Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Murdered - Old Hollywood

This will be a hard one to solve. This actor was A list for a very brief period when he starred in a network television show for several seasons. Other than that, there were more lows than highs. For a couple generations before his, the family was in movies. Our actor's father's best friend was Old Hollywood Harvey. That will come in handy later. Apparently our actor did some work for Old Hollywood Harvey which landed our actor his sole starring role. That favor was supposed to be just roughing someone up, but it accidentally led to death. Old Hollywood Harvey covered it up and made sure the actor got the television role to keep him quiet. Well, apparently everyone in the family knew what happened. They also knew not to say anything when our actor was murdered. No police were called. No cause of death released. Just a quiet funeral, sparsely attended. 

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