Monday, September 11, 2017

Blind Item #3

Lots of stories right now about this A list home renovation reality star. I have been writing about him for years. One thing people should know about his past is the way he burned through money because he spent it all on coke and this male escort he couldn't stop seeing all the time.


Betty said...

Ty Pennington

david said...

If Ty, my sister-n-law's brother was the LA Police Offer who was married to the LA Police Officer, who was shot and paralyzed from the chest down, that was on Home Improvement years ago.
The stories told through my wife's brother (married to the sister of the male Police Officer), say Ty was an a-hole to almost everyone on the set with tensions so high it could be cut with a knife.
The married couple on the show ended up divorcing; and they had to sell the re-modeled house to split the marriageable assets.
Oh, well.
Only met her (the female Police Officer) a few times and him (brother-n-law) maybe once or twice more.
Last I heard about them, was she was still in (physical & mental) therapy and he had re-married.
Sad end to this Home Improvement tale.

Phanshy said...

Drew Scott

hothotheat said...

One those twins. The one on DWTS this season.

Morninglorri said...

My mind immediately went to Chip. I don't know why. I could see one of the twins, though.

Elk said...

No way. Ty is a much better guess.

LiveYourLife said...

Ty is a better guess? Despite the fact there are not "a lot of stories right now" about him? That's the lead clue.

Fairylights said...

Tarek El Moussa? Vanilla Ice (The Vanilla Ice Project)?

Gypsy Trill said...

David Bromsted


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