Thursday, March 06, 2014

Random Photos Part Three- Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals

Everyone always looks so happy the first week. Nice big paycheck and then comes the rehearsal. Hours of it.

Danica McKellar and Val after practice.

Karina Smirnoff making sure you have cash upfront.
Candace Cameron Bure is all smiles.
James Maslow looks good here. Do enough people know him though?
Billy Dee Williams and his partner.
How long do you think it will take for Cody Simpson to hook up with his


WareCat said...

Where's Nene?

Anonymous said...

Smirnoff for the girl running out of money trying to get someone rich

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Winnie Cooper/Danica the Mathematician here.

TalksTooMuch said...

Billy Dee!! Charlie is gonna be so excited

I should know tank top dude why?

Kelly said...

@Cocoa Nah, she's just proving that she can do it all! :)

Unknown said...

James is more popular with the Nickelodeon crowd than the primetime abc crowd.

Leekalicious said...

Billy Dee, Billy Dee, he is so fine. He still doesn't bump The Rock from first place on my hottie list, though.

OneEyeCharlie said...

Billy Dee is a smoooooooth cat

M. Brown said...

I just realized that DJ Tanner and Winnie Cooper are gonna have a dance off.


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