Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #1

September 27, 2016

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor is hooking up with the daughter of the homeowner who allows him to surf in front of his house. Wonder if the celebrity girlfriend of our actor knows.

Liam Hemsworth


Verbal Kint said...

I doubt she'd care.

And-so-on.. said...

As the country stomach turns.. tune in. Miley probably berated her for being a fake first.. after all who cares.. I won't diss a sister.. pan-love or whatevers, he won't marry me, cheats, it's not like the whole world doesn't know I live with you.. sorta, this new chick.. she does the same;.. so um, no competition.. not worried.

Dutch said...

I wonder if the homeowner knows. How old is the girl?

Sc said...

I could've sworn this blind was already revealed in the last two weeks or so.

MarkyMark said...

Its just that it was so obvious when it ran that it seemed to reveal itself.


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