Monday, August 10, 2020

Today's Blind Items - One Season

It only managed to last one season. There were big hopes for the reboot of a show originally got its start decades earlier and made huge stars of at least a half dozen people. Huge stars. It was doomed from the beginning. It skewed way older than the other reboots. One of the reasons was the executives wanted people who could move straight from the show into movies or older television shows. Plus, they wanted to be able to get more work out of them and not have their parents hovering. Oh, they were all still underage. They just happened to all be teenagers rather than tweens.

Another reason it ended so quickly was the jungle. That is what the stars of the show, most of whom you will never hear from again, had to endure when once a week, executives of the show and the company would take the group out to a long abandoned portion of land owned by the studio and ply them with drugs and alcohol before trying to sexually assault them. Often, they would try even without those things, but these were supposed to be bonding experiences in this abandoned, scary, never to be seen by the public for fear of prosecution areas.

One of the actresses said it was obvious these executives had been there before. There were lots of bottles and trash and even cots set up in sheltered areas last used decades earlier. Apparently employees of the company, also underage (at least in regards to drinking) were often taken to the area and coerced into sex or other sexual activities for promotions or raises.

Apparently too much time was spent by executives planning these outings and not enough time for the show which bombed.

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