Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #9

December 23, 2013

This former A list singer/celebrity who is probably still an A list celebrity because of her name but a B- list singer had a great run but is back on drugs in a big way. The thing that is scaring the people around her is that she was off them for so long but is doing them at the same or higher levels than she was before she got clean. During a performance this weekend she hit a meth pipe before and after her very brief set and was a big mess and sloppy and was really sad to see.

Courtney Love


SpookyShark said...

No sh*t. Isn't Courtney Love's sloppy drug-addled-ness basically public knowledge?

TopperMadison said...

I think Courtney is going to be our generation's Keith Richards. Well, MY generation's, anyway.

Q said...

A stampede couldn't bring this woman down. She's the toughest one you'll find.

Dani said...

Just saw the Kurt Cobaine documentary on HBO. Courtney looks exactly the same. She looked old at 23.


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