Friday, September 18, 2009

Four For Friday - From Fashion Week Of Course

#1 & #2 - A conversation was overheard between this C list singer/actor and this married A list singer at least by name recognition if not talent.

C lister - I can't get laid here to save my life.
A lister - What you need to do is go to London next week for their show. I went a couple of years ago without the wife and this guy model gave me the best blowjob ever.

#3 - This very good looking foreign born C+ list actor on a huge hit show didn't have anyone within two seats of him at a show he attended. Why? He smelled as if he had not showered in days and when he had showered had done it in week old booze.

#4 - Currently, and I mean only currently this television actress is probably a B-. As soon as her show gets canceled, and it will, she will be thrown back into obscurity. Hopefully. She does have a fairly famous boyfriend so she might stick around to torture the world. Anyway, she was at a show and was overheard saying how she hated 95% of the crap that the designer showed but that she would still like to get the other 5% of the stuff for free and that is the only reason she was there. Unfortunately for the actress, the designer heard every word and made sure to tell our actress that her work was 100% crap.


jw12 said...

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B626 said...

#3-Nathan Fillion
He HAD to be bombed to do GMA!!!

jw12 said...

3. Jesse Spencer from House

janine said...

#3 sounds like Ryan Kwanten from True Blood. He's a certified Yoga instructor and that type stinks sometimes (Tom's of Maine does not work, people. Use chemicals.)

jw12 said...

Jason Stackhouse has an amazing body

Unknown said...

what a lame blind collection.

i miss the days when all was about just not writing the name, but about making sure that everyone checks it.

this is soooo lame, for for friday. About a B- actress in a 15 minute fame series, some booze and stinkin.

hey ent, maybe you put some effort in these blinds again, are you the ent lawyer or the tabloid regurgitator in order to just fill your blog?

miss the/your old juicy stuff.

littlemanwhatnow said...

for some reason i think 4 is anna lynne mccord. she seems tacky enough.

three....someone from true blood but why did i think the mentalist? simon baker?

1 and clue

Anonymous said...

Sting for #2 A list singer for name, as for talent other than the Police.. meh.

PotPourri said...

Poor Simon Baker, if that is true. He is gorgeous. I can't imagine his managers letting him be like this, furthermore, his Aussie, they usually are more well groomed than this. This is British if I ever saw it!

selenakyle said...

@dschingis' comment...

WTFFFFFFF??? bwahahahaaaaaaa

I have been gone this week (not that anyone cared) and it was a terrible week, so today I finally get to catch up on my CDAN and--truly--dschingis just cracked me the hell up!

I love Enty and don't give a flying eff who he/she/it is, I just love the site and all of y'all.

But I gotta admit that comment was priceless!

Unknown said...

Totally blind shots in the dark...
#1 Nick Lachey
#2 Gavin Rossdale
#3 Naveen Andrews
#4 Ana lyn Mccord sounds good

whole lotto luv said...

I agree with jw12 on #3 - Jesse Spencer from House. C+ on a very hit show, so it can't be the title character actor.

Agree with littlemanwhatnow on AnnaLynne McCord for #4, just because she annoys me.

whole lotto luv said...

Oh yeah, ea73, Gavid Rossdale for #2!

timebob said...

Taylor Momsen at the Chris Benz Spring 2009 fashion show.

Dijea said...

I'm with ea73 on #2 Gavin Rosdale #1 ?

#3 My first thought was someone from True Blood.
#4 ?

Pinky said...

That Naveen Andrews guess is awesome!

littlemanwhatnow said...

i like the rossdale guess....or maybe ashlee simpson for 4?

Linnea said...

Would Gavin really be A-list?

GladysKravitz said...

@Dschingis: It's been said many times and many ways, but let's try this again.

It's Enty's blog. He can write whatever he wants to write. If you don't like what he writes, the polite thing to do is to either stop reading it or to write him a private email suggesting some other topics that do interest you.

Between this and your complaint about the Odom t shirt thing (both of which I enjoyed), it seems as if it might be good to clue you into the rules of blogging. Bloggers write. Readers read. Comments are about the conversation topic, not complaining about what the topic is.

cibele said...

I read Ryan (from True Blood) attended some show and Lindsay Lohan wanted to hook up with him hahaha

Anyway, I hope it's not Jesse. He's so gorgeous and looks like a funny guy. hahaha
Well, at least it wasn't something juicier.

The Adventures of... said...

@GladysKravitz re Dschingis post:

I understand what you're saying- it's Enty's blog etc. But in all honesty, I like to think this blog has a following that's a cut above, and like family, even our criticisms are meant with love. Seemed more like Dschingis was just 'putting it out there', which only a good friend would have the balls to do, no?

Love the site, Enty for creating and maintaining it and all the funny folks that post on it;-)

GladysKravitz said...

Yeah, you're right Missyg. I agree that the readers here are a cut above. WAY ABOVE. And I agree there's a lot of slack between commenting and criticizing. I probably should have put my response to Dschingis under their Odom tshirt post, which is what rubbed me the wrong way. But it was the combination of the two that kind of sent me over the edge.

That said, yeah, I'd rather have ten Dschingis(es) criticizing Enty any day over some of the really crazy people that occasionally post here. And you're right, we are a CDAN family. I am probably a little overprotective of Enty, like a mama bear. Plus, Jax is out of town and someone's gotta show a little bit of loving teeth every now and again.

Here's what Dschingi wrote under the tshirt thing that got me going :

Dschingis said...
boy, oh boy!

now ent, this is an all time low. commenting on some T-Shirts?????

what´s wrong man???? are you really so desperate for subjects?

Beth said...

1. Dunno

2. I like the Gavin Rossdale guess. However, the BI implies that his talent may be comparable to his name recognition. I don't know that Gavin is considered to be that talented. Also, he might be listed as an actor/singer, as he has had a few roles.

3. Ryan Kwanten was the first person I thought of.

4. Alas, LJH is not going anywhere. She always manages to keep her name floating around by posing for photographers.

This sounds like it could be Annalynne McCord, but does she have a famous boyfriend?

gay tallywacker said...

Seriously, Dschingis - seems like you're just spewing Enty hatred. what's up with that?

Unknown said...

#4 cant be Jennifer Love Hewitt because Ghost Whisperer is considered a hit and she is waaaaaaay above b- for now.

My guess is someone from the Melrose Place reboot or the new 90210

Ms Cool said...

I am thinking #4 is Ashlee Simpson but I would think it might mention her other job (lip synching).

I don't understand criticizing the posts on this blog. I'm always surprised at how much Enty can post given that he presumably has a day job.

I also don't understand why there aren't any pictures of Daniel Craig but that is another story. ;-)

bionic bunny! said...

i thought it was kind of quiet around here (jax)!
you are absolutely right. one day enty may get tired of the criticism and just leave us all hanging. then where would we be?
you go, mama bear!

also, i don't have a guess, but i find #4 hysterical!!

Anonymous said...

been reading for years, and just left my first comment on the 9/11 "your turn" post, but I feel I have to chime in...this blog is head and shoulders above any other, and a huge part of what makes it so special and different is the virtual family of readers. I feel lucky to count myself as one of the (mostly invisible) members of that tribe. With that said, when I first read this 4 for, I thought, "juicy!" and I love littlemanwhatnow and ea73's guesses!

ms snarky said...

an alternative to Gavin for # 2 -

how about Skeletor? married, a list singer (especially in the Latin market) and def A list for name recognition. and might enjoy a blowjob or two.

Eek! I said bj out loud in mixed company! : )

whole lotto luv said...

This sounds like it could be Annalynne McCord, but does she have a famous boyfriend?

Beth, I believe she's been linked to Kellan Lutz, who is pretty famous because of Twilight.

shakey said...

Yeah, nice juice, Ent!

I would rule out Sting for 2. If he lives in London, or it's basically home base then he would have phrased his response a little differently. I do like Gavin Rossdale for 2. I take A list at least by name recognition if not talent to mean he may not be very talented, but he's famous.

3. Nathan Fillion is very good looking. He was at the US Open - not sure if that quantifies as a "show".

AnnaLyn McCord is dating Kellan Lutz (which sounds like a skating move).

Tania said...

I too like Rossdale for 2, and Annalyne McCord for 4.

As for 3 - not Fillion, I wouldn't think. He tweets and facebooks practically non-stop, as himself and also as Richard Castle. I dunno when he'd have time to get that messed up! ;-) I would guess Kwanten.

Tania said...

I too like Rossdale for 2, and Annalyne McCord for 4.

As for 3 - not Fillion, I wouldn't think. He tweets and facebooks practically non-stop, as himself and also as Richard Castle. I dunno when he'd have time to get that messed up! ;-) I would guess Kwanten.

Tania said...

sorry about the double - weird stuff is happening with my posts today!

Princess said...

Mark Anthony for the singer with A list name recognition

and Mischa Barton for the actress that is B- and will go back to obscurity as soon as her show is canceled.

RJ said...

Is Pete Wentz in NYC? He was the first person that I thought of for #1. Everyone knows his name, and there's always been lots of talk that he can't even play an instrument and that his band just keeps him on because he's free publicity. And there's lots of talk that he likes to dabble occasionally with other young men.

#4 I also immediately thought of AnnaLynn McCord.

#3 is tough because it seems like all the big hit shows right now have tons of foreign-born cast members.

Leah said...

#1- who is a singer and an actor that would go to fashion week? I'd think this would be Justin T, but he's an A list singer right?

I thought of Usher for #2- but it didn't mentioned separated from his wife, and would they have been together long enough to warrant "a few years ago"? (I kinda want this to be Diddy, but he's not married)I'm thinking this might be Gavin since he's married and would go to fashion week thanks to Gwen.

For number three I thought of that Brit from Gossip Girl- I don't remember his name, but he looks greasy and like he might be a boozer.

for number 4 it couldn't be Ashlee or Mischa - one is married and one doesn't have a fairly-famous boyfriend. I suppose the same could be said about lil-mess Jenny, since I don't know who she is dating either.
I immediately thought of AnnaLynne because she's on a revamped show and is dating the bulky guy from Twilight and I suppose he is fairly famous at least to Twilighters.

sunnyside1213 said...

CDAN is the only place I come on a regular basis and I love the posts from all of you. Funny, genuine people here. Enty, I love you!!!

OT but, poor Kellan. Did his parents not realize that listed first intial and last name, it's Klutz?

captivagrl said...

4. Hayden Panties

Anonymous said...

Leah - Ed Westwick's been filming over the past week or two. I don't think he could get away with not showering while actually working. Not sure if I'd call him "very good looking" either.

I'm so bad at these I need to stop guessing.

farseer0514 said...

Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood for #3? He's gorgeous.

timebob said...

@farseer it isn't Alex Skarsgaard he is in Georgia filming Straw Dogs remake. He won't be at the Emmy's either sadly.

Fabulous! said...

#2, sting.. or chris martin?

#3 sounds like russel brand. he doesn't look clean AT ALL!

#4 ashlee simpson

Mango said...

Pete wentz writes the songs for his band, so I imagine they would want to keep him around.

Russell Brand does look rather "untidy" but what hit show is he on?

I like the Ashlee Simpson guess for #4

allison said...

Yeah, #3 it's not Alex Skarsgard. He's almost never goes to any event, especially now that he's shooting a movie in Shreveport. Plus, fans who met him always say he smells pretty great.

I think it's Ryan Kwanten, sadly( I think he's cute).

westward ho said...

so, um, wow, Dschingis. it's not like you're paying ent for this, is it? talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. you miss his old blinds, and i miss the days when people had manners, and minded them.

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