Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Killer

He lived a short life, but the way he affected the history of celebrity culture is still felt today. He sold some really powerful drugs and would sell the right mix to people he liked and would sell an almost pure shot to people he didn't like. If they lived, then great, if they died, so be it. He hated this alliterate A list singer because she once said his manhood was super small. So, he gave her the drugs that killed her. One of his hotshot specials.

One of his hotshots that killed someone has always been rumored to have been done at the direction of a bandmate of the person who was killed because the bandmate wanted to have sex with the dead person's girlfriend.

One of the biggest singers that ended up dead did so because the drug dealer was upset that his ex was sleeping with the singer.

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