YOU have the nerve to tell people that they know nothing.

Educate yourself.

As for Hitler and EU...I said it for people to go and read it for themselves. I don't care if you believe me or not. You certainly don't know what EU is, how EU works and know nothing about its structure, you don't know what Nazism is so you won't understand anyway if I'll make an attempt to explain.

And we were talking about Paris, where you clearly haven't been in 2017, and apparently you don't know about refugee crisis and that refugees from Calais moved to Paris and are living in the streets.

If you don't have basic knowledge, there is no point to have a discussion with you. You will only pin pointing some phrases and call people out on bullshit.

In this case I won't be wasting my time for you.

LizOz said...

🙌 @plot

Also - I had to chuckle at copy pasta loop bc for a moment I thought there was actually a kitchen appliance I don’t own 😱😂

plot said...

"what makes USSR a communist country? "

The fact that is what they called themselves.

"you don't know"

I do know that your chances of dying or being injured in the USA (with our casual gun violence and drunk driving) are many times greater than any threats present in Europe.

I have no idea how you are tying Hitler with immigrants there, but you do seem confused.

Alexandria Anna said...

"The fact that its what they're called themselves"?

This is not an argument. Explain me why. The whole process. I'm open for discussion.

I'm not tying Hitler to immigrants. Learn to read carefully.

If you're not giving any arguments and statistics, but just taking phrases and trying to negate me - you're just making an idiot of yourself.

No, i'm not confused. I know exactly what i'm talking about. You however, are completely senseless person, and you proved that you dont posses any logic. You didn't tried to explain me you point, or ANYTHING, not even once.

My bad, If I knew that before, I wouldn't even waste a second for you.

perunica said...

Well, this shows how coke can easily leads to politics :-D
As someone who lived part time of life in communism and part time in capitalism, I cant say, which one is worse lol...depends on country, historical background, mentality, resources, HUMAN NATURE...Without moral compass of the leaders, both can turn into the dictature. Remember "DIVIDE ET IMPERA". While you are arguing, someone on the top of the pyramid is satisfied. Maybe he invented both political systems.

Alexandria Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AIP said...

For those interested in the history and academics, specifically of post-War Social Democracy vs Communism, I’m reading a fascinating article in the October 2017 edition of the BBC History Magazine (has some other interesting articles such as the Templars, Black Power in 1960s Britain, Queen Mathilda vs Empress Maud...some more “breathless” than others).
It’s titled “Attlee’s secret war with Stalin”, and is written in plain English. Although the architect for Britain’s post-War socially-driven society (foundation of the NHS etc), he was a strong anti-Communist.

Snippet below but it can be read via subscription to BBC History, Scribd or Zinio which I use via my local library.

plot said...


Thank-you! That sounds right up my alley.

just sayin' said...

Nerd alert. (😊)

plot said...

Shut ur mouth! 😜

(I do love espionage articles, especially the Cold War stuff)

just sayin' said...

That was a compliment, by the way!

plot said...

Then I shall wear my NERD badge with pride!

"Hello, my name is plot. I am a NERD."

just sayin' said...

+1 plot

AIP said...

History buff, if you please, 😝

alileaixe said...

Thank you My dad has never done coke a day in his life. I know this for fact

Count Jerkula said...

Are you the daughter who did the condom commercial, causing him to get clowned by the other cops?

just sayin' said...

I think Sean Penn's on Enty's personal Top 10 wish list for who comes down next. The blinds about him are ramping up this week.

hortensie said...

wow, boredatawork... German speaking here, a country run by socialists btw (EXEPT during that hitler-time).. you really are one of the most birdbrained people out there. i can hardly believe you are british, I think you are american and one of the reasons why your country had to choose between the lesser evil in the last election. shame on you

plot said...


"i can hardly believe you are british, I think you are american"

I do too. The dropping of a few stereotypical phrases that Americans THINK sound British was a dead giveaway.


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