Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Coming Clean

A producer died earlier this year. It was cancer and he knew it was terminal for about six months. I guess that is the reason the police decided not to arrest him for the murder of an A-/B+ list actor who was on a hit show at the time of his death. Apparently the actor wanted to break off a relationship he was having with the producer because he found someone not married and also age appropriate. The producer killed the actor. The producer confided in his attorney about the murder who then was obligated to report it to the police. There are rumors the attorney knew about it several years prior to going to the police and would not have said anything if the producer stayed healthy and alive. It was framed as a deathbed confession despite the producer living several months after the reveal to the police. The police haven't even bothered to tell the family. They said it would open old wounds and the producer died before the investigation could be completed, so the police would never conclusively know.

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