Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are You Smarter Than A Replacement Ref


smash said...

I can't believe we missed this!!! Didn't DVR it! And now have to see this all over national Tv!! Why honey! Why did you forget to DVR the game you watch every week!! :(


MaryMQC said...

These refs are burning my ass so hard, but Goodell is to blame in this scenario - sure, we can blame the owners, too, but Goodell is called the commissioner for a reason. It's his job to step in and take care of this stuff. The fact that they let it get this far - far enough that most people will consider this season to be a 'joke' season, is utterly ridiculous. It's especially unfortunate for all of the teams who have done well thus far, because they're not going to get credit for a great season like they normally would - everyone will be too busy making claims that the wins would have played out differently had the normal refs been working the games. Gah, I'm just so ticked about this situation, especially when all it boils down to is a bunch of greedy, rich assholes refusing to pay the refs the big bucks they deserve - I mean, if the players, coaches, and owners are making as much money as they are, surely they can understand why it makes no sense for the guys officiating the games and deciding the outcomes to be making peanuts? Sorry. /end rant

Del Riser said...

Normal refs make mistakes too. Karma is a huge bitch, as a Seahawks fan I realize this call was bogus, but so was the one by a *real* ref who admitted his blown call that cost Seattle the Super Bowl!

This game was riddled with blown calls. Sometimes the flag wasn't thrown until the fans booed.

I understand that regular refs work 21 days a year and make about 149K, plus first class flights and accommodations. I don't know if that's fair or not, but all this needs to end before football is a total joke.

FairForties said...

We're not watching any more NFL games until this is resolved (much tougher on FairHubbie). Football is a violent game and bad officiating can end up with someone getting injured. I think that players, coaches, trainers and team staff should all stage a sit-in this Sunday and refuse to play. Failing that, it's my responsibility as a consumer to vote with my wallet and take my eyeballs elsewhere.

This whole Pre and regular season so far has been riddled with bad calls. This was just the most egregious and visible example. I don't blame the replacement refs, though. It's an incredibly difficult job. Making split-second decisions on fantastically complex rules in a hand-to-hand combat war zone while trying to stay out of the way of some of the biggest, fastest athletes in the world. I wouldn't do it for a gajillion dollars.

It really pisses me off that the futhermucking greedy owners can't share a tiny bit of the revenue with the refs and the team that pays the price is the only one in the franchise that isn't privately owned by some futhermucking greedy asshat.

Gypsytrill said...


Ms Cool said...

Dang replacement refs.

~Signed, Bitter Packer Fan

chopchop said...

I'm still smarting over that shit call. Actually, all those shit calls. I'm done for the rest of the season. I grew up near Green Bay, I bleed green & gold and I shit cheese, but I refuse to give the NFL any more of my money or time until this crap gets resolved.

Grrr, now my blood is boiling again.


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