Friday, October 07, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 17, 2015

Teen Choice Awards

“We have to keep this really quiet. If I get busted it would be a huge blowup for you and for me.”
Former A- list mostly television actor turned B+ list actor with an A- list celebrity girlfriend as he tired to hit on this B list talk show host. She turned him down and he went on to someone else.

Wilmer Valderrama/Demi Lovato/Rosci Diaz


Derek Needs Validation said...

Excuse me, did anyone nail this?

Elle said...

Old Rocsi strikes again lol! Forever a side chick

back again said...

hey @ Enty---Good Article on ya in Vanity Fair albeit w/a lil' fiction on your part-ie. you never out anyone or have blinds about celebs children-but all in all,good for you-you should be getting a new slew of readers/commenters from it- Congrats!

AyyyPapi said...

"it would be a huge blowup for you and for me.”

How Enty thinks people talk.

Nuzzy said...

How could they when it describes Valderrama as former A- list now B+?

Bif Loman said...

I can't watch NCIS since Wilmer joined the cast.

Kno Won Uno said...

Dime store detective novel, 1949-ish.


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