Thursday, January 11, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2017

I don't know if they could get away with it at this point, but there are some writers and producers who would love to either replace this B+ list mostly television actress from this hit almost network non superhero show or have her character killed off. I think every person is scared there is going to be a very public meltdown and want to get ahead of it. One downside is whether it would make her co-star boyfriend upset. Honestly, I think he is always looking out for himself first so wouldn't raise a peep.

Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse


Florin said...

Well, she is my least favorite part of that show. So, I wouldn't be too broken up if she left. What would the potential meltdown be about?

daria morgendorffer said...

I think there are many fans who see Lili as one of the best actors on and the heart of the show, but if the producers wanted to write her out, I think they would be able to do it decently with proper planning. Re: her meltdown, she has a "history" of clapping back at fans who she thinks are disrespecting her or the cast, or overstepping their boundaries as fans. Not to say that she's wrong in what she says, necessarily. For example, someone on Twitter put the cast on blast for "being rude" when she saw them out in Vancouver and ran over to say hi to them, but apparently she had been drinking and got up in their personal space trying to get hugs and things like that. Lili responded back to give more context to how the accosting felt to them. Anyway, maybe a public meltdown is with regard to what she could post on Twitter? From previous blinds, the cast loves loves loves to party, so when you add alcohol and/or drugs to the mix, some personalities can go nuts, social media aside.

And that's the end of my dissertation.

Cuntess Jerkulea said...

@daria morgendorffer where's the blind about the cast's love to party?
I thought it was about her openly struggling with depression and they fearing it could lead to a meltdown because of it.
Another possibility would be a meltdown because of her boyfriend, there was a blind about him getting numbers from several different women at a party when they were already together.
Anyway, I don't think writers or producers would kill her off, the show is based on the Archie Comics and Betty is a central character.

daria morgendorffer said...

I think the blind about their loving to party was at the MTV Awards that just happened? One of the awards shows - that one, or MTV Movie Awards, or Teen Choice Awards. I don't remember if it was revealed, but it was obviously ("obviously") the Riverdale cast. The site is too slow for me to search.

I didn't know that Lili has suffered from depression - I watch the show, but only hear about offstage stuff if it hits a major gossip site. It's a real shame if they would cut her out of the show because of the fear of what she could do or say in a depressed state. (Not sure if there is any mania also.) Jared from Supernatural, same network, has publicly lashed out with bizarre statements multiple times in the past. Things like posting on SM about how an employee treated him poorly and giving enough information so that all of his followers can figure out which restaurant/establishment he's talking about and then start harassing the suspected employee. Pretty much everyone attributes it to his depression and/or being in the process of changing doses/medications. But I realize that someone could say things that a producer really doesn't want to get out (like the way people are treated), and this could be the case here.

I don't think they can outright kill off Betty, either. Recasting her would be just as weird, even though they still have the character in the storylines.

Cuntess Jerkulea said...

uhhh I didn't know about Jared.
I just watch the show but after seeing these blinds did a little googling and saw how she calls out some fans and is often rude to them. Maybe the meltdown waiting to happen is her going off at some female fan if her boyfriend acts too friendly like he supposedly does.
I hope they don't recast Lili although I don't doubt they would (Reggie was recast)

MatineeIdolx said...

The show pretty much revolves around Betty and the fans, including myself, wouldn't go for a replacement.

KittensRUs said...

Speak for yourself. I'm a fan and I'd prefer a replacement...I find her annoying and she looks way too old to be a high schooler.

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GarciaPanda said...

This is clearly such bullshit. It doesn't even make sense. try harder, or not!! you make up lie after lie about people you don't know, to get what, some clout? ad space payments? Seriously there isa better way to make money. IDo this line of work but don't follow weak leads. anyways peace and love


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