Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Contract

This foreign born actor was A+ list in his corner of the television world. He is lower than that now, but everyone in that corner of the world knows who he is. A couple decades ago or so, our actor had a nice little setup going. He was A+ list and, despite being married, regularly hooked up with co-stars, walk ons, and anyone else he could find. He was known as someone who didn't care about the age of the women he hit on or had sex with. Everything was great. Our actor was so popular that a rival network paid well over $1M to buy him out of his contract and bring his services to them. They paid several other millions of dollars in court fighting off his old network. 

Almost immediately after bringing him over, he started filming a new show and went back to his familiar patterns of finding anyone to hit on and to have sex with. The only problem he faced now was he was filming in the US instead of his home country. So, when he hooked up with his 16 year old co-star, he probably thought everything would be the same as it was at home. Nope. This 16 year old had a famous father and when he heard about it, he called the cops and they arrested the actor. The actor faced a decade in jail. So, what happened? The network suspended the actor for a couple of weeks until they could smooth things over with the family and then it was back to work for the actor and he has never stopped working. The actress is probably B/B- list now. The network had invested so much time and money into the actor, they were not going to let a little statutory rape get in the way.

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