Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 14, 2017

This east coast Housewife has been forced to pay off some people who were owed money by her husband from deals he made in the past. As a consequence, she has very little money as a cushion and her expenses are much higher than her income.

Teresa Giudice


Boldblonde said...

Everything about her is annoying.

sandybrook said...

I imagine the mob isn't happy he welshed on his debts. And what income does she have, everything goes to paying off her debts?

Moose said...

The restaurant her and her brother just opened is also shutting down. Don't understand these reality stars who let a little bit of attention get so deep in their head they think they can do anything and make money.

Babsbunny said...

God, her Ebay store must be amazing... imagine all the things she's probably selling off. I remember when she just used to run around to the malls and boutiques with cash upon cash.... I have to believe she's hemorraging all of that.

Do Tell said...


Lau Ra said...

They never do enough prison time those two Giuduce. Not sure she understands that Stealing from people is a CRIME. Not sure she understands anything.. actually. Neandhertals

David Howes said...

Not surprised.

Brooklyn Girl said...

I have to say this, these are some of stupidest people in the world.
One of the reasons I left NYC, was too many people in the Tri state
area who are so superficial and just plain stupid.
I never watch this show, but it's hard to not know about them, they
are all over the Internet.

Badseed said...

Moose--Yes, especially restaurants! Everyone thinks it looks so easy, when in reality the restaurant industry is not for wimps.

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