Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Goopster Continues To Amaze

Just when I think The Goopster cannot get any more strange, she does. Tomorrow she is on Rachael Ray to plug Country Strong. Has anyone noticed the ads have gone away from that trailer version with The Goopster in every shot and instead they seem to be going with Blake Lively Leighton Meester in every ad. I wonder why. Anyway, getting back to The Goopster on Rachael. Apparently because she plays an alcoholic in the movie, The Goopster drank some alcohol to prepare for the movie. Maybe.

"You just get really drunk all the time. Which is awesome! At least I did anyway, it's not very professional. There's a Bloody Mary at 10 a.m. and keep it going all day!"

The reason I said maybe above is because when she talks about the professional part it makes me think she was taking method acting to the extreme and drinking while shooting?!? I can't see that. I think she just wants us to think that.

She also talks about Tom Cruise. Quick, think of the movie they were both in together. I thought of it in two seconds, but The Goopster had to scan through her vast body of work to think of it, and then says that Tom was the best kisser in a movie she has ever had.

"I did a little cameo once at the beginning of Austin Powers 3, I think it was, and I got to make out with Tom Cruise. He was an amazing kisser!" I think he practices a lot on his stuffed animals.


Allison said...

i think you mean Leighton Meester

RocketQueen said...

Lol - definitely means Leighton Meester. The reviews for that movie are NOT good, although Ebert managed to spin it somewhat positively yesterday, saying it would be perfect for the late 1950s.

And totally agree she did NOT drink all day to prepare for this role. Oh, Goopie. You're so method.

Anyone read GOOP today? It's about her annual cleanse! She "cannot say enough"! about the 21 day version. Clean your liver and drop a few pounds! STFU, Goopie.

CDAN Mod said...

Any movie released in January is more than likely terrible. Green Hornet, a comic hero action flick, not being released in the summer months. Hello?

Taylor said...

Yes, I gleefully noticed the shift of the ads focus from Gwyneth to Garrett and Leighton. I am going to see it for them, despite the fact that she is in it.

skeeball said...

Maybe the producers realized that everyone hates her

selenakyle said...

Far off topic here, but....

Is anyone else sick to DEATH every-GD-thing being cupcake-this and cupcake-that these day???

Good Gawd Almighty. All I see is fucking cupcakes. (ad to the right)----------->>>>

Hello, they've been around for ever. Jumping on trends is sooooooo banal.

Hendrix said...

What is it about her that makes me want to slap her silly? The clueless entitlement perhaps? The fact that she was really a marvelous actress when she was younger but hasn't grown at all since then? The fact that poor Chris Martin is stuck with her? The freaking 21 day cleanses?

She does look stunning lately (and in the Country Strong promos) but she does NOT look country. Just, way too patrician and perfect and uptight to be country.

And please. I don't believe she was drunk every day. Honestly.

She is trying so damn hard to be RELEVANT again.

Momster said...

Selena, I gotta say it beats the ad of the baby elephant.

mooshki said...

Don't worry, Selena, I read yesterday that pies are the next big thing, and cupcakes are on their way out. :) And I agree, Momster, a hell of a lot better!!!

LOL at "stuffed animals."

HighPriestess420 said...

I do remember her in some "Spain-On the Road" thing with the chef Mario Batali. She did nothing but drink wine the whole time.

Then again if I were anywhere near her I'd probably have to do the same.

timebob said...

at least enty got rid of those loud audio commercials.

Maybe Rupert was right, TPTB choose who the movie stars are loved or not and we are stuck with them.

Her career should of been over years ago.

Meg said...

Mmmm, cupcakes.

I have noticed that about the Country Strong trailers! Which I am sure I will rent when it comes out on DVD.

Hasn't someone else said the same of Cruise? Cameron Diaz maybe?

Merlin D. Bear said...

First off, my impression, from what I've seen of "Country Strong" in trailers, is that it's a Country remake of "A Star Is Born" by way of Streisand's remake of the Judy Garland version of the Claudette Colbert original.
Honestly, I think that says it all.
As for the Cruise reference, I'm willing to bet theres going to be a separation announcement soon.
Hence the re-establishment of his "het cred" so to speak.
I can only hope that Katie talks.

3culprits said...

OT...I've been sick with a dumb virus for more than two weeks. Cabin fever. Laundry piling up. Hubby and kid complaining that there's no food in the house (eat the dust bunnies). And I come here and it's just pure bliss. I want to thank you all for making the last couple of weeks bearable. Between reveal day and the great comments, you all are getting me through! Thanks!

ardleighstreet said...

3culprits-- I hope you feel better soon. Tell your husband if he wants to eat, there are 2 modern inventions for him to use--- a supermarket and a stove. ;)

mooshki said...

I hope you feel better soon too! I remember once, my mom came back from a week long vacation, and the first thing my dad said to her was "we're out of milk." She asked him why he didn't go buy some (there was a grocery store literally half a block away!), and he said he was afraid he'd buy the wrong kind. Poor men, they can't survive without us! :)

Mango said...

Speaking of acting methods, how does Gwyneth act with that great big stick up her ass? Do you think it helps or hinders her performances?



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