Sunday, October 16, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 29, 2016

In an attempt to win back her ex, this maybe a celebrity says that when she hooked up with her superhero ex for ex sex that she got pregnant. No one is buying it.

Henry Cavill/Tara King


Ay said...

Shoot your shot Tara.

Unemployable said...

Sounds like Henry is the one who shot his shot. If he wasnt faster than a speeding bullet he mightve had time to pull out.

Jerky said...

Women who make false accusations should be charged with perjury
First duke lacrosse
Then uva Rolling Stones lacrosse
Now these Clinton paid trump accusing ho's ..the women who was holding a grudge At trump for his trees blocking her ocean 3 mill view is the biggest whore of them all

Btw I am a women whose sister was brutally raped
Women like this make it worse for actual victims like Juanita Broderick and Kathy shelton

Go Away said...

Go away troll.

This is a gossip site, we don't care about your views.

Zilla1 said...

Or yours.


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