Monday, September 13, 2010

Judi Dench Had No Idea What Quantum Of Solace Was About

Judi Dench gave an interview to The Times and in it she started discussing Quantum Of Solace and admitted she had no clue what was going on in the movie. "Yes, I know, it was hard, wasn't it? I didn't have a clue what was going on. I just did my bit, as I was told. I should know though, shouldn't I, being all-knowing, all-seeing M." I am right there with you Judi. I think my first problem was that I watched it really late at night when it was first released and I was in a nice comfy movie theater chair and I may have had a wee bit to drink and fell asleep throughout it.

Usually if a movie is really good I will stay awake no matter how much I have had to drink. Usually. So, I watched it again when it came out on DVD and I had trouble with the way it started and there was a great deal in the movie that did not fit together. I think the vision was probably to have the next movie tie it all up, but of course there has been no third movie. I am ok with sequels tying things up, but I also think a movie should be able to stand on its own without the viewer needing to have watched a previous movie to understand what is going on.

I think because it is James Bond and the action scenes were so good the script is not always that important. But, Casino Royale was so much better.


Ms Cool said...

Thanks for the picture of me with Daniel. I love that one.

Plot? Movie? Who cares? Daniel Craig is smoking hot in it.

Seriously, though, i understood the plot and thought it was really good. Not as good as Casino Royale but still good.

Anonymous said...

I like 007 movies no matter what. I don't think I have ever complained about them even with the different Bonds they had.

So Judi D. is a drinker lol.

sunnyside1213 said...

Judi can do no wrong. I have loved her since the tv show A Fine Romance.

I too was confused, but really didn't care.

delilah said...


Bond escapes/chases someone. someone dangerous is about to do something crazy unless Bond can stop them. Bond meets girl, romance ensues and she helps him. Bond stops dangerous/bad person from doing whatever they were going to do.

apply from here on out (and before for that matter) and you're good.

sunnyside1213 said...

delilah, that is a very good summation of every Bond movie ever made. The only time they ever deviate is to kill the GF.

Pookie said...

teehee! delilah ftw!

MnGddess said...

I agree with M. After the spectacular debut of Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace was confusing. I watched it twice just to try to figure out what the script was trying to do. Q of S was a huge disappointment. I would love to DC in a Bond movie again.

Beth said...

I didn't care for Quantum, but it wasn't terrible either--just went overboard on the action. I think the point was that Bond is angry from what happened to g-friend in Casino Royale and gets revenge. Now he's had it so in the next film, we will (hopefully) see the suave character we love. I did find the story confusing though. I think there is a 3rd film in production. Daniel Craig's body=HOT

abigail7881 said...

Honestly, and this might shock some of you, but I have never seen ANY James Bond movies.


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