Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 22, 2017

Billboard Music Awards

Honestly, if it had not been for someone holding a card as they walked the red carpet, no one would have known who these big winners even were last night.

The Chainsmokers


Guesser said...

Everyone knows the songs though.

Everyone said...

I don't.

John said...

Maybe the cards were for older folks like me. Everyone I know under 40 knows who they are. They played fauxchella FFS.

Jessica said...

They're the new Black Keys, no one knows who they are, but they have heard the songs around, if not on radio in tv & movies. Nobody really knows what they look like.

Jessica said...

You've heard the songs in commercials and tv and movies, just don't know it.

you are not allowed to vote for this comment said...

which ones?

Jabroni said...

Wow really? Someone's out of touch. Well, just to name a few:

-Doo-wop that do do thing
-Hungry Heart
-Fibia Freak
-General Coitus
-Big Girls Don't Cry
-(Don't Worry) My Parents are Asleep
-I want to sex your heart
-Tangled Up In Blue
-Are you on birth control?
-Half Price Plan B
-We Didn't Start The Fire

longtimereader said...

Pink floyd could play a stadium and still walk out in the parking lot after and not get recognised.


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