Friday, February 03, 2023

Four For Friday - Lesbian Casting Couch

All too often most of these types of stories are about men taking advantage of other young men or young women. This time, it is about powerful women taking advantage of younger women who want roles.

#1 - This actress starred in a long long running legal drama. During its run, she was A- list for sure. She used her star power to tell other women she could get them a role on the show if they would sleep with her. She never did, but would get them a free stress test.

#2 - This back in the day A- list actress found God and told the world she was chaste and was going to make herself a virgin again. Apparently, while all of this was going on, she used to tell women she could get them cast in warren Beatty films if they would sleep with her. One did get cast, but only because she also slept with Warren. 

#3 - This foreign born singer was all over your television selling her records through an 800#. Because of that, everyone knew her. She ran through  a string of legal and not so legal young women who wanted to be singers. Most of the women were brought into the bed of the singer and her male lover, because the singer did whatever her boyfriend wanted her to do.

#4 - This actress has been A/A- list since she was a tween and she is now almost old enough to be a grandmother, and is old enough if she started with kids at 16. Anyway, her big thing is messing with female crew members trying to break their way into Hollywood. It could be makeup people or costume designers or any below the line position. She knows it is a very very limited field and one bad word and the women would never work again. She likes having that kind of leverage. Our actress is married.

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