Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 3, 2018

The drug use is real. The violence is real. Somehow though, despite those two factors, fame and being famous and keeping a reality show seems to be the most important factor in the relationship of these two people in the record industry who are married and have a reality show. They actually had sex within the past 72 hours which just blows my mind.

Tamar Barxton/Vincent Herbert


just sayin' said...

Enty's got quite the inside line if he knows when people have sex!!! (gonna guess it's Tamar herself.)

Colonel Blake said...

Rather makes one wonder if this was why she was fired from that show. Her never-ending running mouth probably spewed her personal life to everyone around and the powers who be didn't want it coming to light on their dime/time.

*Dang, took 3 times to post this useless comment.

Andi said...

She thinks she's a bigger star than what she is. She writes checks her a$$ can't cash. She got with Vince cuz she thought she would finally get her dream and be a big time recording artist, not Toni Braxton's sister.

LMJ said...
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LMJ said...

*😂😂 Been there.


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